Mandela Effect – Your Personal Tipping Point

Mandela Effect - Your Memories are RealWhen people contact me about the Mandela Effect, their messages are usually about one of three things:

  • A new example of the Mandela Effect they’ve discovered or recently read about.
  • A question about someone else’s evidence that the Mandela Effect is real.
  • Their personal tipping point. Those emails usually include a story, and then something like “that’s when I knew it wasn’t just me.”

The latter are among the most personally rewarding. I’m delighted that the Mandela Effect confirms people’s memories. It helps them realize they’re not alone, and – no – they’re not “crazy.”

The fact is, as much as I try to avoid conspiracy theories, apparent history can be manipulated.

But, that’s not the only explanation for the Mandela Effect. In fact, that explanation makes me break out in hives.

I prefer to believe that we’re sliding back & forth between (or perhaps through) very similar, parallel realities.

The differences may be so slight, we don’t always notice. Not until something jarring comes along, like Berenstain Bears’ book titles. Or the death of Billy Graham.

But, if you’re looking for proof of the Mandela Effect, I’m sorry but I have none.

In fact, I’m skeptical when someone shows me a photo they claim is an actual Berenstein Bears book from their granny’s attic. Or a photo of a newspaper that has a headline confirming another Mandela Effect memory. Those things can be faked.

In my opinion, social proof is probably as good as it gets, for now.  

Talk about your Mandela Effect memories. Find others who recall the same (or similar) things. When other people remember what you remember, and then add a few details you didn’t mention (perhaps on purpose), that’s when you’ll know “it’s not just you.”

Meanwhile, trust your memories. Don’t default to “I’m going crazy.” There are far too many people who’ll eagerly agree with you, and make things worse. Because: trolls and bullies.

They’re dealing with their own internal demons. Don’t let it become contagious.

The reality you’re in now… it’s where you are now. Just like traveling from one geographical area to another, where accents are different, people are still people. Your life isn’t going off the rails, even if several data points seem different where you are now.

Also, there’s no right/wrong in this. Someone who’s always remembered the children’s books as the Berenstain Bears, is simply someone who hasn’t traveled to the same realities you have.

Both of you are “right” in the context of your personal histories.

Trust your memories. No matter where they came from, and how different they are from the reality you’re in now, they’re still your memories. They’re part of who you are.

Try to look at the changes as, “Ooh, isn’t that interesting. Things are different here.” And then let it go.

But, when you meet someone with memories that match yours, I think it’s important to affirm them.

That’s why I created another t-shirt design.

This one says “Mandela Effect – Your memories are real.”

Mandela Effect t-shirtYou can download a ready-to-iron-on design here: Click here. It’s a Google Drive link. That’s a GIF you’ll print onto transfer paper.

  • The lettering in the GIF includes a black-letter version and a white-letter one.
  • The design is already backwards so it’ll iron on correctly.

Or, if you want a ready-made t-shirt, you can buy it at Amazon. Here are the links:

Mostly, I think it’s important to believe and trust your own memories. Once someone starts convincing you that your memories aren’t real… that’s a slippery slope to a very unhappy place.

Your memories are real.  When you remember something like the Berenstein Bears books –  or any of the other Mandela Effect memories that others share – and you talk about this with others, that’s when you’ll know.

It’s not “just you” and you are not alone.

That X-Files Episode (Mandela Effect)

X-Files - Mulder & Scully fall victim to the Mandela Effect story headline

A recent episode of the X-Files (reboot) uses the Mandela Effect as a story element.

I’m astonished. (That’s an understatement.) I never expected the Mandela Effect to attract so much attention.

Really, this still seems kind of surreal.

I haven’t seen the X-Files episode yet, but – from descriptions, such as the one at Hollywood Life – it sounds like a great parody.

(Should I be offended by their portrayal? It sounds zany, not insulting, and really, it’s just fiction and on TV, as well. I may change my opinion after I see the episode, but – for now – I’m chuckling.)

Tesseract - Mandela Effect


I watched the show (Season 11, Episode 4, “The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat”). I’m still chuckling. Yes, they were a little heavy handed with the political references. That was a surprise, since the show was broadcast on Fox. But, I’m aware that Fox and Fox News are independently managed.

But, putting politics firmly to one side (let’s not go there in comments), I was thoroughly pleased with the representation of the Mandela Effect. It was well-explained (well enough) and treated lightly.

To me, the shows seemed stylish and whimsical. I’m delighted. (This was the first time I’d ever watched an X-Files episode all the way through.)

I also loved the question left hanging at the end of that episode, about whether Reggie was a madman, or someone being silenced.

So, I’m pleased. For me, being the topic of an X-Files episode is about as close to a social “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” as it gets. It moves Mandela Effect discussions further into the mainstream.

The more people talk about it – and weed out what’s true, what’s not, and what’s baffling – the closer we may get to understanding this phenomenon.

Tesseract - Mandela Effect


Want to start a conversation about the Mandela Effect? A t-shirt could be useful.

These printable designs are already reversed so – as long as you have some variety of iron-on (transfer) paper – you can print the design, and then iron it onto your own t-shirts. Or whatever you like.

Here are the DIY T-shirt designs, so far (more are on the way):

1.) The Mandela Effect – What a Reality (The single-page graphic includes a white-letter version and a black-letter version. Trim the transfer to fit your needs.) Click here for the transparent GIF featuring both color choices, for personal, DIY use.

Mandela Effect - What a Reality(Trivia: That’s a design I created for my own t-shirt. It’s what I’ve worn for the past year or so. I get nods, and the occasional request to be part of a selfie.)

2.) and 3.) Instant Reality-Shift Translator – Two different iron-on designs. The first has Black letters (to print on light-colored fabric). The second has White letters (to print on black and dark-colored t-shirts).

Instant Reality Shift - Tee Shirt iron-on free

(That t-shirt design does not say “Mandela Effect” on it, on purpose. It’s designed to spark conversations, but Mandela Effect fans will recognize it right away. Not quite a “secret handshake,” but not entirely obvious, either.)

4.) Mandela Effect Universe – This design is a little more difficult to use as a DIY design. (You may want to order the Amazon t-shirt, already made.)

Mandela Effect - Black background graphic for t-shirts

The design is entirely in shades of white and grey. Whatever color shirt you iron it onto… that will be the color of the background and the lettering. (To show the design clearly, I’ve used a black background in the illustration above.) Click here to download the transparent GIF for DIY use.

Yes, to cover the hosting bill for this website, we’d already started creating new Mandela Effect t-shirt designs, mostly for fun, but also for people who don’t want to use the DIY versions. (Some are a little too finicky for DIY designs, too. It’s better to trust the professionals with them.)

Note: Comments on this post were open through early Feb 9th. They are now closed.

Star Trek’s “Mirror, Mirror” Reality

Friday marked the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek’s “Mirror, Mirror” episode.

Kirk and Spock and model of the Enterprise
By NBC Television (eBay item photo front / photo back press release) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Though many of the characters were polar opposites of their prime reality selves, some continuity made the concept credible.

Does it hold up, today? I’m not sure.

Of course, the Mandela Effect is (usually) more subtle than this, but an io9 article – Happy 50th Birthday to Star Trek’s Mirror Universe – raises a few interesting questions.

For example:

  • Most of us have noticed products, spellings, and events that don’t match our memories. But, how many people have noticed other people with radically different personalities or histories?
  • If you “slid” into an alternate reality, did your skills and personality quirks seem to surprise people who (in your prime reality) knew you well?
  • Do you think that people can change, from reality to reality? Or, is there a general continuity to how each of us behave, no matter where/when we are?

Of course, there are no clear and definitive answers on a broad scale. I’m still interested in individual answers to this.

Comments are now closed. (Don’t worry, I’ll write more articles in the future, and open each of them – briefly – to comments.)

Personal note to a private comment: Yes, you’re describing exactly what I’m talking about. This is an area that needs more research. I may explore this more deeply in 2018.

Las Vegas Anomalies… Connection?

This isn’t exactly a Mandela Effect issue.

Well, maybe.

There was so much confusion over Tom Petty’s death, people are still sorting out what really happened in this reality, and when. (I’m content to attribute the first announcements as bad reporting on a busier-than-usual news day.)

But, I won’t rule out some Mandela Effect glitches over the past couple of days.

What I am looking for – and I need your help for this – is what (if anything) might connect multiple Las Vegas events.

I still consider ley lines a possible factor, in terms of who experiences the Mandela Effect, and why.

Yes, I could say the Las Vegas events follow a ley line. All of the odd events happened in within a few blocks of each other, and within 1000 feet of a very narrow (20 feet or so) line.

But, it’s Las Vegas. The hospitality sites (casinos, hotels, restaurants) are in a single, very compact location.

And, it being Vegas, there’s no shortage of odd things happening every day.

What I’m looking at are three (or four) truly unusual things, even for Vegas. But I want something more than just “they’re all at the Vegas strip.”

My first thought is to look at astrology. (For the record: I already know it doesn’t actually correlate with astronomy. I just look at related behaviors, and wonder if there may be a quantum connection we don’t know yet.)

First, on 20 Dec 2015, a woman lost control of her car on Las Vegas Blvd, and drove into several dozen people. That same night, practically within shouting distance, Steve Harvey managed to announce the wrong person as Miss Universe.

Two nights later, a Russian spacecraft blew up over Vegas, and it was so bright, people actually saw the space debris, despite the glare of all the casinos & hotels.

And then, on 1 Oct 2017, Americans witnessed a horrific shooting just blocks from the 2015 incidents.

Those are all anomalies.

I’ve located the astrology chart for the Mandalay Bay/Harvest Festival shooting. I’m not sure that I’d rely on that for answers, but it’s too early to rule anything out.

Las Vegas - Mandela Effect Site
Las Vegas photos courtesy Justin Taylor and

Several odd things happened in Las Vegas in late December 2015. In a city where “odd” is a way of life, anything beyond their “normal” is especially interesting.

This is a good example of data points — a specific location, and closely connected events (times) — that may relate to my theory about alternate realities.

At the moment, I’m speculating that something happened around that location… something we don’t understand, yet. And, whatever that was — a temporal distortion, perhaps — caused people to do things they’d never do in a normal setting.

Yes, I’m grasping at straws. I know that. It’s how much of my most innovative research starts.

In other words, I take “what if…?” questions and see where they lead. Most hit roadblocks, quickly. But, the 10% or so that succeed make this process worthwhile.

Here’s what happened:

First Las Vegas Anomaly

First, a woman drove her car onto a crowded sidewalk, just outside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Descriptions of the event varied, but many suggested that the driver slowed the car and then hit the accelerator a second time, mowing down nearly 40 people.

At the time, the woman said that she couldn’t explain what happened, and she’d lost control of the car.

  • Per ABC News: “KSNV-TV says the crash occurred in front of the Paris Hotel & Casino and Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino on South Las Vegas Boulevard, north of Harmon Avenue. The crash took place about 6 p.m. The Miss Universe pageant was being held at the Planet Hollywood at the time of the crash.”

Later, news reports said she’d tested positive for marijuana, but that’s odd, as well. Per the University of Washington, “Marijuana usually has a sedating effect on most users, making it much less likely to cause violence…” Nevertheless, she described being under stress, and that can be a factor in violent behavior.

Second Las Vegas Anomaly

Meanwhile, a few hundred yards away, the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino was hosting the 2015 Miss Universe pageant.

In a baffling blunder, Steve Harvey, an experienced entertainer, crowned the wrong contestant. It’s still unclear whether he misread the card — truly odd for someone accustomed to reading from cards — or if the teleprompter script was wrong.

No matter what the explanation, Harvey crowned Miss Colombia… and then had to remove the crown and announce that Miss Philippines was the real winner.

Third Anomaly

Two nights later, Las Vegas was one of the most-reported viewing points for a bright light soaring through the night sky. Officials explained it as space debris from a Russian rocket.

That’s nothing baffling, but it is odd, since the Las Vegas sky is so well-lit by traffic and commercial signs, anything in the sky must be extraordinarily bright.

Mandela Effect Reports

Initially, readers alerted me to these “coincidences” here at my Mandela Effect website. Some pointed to a Columbia/Colombia issue that could mean something.

However, as the stories unfolded, I couldn’t see a clear connection to an alternate reality.

On the other hand, when I see an odd series of events like this — close in time and location — I note it as a data point to add to my ley line research. I describe these as “blips” and I look for related, consistent paranormal reports that follow the same patterns.

If you can shed some light on this, let me know.

And then there’s this note: “In September 2005, three tourists were killed and nearly a dozen injured when a car barreled through the crowd on the Las Vegas Strip and crashed into a cement barrier in front of Bally’s hotel-casino.” That’s from CBS News.

May 2018 update: Mark shared this interesting link. It may have some bearing on all “weird” and paranormal activity around Las Vegas, and possibly connect with the Mandela Effect – Statement from a Senior Manager of BAASS.

As I’m reading that article, two things stood out. One was the variety of phenomena they included. The other was the possibility that their research methods might affect people, creating perception issues.

[Comments are now closed. Thanks to those who left useful insights. Every data point can help this community find new ways to look at the Mandela Effect and paranormal research. Thanks again!]

Some Research Ideas (Mandela Effect)

Halloween is on the horizon. Once again my “day job” is my top priority. Between now and the end of 2017, I’m pausing my Mandela Effect research.

Research - Mandela EffectBut frankly, I’ve been overwhelmed in my search for patterns related to the Mandela Effect. The data points seem almost infinite.

Maybe you can do better.

Patterns to Research

The following are just some of many patterns you could explore. I’m not certain that any of them have merit, but — for serious Mandela Effect enthusiasts — they might suggest starting points for your research.

  • The time between the actual event, and when you (and others) thought it happened. That is, are the gaps consistent? For example, if people recall John Doe dying in 1998 but he actually died in 2013, that’s a 15-year gap. Do other alt/real combinations have similar gaps? Do specific kinds (categories) of alt/real memories have category-specific time gaps between them?
  • Also related to time: if it’s possible to separate new reports from the trending/contagion that follows, do you see any patterns to when those new reports emerge? For example, are there lots of product reports at one time, and then a spate of celebrity-related alternate memories? (Connecting the dots, I’d include “six degree” types of connections, and not just among people, but also related locations.)
  • Spelling patterns such as the letters indicated by Mr. Stain. I’d look at all names (people, products, locations, etc.) with unexplained spelling changes.
  • Especially connected to products, countries’ flags and banners, and so on, look for color patterns.
  • Likewise, number patterns starting with (but not limited to) the years mentioned in anomalous reports.
  • I’m not sure there’s any way to analyze ley lines, more than already explored. However, someone — with more time and dedication to this — might find fresh ways to study this, geographically. (I’m not sure it’s worthwhile plotting these locations in relation to the CERN grid. But, if you think that CERN’s activity may be part of the Mandela Effect, that grid should probably be checked.)
  • Similar to the idea above, I’m not sure if anyone has correlated Mandela Effect events (or reports) with activity at other particle accelerators, or looked for related patterns and ley lines.
  • Biological similarities (among those with alternate memories) were never fully studied, at this site. (I’m not sure if that’s been taken up at Reddit or other forums.) The initial question was: do those with multiple alternate memories share features such as a certain blood type, a particular astrological sign, a certain ancestry/DNA, etc.

What’s Reliable?

When analyzing reports at this website, I recommend limiting your data to the earliest comments and articles. For reasons I’ve discussed in the past, I’m not as certain of the reliability of comments posted after early 2015.

Short explanation: After this site gained widespread attention (around the time George Takei started talking about the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears issue), an increasing number of comments seemed odd.

For a while, I approved them anyway. But, when the relative number of those odd comments continued increasing, I became uneasy about the unusual IP numbers — curious locations relative to the reports, and how often some were used to spam this site.

(I’m still not sure why they bothered, but I’ve never grokked the purpose of most spam, anyway.)

I also became suspicious of typos repeated through comments that seemed to come from different IPs, using different usernames, and so on.

(Initially, I tried to correct those typos to save the commenters embarrassment or sarcastic replies. Later, I didn’t have time for that, or to check for spoofed IPs. So, don’t limit your raised eyebrow moments to comments that otherwise look fine. I might have “corrected” those comments to fix what I thought were spelling errors.)

Eventually, in the interest of saving time, I deleted new comments that seemed to raise red flags. Almost all of them were nonsensical, snarky, repetitive, or — even worse — harped upon controversial themes such as religion or conspiracies.

(I’d always wanted this site to focus on the anomalies, with a secondary interest in any markers and mechanics of the Mandela Effect. For me, the initial questions were “is this real?” and then “how widespread is it?”  I’m still not ready to leap far ahead of those points.)

So, if you’re going to analyze comments, I recommend starting with Memories page 1, working forward (in time), until you notice things that seem especially non sequitur or raise an eyebrow. Generally, I think comments at and prior to Memories page 5 are the most reliable.

Of course, all outlying data points should be flagged, in case trolls & jokers were commenting earlier than I suspected.

Theories to Consider

If you’re analyzing theories & explanations, I think the most credible theories fit into one of three categories:

  • We’re in a holodeck, and the programming has glitches, like those that appear in Dr. Who or The Matrix, etc. Some events seem to repeat themselves, or appear “out of time.”
  • OR, we’re “sliding” from one reality to another. (That alt reality doesn’t have to be as dramatic as, say, Sliders, or The Man in the High Castle. Maybe the difference is a subtle as one reality having only monarch butterflies; unless you’re a lepidopterist, you might not even notice that.) So, in one or more realities, perhaps some events have already happened. They’re in the past. When you slide back into this reality, those events are still ahead, in the future, but everything else seems the same.
  • OR, it’s time travel. You briefly slip into a future time where you note several events happening. Then, you’re back in your own time (without realizing anything has changed), and “remember” some of those future events as if they’d already occurred.

Either of the latter two (sliding or time travel) could correlate with CERN or other particle accelerator activity. Or space launches. Or quirky experiments at the space station. Or something else altogether.

(Also, those three main theories aren’t mutually exclusive.)

You could also study dates to see if they coincide with things like flares at the Global Consciousness Dot. (That history is online. Some records include the locations of the eggs. You could see if some Mandela Effect anomalies are geographically related – either the event itself or the location/s of the largest group of people who suddenly remember an alternate memory.)

You might also look at report/comment dates in relation to things like the Full Moon. (Keep in mind: anecdotally, surges in accidents and other ER issues occur about two or three days after the Full Moon.)

And — going far out on a limb — there’s astrology, which is not literal in terms of science, but many attest to the behavior patterns it seems to predict. If you’re going to use this for data analysis, remember that all planetary Retrogrades (not just the infamous Mercury Retrogrades) involve revisiting past events.

Is that relevant? Could retrogrades highlight “memories” of events that haven’t happened yet? I’m just throwing it into the mix in case it intrigues anyone to travel down that quirky (and possibly unlikely) rabbit hole.

(And no, I don’t take all of this seriously. But I wouldn’t rule out anything that could lead to a useful discovery, even if it started from a “you’ve got to be kidding” premise.)

I hope this sparks your interest, and – perhaps working with others – you uncover fresh ways to analyze (or even predict) Mandela Effect anomalies.

Mysterious Pattern – Update

Quantum Leap - AL photoTwo weeks ago, I published a request. I was looking for anyone who could elaborate on an odd series of messages I’d received.

At the time, those messages seemed significant. They still do, but no one has successfully confirmed the context of My**EE.

So, I’m putting that to one side, for now.

However, many people deserve thanks for comments that pointed to another Mandela Effect pattern. This relates to synchronicities they noted: Things they were researching, or other points that were exact matches for something in my post.

It was a busy day when I posted that article. I didn’t choose my phrases, schedule that post for a certain time, or add its illustration with careful thought. It was simply, “Maybe I should ask my friends and site visitors if they recognize this code.”

I was astonished when friends and readers replied with other, unexpected matches to their own lives and research.

So, thank you to everyone who replied. Your insights were fascinating!

Meanwhile, this site remains closed to new comments because the trolls, spam, and spoofs had reached a ridiculous level.

Speaking of trolls and others trying to take advantage of eager Mandela Effect fans…

Please remember that I’m not at Reddit. I don’t comment at forums. I don’t leave comments at people’s websites, either.

I don’t make personal appearances. I’m not on TV shows, on the radio (as a guest or call-in) – except for a June 2018 appearance on George Noory’s “Coast to Coast AM” show – or in documentaries.

Anyone claiming to be “Fiona Broome” – or my representative – in any of those places, is a fraud.

Be very wary of anyone who asks (or hints) that he or she wants money for “Mandela Effect research.”

(Also, there is no active email address. Anyone apparently using that as an address… it’s a spoof. Don’t even open it.)

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