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    1. Fiona, May i take this comment(osborne)to vent my anguish ? Why is it that every odd sounding word is perceived as a ‘persona most non grata’ ? Why is it that no normal sounding word is perceived as incongruous ?.Does it give respect to the subject of ME ?, I would place all such topics under a special head implying ambiguity at best and over enthusiasm at worst.


      1. Vivek, it’s an interesting issue. When spellings are involved, it’s especially difficult to sort actual ME phenomena from typos (and the contagion they can produce).

        In my own case, I still clearly recall — at about age 16 — being convinced that the word “awkward” had changed spelling. For no clear reason, it seemed absolutely wrong to me. (It still does, when I look at it, and I have no idea why. At this point, I can’t offer an alternate spelling.) I’m not sure if that counts as “normal sounding.”

        As I moderate comments here, I try never to discount someone’s genuine, alternate memory because it seems too odd (or even too mundane) to take seriously. Sometimes, the small points — a single, “changed” letter in a familiar brand name or everyday word — are the more disconcerting signals that something isn’t right.


        1. Hi Fiona, I have that feeling of wrongness with the word “vertical”. I always feel like I’m spelling it wrong until I realize that “verticle” would be even more wrong. There is no way to spell it that feels right to me.


  1. I love the Jimmy Stewart movie “Harvey” and vividly recall that when it ended, Harvey actually appeared on screen for the one and only time, waved, and the credits rolled. Yet this is not in the version shown on TV and on DVD, and apparently “really” never was. But others also remember seeing Harvey at the end (a 6 foot tall, normally invisible rabbit.)
    There have been other versions of “Harvey” but I’ve never seen them and as far as I know, they don’t show Harvey either.
    There are a few IMDB comments on this from people who also swear that Harvey does appear at the end of the classic version, but doesn’t in this timeline.


    1. Edward, I recall that scene as well. As a child, Harvey was among my favorite movies. Before assuming the scene never existed in this reality, I’d want to be very certain that the movie wasn’t edited or remastered with an alternate ending.


  2. I think my wife and I have shifted from separate realities. Last night we were discussing 9/11. She remembers her grandfather calling her at her mother’s house and asking if she was watching the news when it happened, but I distinctly remember her calling me at work from our apartment when it happened. Our apartment at the time was 3 hours from where her mother lived, so it’s not like she could have received the call at her mother’s and then called me immediately after. I have been noticing other inconsistencies as well, but most of them I can just usually chalk up to her hamming up what happened to be a drama queen, or poor memory, but being in the military, this would have a big mpact on our lives and is very hard to dismiss as such.

    Separate almost messed me up there. I could swear that it used to be spelled seperate instead of separate.


  3. Sorry for all the posts! Reading your list at the top of the page, Fiona, I found another weird one. Professor X, the telekenetic guy. I apparently remember a scene in the movie that my mom and sister do not. It was a fight between himself and Magneto where Magneto threw some items at Professor X across a broken bridge. He stopped them mid-air with his mind, right?

    There’s even posts online about people asking, “If Professor X can move things with his mind, then why can’t he move his legs?” I actually remember this being a big joke people would make. Apparently these people are from the same universe because apparently, Professor X could read people’s minds, not telekenesis.


    1. I too remember him as having telekinesis. I recently watched the newest movie and thinking something was off because he seemed pretty useless without his other power.


  4. I just heard a commercial on the radio that caught my attention. I live in Orange County, California. The commercial was for an auto dealership called Fletcher Jones Motorcar. I take it the dealership is pretty large. The announcer started out by saying something like, “you know the story. A guy in Iowa builds a baseball diamond on a corn field and thousands of people from all over to see the games…” He goes on about how Fletcher Jones has their own “field of dreams.” He ends the commercial by saying, “I guess that guy in Iowa was on to something…if you build it, they WILL come.” (Emphasis on the will.) I bet whoever wrote the ad would be pretty shocked to find out that the actual phrase was, “he will come.” But heck, the way ME seems to work, in his or her reality, the words might have been “they will come” just a few months ago whenever the person (or people) dreamed up this commercial.


  5. Remember that Robin Williams movie “RV” ?, I am certain it used to have Lindsay Lohan in it! Just watched it again and now its “Joanna ‘JoJo’ Levesque” according to IMDB. Anyone else remember it with Lindsay?


    1. I had to look that up. I remember Lindsay Lohan. I have never heard of the other girl before. I watched the movie because it had Robin Williams and Lindsay Lohan in it together. Two of my favorites – that I never imagined together in a movie – in one movie. I just HAD to see it. I wonder if the movie is still the same with the new actress.


  6. Has Haley’s Comet always been Halley’s Comet (pronounced HAL-ees)? I was taken aback yesterday watching a program where they referred to Halley’s Comet. I checked the pronunciation and spelling and Halley’s is “correct”. Am I alone here? Maybe I’m just ignorant about astronomy, but HAL-ees sounds wrong.


  7. HI, Fiona.

    So, I finally watched the first episode of ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ last night. Jeb Bush was on. He’s supposed to be George W.’s brother now? When did Jeb stop being his cousin? “Reality” is very strange, isn’t it. 🙂


    1. Hi, Dee!

      Several people have made similar comments about Jeb and his role in the George Bush family. For me, he’s always been W’s brother, even though Jeb made many decisions that seemed like a break with family tradition.

      Nevertheless, in this reality, I have no recollection of Jeb ever being described as a cousin, even as a joke. That makes me especially curious about the origins of these comments, and what else is different about the Bush family in another reality.



      1. Hi, Fiona.

        The first time I recall hearing about Jeb Bush, was during the 2000 Presidential election. As a Canadian who’s not particularly interested in politics, my general response to these things is, “Someone tell me when the election’s over.”, though of course I knew it was Bush vs. Gore. Then when the situation got interesting in Florida, even I paid attention for awhile. That’s when I learned the Governor of Florida was Jeb Bush, and immediately wondered if he was related to W. Jeb was mentioned often for a time, and always described as Bush’s cousin. That’s all I really wanted to know, so when it was mentioned which sibling of George Sr he was a son of, (and I assume it was mentioned), I didn’t pay attention to that information. Now I wish I had, and it’s too late to check.

        Then that spectacle died down, and I didn’t really hear anything about Jeb Bush again, until recently I became aware that he was running for the Republican nomination. That’s all I heard, until I saw him on Late Night, where he said former President George W. . . . was his brother.


      2. Hi Fiona and Dee. I’m one of the people who seem to remember Jeb being referred to as ‘cousin’ rather than ‘brother’ during the Bush years. It’s very curious to me.

        I’m not American and in 2000 didn’t know much about George W Bush (other than his more famous father), so I have no memories of the Bush family before that time. But from 2001 I started intensely following a lot of US political news on the Internet. And I was sure that ‘cousin Jeb’ was the phrase that kept cropping up.

        I think I only started to register Jeb as ‘brother’ in this current Presidential campaign season; so 2014, perhaps? Certainly no earlier than 2010.

        I’m curious if this memory is something only non-US citizens have, or if it’s equally common inside and outside the States.


        1. Hi, Nate.

          That’s an interesting point you raised, about the geography of the “cousin Jeb” memory. With you, me and jonny a, that’s 3 non-Americans chiming in. I hope more people respond, because I’m really curious about this now.


            1. Hi, Terry.

              Thank you for joining in on this one. I feel oddly relieved to see an American with this memory, as well. Not that geographical distribution of alternate memories wouldn’t be an interesting study, but it kinda made the whole ME thing seem even weirder to me, than it already is. 🙂


          1. Hi Dee. In case it helps, I’m from New Zealand. Maybe a similar distance from US politics. But I was absolutely obsessed with US political websites from 2001 to Obama’s election in 2008 and again for the 2012 campaign. Mostly Democratic sites like Daily Kos. I feel sure Jeb was cousin not brother for me even in 2012, or surely i would have noticed.


        2. I am in America and I have two memories of Jeb Bush. One he’s the cousin and the other is he’s the brother. The strongest and clearest memory I have is Jeb is the brother. The other memory is fuzzy and is centered around the election with Florida votes being in question.


      3. I’ve always had memories of Jeb Bush being George Bushes cousin. Even though I don’t live in the U.S. I have memories of various tv news reports, (such as BBC news etc) stating that he was a cousin. It’s come as a bit of a shock to find out that they are now brothers. Don’t know what to make of it.


        1. Hi, jonny a.

          Thanks for your reply. Yes, it’s very strange, isn’t it? Just 2 days after I found out Jeb wasn’t George’s cousin anymore, I has having a conversation with a friend, and we got on the topic of the Republicans running for the nomination. We started comparing Jeb and George, and she so matter-of-factly used the words “his brother”. That stopped the discussion in its tracks, because I didn’t know how to respond to that. Even though I now knew my memory didn’t apply anymore, it was so bizarre to hear someone I’ve known for decades, to just casually say it.


          1. Yes, its very strange. I asked the question in a fb group (of whether people remembered jeb & george w as cousins or brothers. Some remembered him as cousins others as brothers. Here is one comment I have copied and pasted:

            “Michael Moore did a film about Fahrenheit 911 he is governor of Florida and they are cousins”
            28 August at 02:55

            I think I will ask the same question in a bigger group, just out of curiousity, but as it stands, I have memories of them being cousins.


            1. I’ve never commented on this, since I first saw it suggested either here or maybe on another website. But sometime in the past – not sure when – I felt confused when I heard referred to as George W’s brother. I don’t remember immediately saying to myself, “Wasn’t Jeb his cousin?” But i remember being surprised that he was that close a relative. When Al Gore contested the 2000 election and the votes were recounted in parts of Florida, a female judge (?) named Katherine Harris (i think – it’s late) became a really controversial figure, and comments were made about Jeb too, but it doesn’t seem like that much was made about Jeb being very close to George W.

              That feeling about the Jeb/George relationship is vague but persistent. What really surprised me is reading that George W was one of 6 children. I remember 5 at the most, including the sister who died young.


  8. i remember what was left of the original snl cast dying in a crash on the way to a reunion show in 06 which apparently never happend you can imagine my shock to find out Dan Aykroyd Laraine Newman Jane Curtin Garrett Morris and Chevy Chase are still alive


  9. Totally forgot about this one until recently. My favourite movie ever is Howl’s Moving Castle. I have the DVD and have watched it well over 200 times. At one point around the time I first received the movie, I watched the movie to the end and a black screen came up with some nice scripty font in white that said “in memory of Billy Crystal” and a date. Billy does the voice of one of the characters so I thought it was very sad but cool that they put that at the end of the movie for him. Well imagine my surprise when I found out he has been alive all this time and couldn’t find this scene on the DVD anywhere. Very strange. Anyone else remember him passing away or getting sick at all?


  10. Wow, this is a new phenomenon on me and its started me thinking about things I remember.

    I definitely remember going to see Star Wars with my dad in 1976 and the storyline was slightly different. I remember the gang going to the Death Star and escaping without Leia and having to go back. I remember when i read the marvel comic book out this detail was missing and it made me very upset and I came to the conclusion that it was edited out to save space. When the film eventually made its way onto ITV i sat down hoping to see the “deleted scene” but it was missing from the TV version as well.

    It was only years later after watching the film many times on TV, video and DVD releases that I came to the conclusion that my young mind must have been wrong. But now Im not so sure.

    Also when did verticle become vertical? And cresent become crescent? Ive lived on Butterfield Cresent all my life and its only recently become crescent.


  11. Hi everyone, I was just watching Fried Green Tomatoes and decided to look up it up online. As I checked out Cicely Tyson’s page, I was shocked to see that she hadn’t died. I specifically remember her passing away within the last 6 years. There were tributes from costars and everything. Am I the only one that remembers this? If just seems so clear.


  12. Jaws: WE will need a bigger boat or YOU will need a bigger boat?
    Parmesian cheese or Parmesan cheese?
    DirtyHarry: Do YOU feel lucky punk? or Do I feel lucky punk?
    Godfather: I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse or I wanna make him an offer her can’t refuse?

    I remember a small cuba not a huge cuba on the google maps. Rod Sterling hosted Twilight Zone. Charles SCHULTZ drew Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Tom Hanks said Houston we HAVE a problem. Dorthy in Wizard of Oz said I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore Toto (I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore Toto-only in this timestream)

    BerenstEIn Bears …. Absolutely on this one.

    Neil Armstrong was alive and Ruth Westheimer was not…. but now it is reversed… I did not mix those two celebrities up IT HAS CHANGED.

    [edited for unnecessary religious reference]


  13. Weather/ Katrina
    As a meteorologist, I can tell you that it is nearly impossible for a tropical cyclone to form in the North Atlantic in April the magnitude of Katrina, and the fact that it’s named “Katrina” means that there were 10 named storms prior to its development (in that year), when the first storm of the season usually forms in June or at the earliest May. I believe this one can be dismissed as just people getting the names of months mixed up, and not actual “No I distinctly remember this happening in April” memories.

    On another note, if you want an actual memory, I remember this occurring just after my first week of college (August 2005) and thought it was interesting that an event like this coincided with me beginning my meteorological studies.


    1. Chris C,

      Your comment about the Katrina name (and 10 prior, named storms at an unlikely time of year) would be valid if this were the only reality. You present good, logical points based on what’s in this timestream. If that’s all that exists — if physicists are wrong and there are no alternate realities — simple confusion would be a reasonable explanation.

      However, Wikipedia, etc., serve the purpose of sorting out those kinds of confusions. This site is about alternate memories and alternate realities, and — in at least one of them — I believe it’s possible that hurricane season begins in mid-winter and an alternate Katrina could have struck in April, and in a different year.

      As far as I’m concerned, a memory is a memory. Declaring yours an “actual memory,” as if others aren’t… that’s rude.

      However, your point about the timing of the alternate Katrina is a good one. It’s a reminder that some of these events don’t happen in isolation. In another reality, a storm named Katrina meant either a very different hurricane season in at least one other reality, or a record-breaking weather anomaly there, so named storms occurred in rapid succession at a time when they shouldn’t have happened at all.

      Until your post, I’m embarrassed to admit that my thinking had been far too narrow and event-specific, without thinking about the larger context of these alternate memories.

      I’m going to be re-examining many of these reported memories, not in isolation but in terms of what else would have happened for those memories to be real.

      I may also create a poll to see how many of those memories were thought of as “the oddest thing” when they happened (in another reality), or whether they were just part of the normal rhythms in that alternate time & place, and relatively unexamined until a conflicting reality became obvious, here.



  14. A new “false memory” came up for me today and I wanted to share it here on the off chance anyone else has the same “false memory.” I have a Nook e-reader and so I get email updates from them about new book released. Today I got one of those emails and it included a reference to a new John Grisham novel coming out. It’s called “Rogue Lawyer” and it’s going to be released 10/10/15. It immediately caught my eye because I clearly remember that he died of a heart attack several years ago. So, I thought that the book must be one of those posthumous releases that we sometimes get. Nope. He’s alive and well. According to his Wikipedia page he’s 60 years old (I would have that he was born before 1955) and living quite well in various homes in the South. This blows my mind. I know he died. I remember watching The Firm and The Pelican Brief and so I was pretty familiar with him and his books and was mildly shocked when I heard he died. How can this man still be alive and still writing?


  15. I’ve spent some time reading through this entire site and wanted to throw in my 4 cents.

    First of all, I believe there are infinite universes that we’re constantly traveling in and out of. I’ve heard it been described like a film of a movie. A frame is just a snapshot of a specific moment in time. But once the film rolls, it shows movement. In turn, a Universe is just a moment in time. And we constantly shift to the ones where we have the closest frequency and that creates our fluid movement and the world around us.

    Generally these universes are extremely similar from one another. But all possibilities exist (infinite possibilities – if you can imagine it, it exists) at the exact same time.

    So Berenstein Bears exist, Berenstain Bears exist, Bernstein Bears exist, ets. From what I’ve heard though (from Bashar if you know him and believe what he’s saying…) is that we have general rules that we all agreed to follow when we decided to come to Earth. General timelines of events, etc

    That makes me wonder why some of us are remembering events one way, and others another way. What is making our memories so different? Is there a purpose for it? Is it a part of the Great Awakening to show us that life is more than what we see around us?

    With that said, I do have a few Mandela moments. But none of them are very clear to me. I am convincing myself that I just remembered wrong. If I woke up tomorrow and found out Michael Jackson was still alive, then THAT would floor me. I specifically remember how Michael died. These ones that I’m having shocked me at first, but now I’m getting used to them. However, it does seem that some of you have very specific memories of certain events.

    Anyway, I’m fascinated by this, and I could go on forever. Here are my Mandela moments…

    – Berenstein Bears. I would’ve bet my house that it was spelled with an e. I can see the cursive e so clearly in my mind. This one definitely shocked me.

    – New Zealand. I almost didn’t even take a look at this one when people were talking about it. I thought “NZ is going to be exactly where I last saw it. Right there on the South West of Australia.” I gasped when I Googled it. Couldn’t believe it. And I thought it HAD a very warm climate. Now, I’m not the best at geography, so I can certainly write it off as a bad memory. However, it’s interesting that there are a few of us South West remembers out there.

    – Billy Graham. I really, really don’t have a specific memory about this one. I do know that when my sister-in-law brought him up recently, I was so confused when I said “Oh, he’s dead, right?” and she mentioned he was still alive.

    – Challenger explosion. I would’ve bet my house that this happened when I was in 2nd grade. I always remembered it as happening in 2nd grade. I remember going to another classroom to watch it on the tv in there. But that would have been in 1984, not 1986.

    Thanks for allowing me to write my long, long post! 🙂


    1. Hi Christina. I just finished reading through all whopping 10 pages, and a lot of ideas are forming in my mind as a result. The most important one seems to be finding a solution to the whole “If you somehow exchange your body with that of an alternate version of yourself from a different timeline, what happens to the “you” that gets displaced when you slide into what used to be its body”?

      I like what you said about there being infinite timelines. I feel like the only difference between timelines are the actions of the lifeforms in them, determined by their personalities. Some timelines feel “better” than the one we are in right now because they are inhabited and run by people who are more similar to us. When we spend time concentrating on what kind of a world we would like to live in, I can’t help but wonder if we subconsciously exchange bodies with another version of ourselves who prefers the timeline that we live in to their own, just as we prefer the one that they live in?

      For example, a lot of the changes to original timelines mentioned on this website seem to describe worlds that are more technologically advanced than ours (with teleportation and flying cars), but also more violent and disturbing (with more political deaths, lots of dead celebrities, an inexplicably uninhabited Madagascar, no New York City, and tall towers that pierce the cloudline where children are interviewed by authority figures for unknown reasons). I’m not saying that all of these changes exist in one alternate timeline, I am saying that everyone who has posted on this website seems to have traveled from their original timeline to this one. Even though our world might be going to hell, nothing extremely horrible seems to have happened here in the past 25 years besides 9/11. For example, no one nuked Israel back in 2003, and World War 3 didn’t happen as a result.

      Anyway, it seems to me that everyone on this website (possibly due in no small part to Fiona’s screening) is kind and has insightful comments to offer in addition to their tales of alternate timelines. By guessing, I would say that one thing we all have in common is that we have traveled to this specific timeline from many others because it is the least violent one that we have all been able to find, one that offers the most hope for a pleasant future for humanity. Apparently, other versions of ourselves with different personalities did not mind the timelines that we came from, and subconsciously agreed to trade places with us, and here we are.

      What do you think? That’s my favorite idea so far.


  16. I just discovered this topic today and have been quite intrigued by it. Ive been a social studies/geography teacher for 15 years and I’ve never heard of Mongolia being a country. At least not since the Mongol empire. Also, Cuba has always been a small if not tiny island about 80 miles off the coast of Florida. Way too big now. Madagascar is in Africa and not an island. China is much smaller than is should be as a result of the new country of Mongolia apparently. Australia also used to be much farther south. These are the major differences in geography I noticed.
    As a history student in college I did my senior thesis on Adolf hitler. He had brown eyes and hair. This is why it was so hypocritical of him to want to create a “master race” of blonde haired blue eyed people, when in fact he didn’t even look that way himself but the opposite with dark hair and dark eyes as he was Austrian by birth.
    As far as the other major alternate memories for me – berenstein bears, “the neighborhood”, “he” will come, “mirror,mirror”. These also seem to be the most frequent that I’ve read. I find it very strange that so many people share these same alternate memories. This seems to be disproportionate to the number who have unique alternate memories. I also believe that the human mind is highly suggestive and think that those with alternate memories are not “supposed” to have them in the grand scheme of things


    1. I’m so glad you said that Madagascar was INSIDE AND LANDLOCKED IN AFRICA AND NOT AN ISLAND! That’s how I remember learning it in Geography Class in the mid 90’s! I remember it because at the time I thought it was such a funny name, and I always associated it with Mad Gas Car lol. I thought I was loosing my mind when other people were talking about it being an island! I’m glad I heard it from you a Geography teacher no less! However, now I’m more freaked out, because I thought I was just not remembering it right. I want to say that it was in the Northern part of Africa somewhere?


  17. I remember back in 1995 an airline flight was shot down. The flight was TWA 800 and I can remember my mother screaming that they were all monsters. Now looking at the flight history on Wikipedia it states it was a fuel tank that ruptured or caught fire. That would seem to be 360 degrees the other way than I remember it.

    I screamed when I read that Ellis Island was now Ellis Island and Liberty Island. They have always been in my mind the same place and I’ve even went there as a young adult. I remember the rectangular building that listed all the old records of the immigrants that had passed thru and then simply taking a walk down the sidewalk to tour the statue of Liberty.

    Fruit Loops will always be Fruit Loops to me. Never in my life have I heard such a thing as Froot Loops and was appalled when I looked on Google for the familiar box.

    Luke I am your father! and Beam me up Scotty! is always in my memory. Even mirror mirror on the wall.

    I don’t understand what is going on and fear I will never get to the bottom of it. This did just happen recently (2015) as I fell something has been off at least the last few years. I’ve even asked the question before, how did we get here? To which I get a reply, how do you mean? But I never seem to have the words to describe it.

    Before coming here I happened to see Betty White in a VW commercial a few weeks back and thought to myself it was odd because she was dead. I thought it was just a clever commercial.

    It has dawned on me that people use the Internet, Google & Wikipedia as prime examples to prove validity. Maybe Betty White really is dead. Whose to say that she isn’t except Wikipedia.

    Of all things, Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. What in the world is going on?


    1. Oh man. I remember TWA 800. I was trying to think of a place I wanted to raise my son with my husband. We knew we would be moving soon and were trying to decide where to move to. I lived in Florida at one point and I am also big on “give me sign” type things. I saw the news about TWA 800 getting shot down over Florida and the huge conspiracy it started, the outraged people, etc… and I thought “That is the sign I was looking for. Not moving to Florida!”

      I looked it up after reading your comment. Totally not even the same events that happened. Locally it flew out of New York and exploded over the ocean.

      I am pretty sure I am living in the Twilight Zone.


  18. I have been obsessed with this site all week, and finally got done reading all the post. Thank you so much Fiona for keeping this wonderful conversation going!

    So where to start off? Well to be honest I first started looking into this back when I heard about Nelson Mandela dying in 2013. Being a pretty good student in History I found it odd that I really hadn’t heard of Mandela until sometime after high school during the Bush years, when I was on a website forum that I used to frequent and another user was making fun of George W. Bush because of this video, stating that Mandela was dead which is an odd video in itself. So I happened to Google Mandela at the time and learn about who he was, and why Bush would say that. To get back on track though, I remember that after Mandela died in 2013, was reading news stories and I saw people posting about how they thought he was already dead, which lead me to a forum similar to this at the time that was chock full of people saying the same thing. Then people started listing other celebrities that they thought were dead too but were not, and one of them stuck out to me when they had mentioned Billy Graham had died. I clearly remember back in I want to say early in the Obama years that he had died, I remember seeing it headlined on the Drudge Report, I didn’t really think much of it at the time since I didn’t really follow the guy. I also seem to remember Graham’s son giving an interview to Sean Hannity about it. I however never watched the funeral or remember it being on TV. I was shocked months later when he popped back up in the news again. So I could totally relate to the poster’s who were talking about him being dead and back again, it spooked me out at the time. Over the last couple years I really hadn’t thought about it though.

    So here is how I became intrigued by it again, when a guy I had just met at a camp out asked me if I remembered the Berenstein Bears or Berenstain Bears, and I said, “Well I remember the BERNstEIN Bears.” Then he told me that it was actually the BerenstAIn Bears, and it blew my mind! And that is why I’m here. I don’t remember the Berenstein, I remember Bernstein. I do however remember a few years ago I was talking to a coworker about the Bernstein Bears and she looked at me funny and was like, “I think you mean Berenstain Bears?” and I was like, “Uh no, it’s Berenstein” and she was like, “Uh ok?” and we both just shrugged it off. Hadn’t really thought of that conversation again until this week.

    I rarely buy peanut butter, but earlier this year I was craving peanut butter so I went to the store to specifically look for Jiffy peanut butter, I saw Jif on the shelves but no Jiffy, I remember I picked up the Jif container and was spinning it in my hand in disbelief that it didn’t say Jiffy! I just shrugged it off like many of the people here did, and thought that maybe they changed the name or something. I also know of the Jiffy Pop, Jiffy Lube and Jiffy baking stuff, so I know I was not getting confused with those products. I also remember not understanding the commercials that said, “Mom’s choose Jif” or whatever, I always thought, “What the heck are they saying to choose? It?” I also know that there was a Skippy peanut butter as well, and for some reason now I also remember it just being Skipp for a time…kinda like a reverse of Skippy and Jif….very odd. So when I saw it listed here as an ME, that’s when I figured something was totally WRONG!

    “If you build it THEY will come” I remember that being what was said in the movie, not “he”. I always thought the “they” was the rest of the players. Only watched the movie once in the mid 90’s. I want to say that the quote was also on the VHS cover…. I also remember all kinds of businesses using the catch phrase.

    Linhberg baby was never found. I remember the jokes.

    Henry the VIII with the Chicken/Turkey Leg.

    Charles Schultz.

    I do remember Mr. Rogers dying in 2003. I also remember sometime in 2012 that there was a lot of Mr. Rogers meme’s going around Facebook about his public support for PBS, because of the elections and Romney saying he would de-fund PBS, and I remember friends at the time being confused that he had died in 2003. However, it had to be “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood” because the next line is “a beautiful day for A neighbor”. “The” and “A” rhyme. Which is why I can’t decide if it’s “a” vampire or “the” vampire. I want to say “a”, but I never watched the movie.

    I remember Sex IN the City.

    One that totally had me was the teleported apple in 2007, I do now remember that being a HUGE news story for about a week or so, and everyone talking about it, and then never hearing anything about it again, and I totally forgot about it until this week. I also remember them talking about the wood block too.

    Spike was the evil Gremlin, not Stripe. What kind of a wussy name is Stripe?

    Tank Man, for some reason like Mandela I have no recollection of learning about him or Tiananmen Square at any point during High School, which is weird because I loved history classes. It wasn’t until about the last five years that I started hearing politicians talk about it and saw the video of the man in front of the tank. It did not squash him.

    I remember Jeb was Bush’s brother while he was governor of Florida, because Bush would always go down there to help his brother out during the Hurricane season. One weird thing I remember about the Bush brother’s though is that, I remember a few years after 9/11 I was listening to some talk radio program, I can’t remember who it was, but I want to say Mark Levin, some “truther” called in and started talking about how Bush’s brother Marvin was in charge of the elevator service at the WTC before 9/11, and the radio host cut him off and said, “BUSH HAS NO BROTHER NAMED MARVIN, I PERSONALLY KNOW THE BUSH FAMILY AND THERE IS NO BROTHER NAMED MARVIN!!! GOODBYE YOU NUT!” So I kinda laughed, because I hadn’t heard of Marvin Bush either. Sure enough when I looked into though, Bush HAS a brother named Marvin.

    Like I said somewhere above in another comment, Madagascar has ALWAYS been landlocked in Africa. And I also remember the north polar cap was just Arctica.

    I do remember being little and trying to draw pictures of white people like myself with crayons and adults telling me to use peach, and then making a comment about how it use to be flesh. I don’t recall actually using a “flesh” or “skin” color though….

    I have always tried to put an “a” in definitely. I should do my homework, but it does make me wonder who or what actually programs our worldwide auto-correct….

    I have an aunt who always talks about how she saw the movie Beetlejuice in St. Louis in 1984 or 85 while my uncle was in college. I would always correct her and say that the movie didn’t come out until 1988, but she swears she saw it then. I used to think she was just not remembering correctly, but now I know it could be an ME for her.

    My uncle is an orthodontist, his dad was a home town doctor, my uncle went to med school for a time before he decided to become an orthodontist. He frequently tells a story about how his dad was working on a patient, and was dumb founded to find that the patients heart was on the right side instead of the left. They are and were very smart men, I don’t think they would have messed up something so basic to not know the human heart was in the middle. I always believed it was on the left.

    I’m not much of a fan of Hillary Clinton, but I do know that right wing talk radio likes to make fun of her for saying that her mom named her after Sir Edmund Hillary the first climber to climb Mt. Everest, problem is, Sir Edmund Hillary didn’t climb Mt. Everest until AFTER Hillary Clinton was born. I always thought it was just another Clinton bending the truth, but maybe her mom really did believe that Sir. Edmund Hillary climbed Mt. Everest before her daughters birth in her time stream….

    Here is a personal one that I haven’t seen mentioned yet. I remember in Forest Gump that right after the ice cream scene when it was revealed that Lieutenant Dan had lost his legs, that Forest makes a shocking and somewhat comical comment like, “LIEUTENANT DAN! YOU AIN’T GOT NO LEGS!” I remember seeing it in the VHS release, since I was too young to see it in theaters. However, I can not find that comment, now when you watch the movie Forest just causally licks his ice cream and looks at Lt. Dan like it’s no big deal, that scene is just awkward to me. I vaguely remember though that a lot of amputee groups were upset over the scene and wanted it taken out, since it had become a catch phrase that people including my ignorant young self were saying it in comical ways. So they cut it out of the movie and rightfully so. I however watched it on VHS, but I can’t find the cut that I watched anywhere on the web, or find any website saying that they had cut it…..I guess I need to get an old VHS copy and investigate, I know it’s not on my DVD.

    Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Sorry about the long post, but I have been thinking about this stuff all week.


    1. One more, “mirror, mirror” I remember it being “Magic, mirror”, because at the time I remember learning that the character was called the Magic Mirror, so it made sense. I also remember people saying “mirror, mirror” though while looking in mirrors, and I thought they were just saying that about their own mirror’s because they were not magic lol.


    2. John O, is this the comment you were looking for? If so, it’s always good to check my comment approval schedule. (Usually, it’s in the right column on the page… not sure where it shows up on hand-held devices.) Generally, I approve comments once a day, and only on weekdays. I try to take time off most holidays and weekends. (Obviously, with the current volume of comments, I’ve been updating on Saturdays, but only so Mondays aren’t “all comments, all day.” LOL)


  19. I have 2 that have no been mentioned a 1 personal one.

    1 As a child growing up in Australia I grew up watching Sesame Street. I remember the grey elephant being called Snufalufalufagus, but than it just Snufalugagus.

    2 I remember the Spice Girls HitTell ya what I want being a hit 12 to 18 months before it was. I remember says this is not new it was around last year.

    Personally I remember as kid getting woken up in the middle of the night to go on a trip to a ruin and collecting bullet shells. I asked my mother for a few times over the years and she kept telling me it did not happen. Then one day out of the blue she asked me if I remembered trip. I was blown away.

    Just to finish I was blown away a few years ago to find that Steve McQueen died so long ago. I didn’t know he was dead and in fact I even argued that point with friends that the was not dead.


    1. ok that threw me for a loop, Mr Snufalupagus the one i remember, without searching for me was more like a wooly mammoth a brown furry colour, then later he had a “daughter” much smaller and a lighter brown.. Who was only visible to Big Bird. and everyone joked about it, how it was his imaginary friend.. until one day someone else could see it.. and i am from the UK.. could be at opposite sides of the world we came from other worlds ;).. so nice to meet you


        1. Hi, Naomi,

          Like you, I recall his name being “Snuffleuffagus” or “Snuffaluffagus” (though I can’t guarantee the spelling, only that it’s phonetically correct for the pronunciation that I recall). I’d heard this other “up” version somewhere a few years ago, but paid it no attention (I dismissed it as someone having no clue as to the correct pronunciation).

          Aside from Googling variations of each (“uff” vs. “up”), which indicate a huge leaning (approx. 12:1 ratio) toward “up” versions, even Sesame Street itself shows it (currently) as an “up” version [1]. I miss my “uff”.

          I’m not familiar with Chris’s “Snufalufalufagus” or “Snufalugagus” (possible typographical error?). I suppose that I’ll now have yet another item (well, set of items) to wonder about.



  20. As part of my various interests I have found myself taking notice in this concept of effect and old cartoons. The following will involve just that…
    I don’t want to go too deep into a backstory but since a young age I have found myself interested in old cartoons from the points I was not born in. A more recent example of this is when I found Wacky Races and watched all those soon leading into the spin-off. Besides getting a folder full of Dick Dastardly pictures some of which had his canine companion beside him…Wait, what is the name of this snickering floppy-eared hound where when courage is needed he was never around?
    I thought it must have been “Muttley” seeing as the announcer always went at their spot “Dick Dastardly and his sidekick, Muttley” and the spin-off was called Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines(Unless you are one of those who remembers it being called Catch the Pigeon but that’s another story)but my mother said she remembers him being called “Smedley”.
    This soon led into me going into research phase and typing in things along the lines of “Smedley Dog” in the search engine and one of the results and among that is at least one of a dog named Smedley who had connections with Woody Woodpecker but at least for me has also given a bit of Muttley and even bolding his name in place of “Smedley”. So here is the question…
    If any of you are old enough with memories on this Hanna-Barbera and/or the results, were told stories, or anything else…
    Is the dog often paired with Dick Dastardly called “Muttley” or “Smedley”?
    And maybe… Do you remember their spin-off being called “Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines” or “Stop the Pigeon”?


    1. Hey Cat Classy,
      I’m on the fanatic side when it comes to animation. These particular cartoon references probably fall under “Urban Legend” because of their convoluted past.
      Let’s start with Dick Dastardly’s sidekick. His name is Muttley, and is introduced as so in the intro to “Wacky Races” (intro is EASILY found on YouTube.). Although, his “geneology” isn’t quite as clear. The first appearance he makes is in “Hey There, Its Yogi Bear”, but the character’s name is Mugger. His look is SLIGHTLY different than Muttley, and some argue Mugger is his own character altogether. The name and character Muttley next appears in “The Wacky Races”. Hanna-Barbera co-produced this with another company, which is where the confusion begins. His next appearance is a year later in “Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines” (Which I will address in a moment.). This is pretty straightforward since his name is in the title. Now we need to fast forward 6 years to the appearance of a character named Mumbly on “The Tom and Jerry/Grape Ape/Mumbly Show”. Mumbly is an amalgamation of Mugger and Muttley. Mumbley is a police detective, which will help to add to the confusion. Mumbly makes cameo appearances in other Hanna-Barbera cartoons that year. Finally, we end up in 1977 with the cartoon “The Laff-A-Lympics”, and making his appearance as The Captain of “The Really Rottens” is Mumbly, alongside his partner Dread Baron. Here is where we reach maximum confusion. Mumbly is now captain of the “Bad Guys” team along with a new character that looks AN AWFUL LOT like Dick Dastardly! To further add to the confusion, in one episode Dread Baron and Mumbly can be seen with Dastardly and Muttley’s airplane. And in another episode, Mumbly is referred to as Muttley due to a scripting error.
      Now onto “Stop/Catch That Pigeon”VS”Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines”. This one is pretty straightforward. The show’s working title was “Stop That Pigeon” and the theme song written by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera was also titled that. The theme is based on the jazz standard “Tiger Rag”, and repeats the phrase “Stop That Pigeon!” INCESSANTLY. Although this doesn’t prove that the show DOESN’T/DIDN’T have another title in another reality, it does show how this could be a common mistake.
      On one final note, I have run across a couple of testimonies from people who remember the show being titled “Catch That Pigeon”. At first glance it seems like an easy mistake to make. The only reason I feel this may still be open for debate is because of the memories these people have. Some of these people remember questioning why the title was “Catch That Pigeon” when the theme was OBVIOUSLY “Stop That Pigeon”? Why not change one to match the other? Not only does this make sense, it also insinuates the show title was scrutinized, beyond a glance, in the past by these people.
      This got a little long winded, but I hope it helped to clear this one up a bit!


    2. Hi, Cat Classy,

      I recall both Muttley and Smedley very clearly, and as distinctly different characters from entirely different shows — as for a certain show’s name being somewhat nebulous… M.E., I presume.

      I was born in Nov 1971, and grew up watching various shows of this genre in the NYC broadcast area (regional programming differences could well account for some variation). I.A.W. my memory (timeline, reality, what-have-you):

      * Smedley was a primary or secondary character in Chilly Willy and Woody Woodpecker cartoons;
      * Muttley’s stint was split between “Wacky Races” and “Catch the pigeon“;
      * I knew the song “Catch the pigeon” perfectly well (though these days not so much), and always sang along to it;
      * I found the song’s title and lyrics to have changed to “Stop the pigeon” (and apparently always have been that) several years ago (c2010, give or take a year or so);
      * at around that same year or so, I found a similar always-was-that-way change to have occurred to the cartoon’s title — what had been “Catch the pigeon” had then become always-having-been something about “Flying Machines” (not at all a contextually inappropriate name, mind you, just not the “right” one, to me).

      For me, a degree of “straightforward” enters with Muttley’s dream sequences, with Dick’s rant having been “Wake up Muttley, you’re dreaming again — you’re not Robin Hood, and you’re not Gunga Din! You’re not a brave knight, nor a king who’s been crowned, you’re just plain old Muttley the dastardly hound!” (N.B.: “nor” is apparently now “or”, and “dastardly hound” is apparently now “snickering hound”).

      I used to watch “The Yogi Bear show“, but “Hey there, it’s Yogi Bear!” seems to have been a 1964 feature film [1], rather than the regularly scheduled weekday afternoon show. Until now, I had never heard of Mugger [2]. Similarly, I used to watch “The Grape Ape show” (now always having been “The Great Grape Ape Show“), in which there hadn’t been a Mumbly [3] [4] character that I recall — but I’ve never heard of any combination of {Grape Ape, Tom & Jerry, and this Mumbley}, nor watched the Laff-A-Lympics, either or both of which might otherwise have tied it all together for me.

      I have a similar memory to that of DbD, w.r.t. “Catch the pigeon“, in that the catch-phrase is repeated quite a bit (other than that we recall different versions thereof). As for an underlying question, my memory of both the show’s title and the song’s lyrics is that they had been “Catch the pigeon” (whereby I had no reason to question a difference between the show and the lyrics having a catch-vs.-stop difference), and have questioned this “stop” thing and the “Flying Machines” only in contrast with my memory of “catch”, rather than the other way around.



      1. (CtE, a small note: In your Sesame Street comment, your text was littered with triple backslashes — — and I deleted them in a global replace via Notepad. This one has single backslashes. I’d already mentioned the glitch in Site News and hope today’s WP update — not yet installed — will fix it. But, if you’re wondering where the odd extras are coming from… well, I haven’t a clue, but it’s not consistent from your side of things, which may confirm that it’s a software issue here at the site.)


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