Which theories & explanations make the most sense?

In the media, the Mandela Effect is often brushed off as “false memories.” If that gives people comfort, I’m fine with that.

And, of course, some of these memories might be simple forgetfulness.  Most reported memories are from people I have never met and their reports are plain text. So, I am unable to evaluate their reliability.

I believe that many – perhaps most – conflicting memories can be traced back to mistakes in the media, such as news report published too soon. Maybe the journalist didn’t have time to fact-check everything.

Some other memories may have come from friends, family, or overheard conversations. Perhaps the person had the wrong or incomplete information.

But, that still leaves us with questions. A big one is: why do so many people clearly recall Berenstein Bears instead of Berenstain Bears?

That’s just one of many powerful memories recalled by people worldwide, with no apparent connection to one another.

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So, once we rule out mistakes and misinformation, we’re left with a very weird array of possiblities.

So far, there are two leading theories are that we’re “sliding” between parallel (or similar) realities. That’s related to the Many Interacting Worlds theories, Many-Worlds Interpretations, and similar concepts.

(For a technical paper on MIW, start with Bruce DeWitt’s September 1970 analysis, or any of the Cornell University studies.)

The other is that we’ve visited holodecks (and may be in one, right now) that have some glitches.

Looking for patterns

However, those concepts are broad and I’ve been searching for commonalities. Here are some that emerged, early in our conversations at this page.

Locations in general, in case this aligns with a theory like vile vortices.

Location-specific memories, including alternate geography. (Locations could also help identify simple, regional media errors, including the TAPS v. Ghost Hunters issue.)

Years when more reality shifts seemed to happen, and specific dates. (So far, our polls are inconclusive, but I’m analyzing all comments for patterns.)

– On that note, a few scientists have (privately) questioned whether certain  quantum science tests (including CERN projects) or glitches may have affected the fabric of our reality.

Mr. Stain's A and E Message - Mandela EffectOne of the most significant comments was from Mr. Stain, which led to multiple “A or E?” theories. Here’s what he said:

23 July 15 at 5:04 am

This has nothing to do with financial gain the A is a marker for every time processor in the event of an emergency to understand what reality they are in, there are so many more markers that are hidden from the public yet each letter stands for age, date, time and sequence. This information is true and has been provided for your understanding by a fellow time processor…please watch out for 2029! Be prepaired and watch out for the awakening, this is not make sense now but will soon and please stop using your cell phones they are the key ingredient of your societies collapse.

(Yes, I noticed the typo – which may have been deliberate – in the word “prepared,” written as “prepaired.”)

The theories comments threads grew to over 45,000 words. It wasn’t practical to read them here, and bandwidth became a problem, too. So, I removed those comments and put them into a book.

Now, you can read a book containing all 502 comments about why the Mandela Effect might have happened, and why it’s continuing.

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