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  1. I distinctly remember a few things: That Nicholas Cage was the original lead actor in K-PAX, That Muhammad Ali died before 73, that That one guy didn’t die in prison that he died in 2014. I also remember Betty White dying. I remember “A beautiful day in the neighborhood”, an interview with A vampire, I also remember that a few word spellings are not right. Like alot vs a lot. I think the ones that really had my head spinning was the ending for BIG, Berenstein Bears, and Thanksgiving falling on the 3rd Thrusday instead of the 4th! OH! And the Candidate actually being the Campaign.

    Although someone had to list all these for me to think about it, I feel off now. I feel like there are other things that are different now but I can’t explain why I’d think that or even exactly what IS different. I’m only left with the feeling that things ARE different. I remember some words that have I in it actually having A’s in it. Like margarine is actually margarane. And same with tangerine, is actually tangarane.

    Anyone else feel this way? Its like I see these lists and I think “that’s right, and that is too! But wait, I wasn’t me when I thought this was right, I was but I wasn’t and my name was spelled differently.”

    Well….its official. I sound crazy. Lol


  2. When I was a kid I would watch commercials like I lived for it. My mom and sisters thought I was weird because I only wanted to watch the commercials between programs and not the actual TV shows. As a result, I remember a ton of jingles that no one ever remembers! There is a jingle for 7-11 that happened in the 90’s that no one seems to remember. It went “7-11! The place with more stuff!” And I loved it! I sang the jingle all the time and still do. I can’t find evidence of this commercial ever existing now. And no one seems to remember the jingle when i sing it to them. Let me know if any of you remember a slogan in the 90’s about 7-11 being “The Place with More Stuff”!


  3. Now I know I’m only twienty two but I remember it as jiffey peanut butter infact will up to at least a year ago that mister Rogers died in 2003..but the one that gets me is both me and my mom remember different a verson of 2002 where the U.S. enterprise was bombed and partially sunk in a accident in fact when I was told that that didn’t happen in high school I called my teacher a liar. We also remembered seeing movies and shows before they come out in like straight out of Compton or spiderman. Also some songs I can swear just didn’t exist and they are classics too. That in the end of wizard of oz I swear the slippers was under the stairs. And recently my nans car has came back to life like betty white.


  4. I think I have experienced something like this before too.

    Back in the late 90s, Entertainment Tonight reported on Andy Griffith’s (The Andy Griffith Show, Matlock, etc) death. I remember Mary Hart talking about it and them doing a montage/flashback type thing for him. My sister and father also remember this so think of our shock when ET announces again about 10 years later that he died…again. We had thought he died years prior. Does anyone else recall this from ET? Or have the same memory?

    This Mandela Effect is both interesting and terrifying to think about. Wow.


  5. I just learned that Darth Vader’s classic line from The Empire Strikes Back – “Luke, I am your father” – never existed. It is now “No, I am your father.”

    It was DEFINITELY “Luke, I am your father” in my reality. Anybody else with me?


    1. Yes I remember it too but in a different way, I think.

      You’re right it was definitely “Luke . . . . I am your father.” And the way Darth Vader said it was where the words were long and drawn out on the words Luke and father – “Luuuuuukke . . I am your faaaaaathherrrrrrr”

      I am pretty sure I remember this line happening in the Return of the Jedi scene where Luke takes the mask off from Darth Vader’s face and then Darth Vader says the line right before he dies, “Luuuuuukke . . I am your faaaaaathherrrrrrr.”

      The words being drawn out was well known and virtually common knowledge back in the 80s and early 90s. It was even parodied in other films like Tommy Boy with Chris Farley.

      Here’s a clip of Farley’s character saying the line in Tommy Boy (1995)



  6. Interesting site. Been luriking here for about 2 or 3 years now. I can relate with most things said on this site. I’m currently 26 (Born in 1989). The things I remember the most are; New Zealand was North East of Australia and Closer, Australia used to be more South, not that close to Indonesia and New Guinea. The last time I saw a map with the landmasses in it’s original locations was in 2007/early 2008. That part of the world has change around September or October 2008.

    Billy Graham died in May 2000. The news of his passing was all over the news channels, I seen the funeral, then president Bill Clinton and other people giving a eulogy to Billy Graham. Shortly afterwards, nearly every channel on tv was flooded with coverage of Billy Graham to the point I had to turn off the tv for awhile.

    I thought Gary Coleman died in 1996 or so. I don’t remember what he died from, the news of his death was on CNN. The next day there was a tribute for Gary Coleman on VH1. Various pepole were giving an eulogy to Coleman throughout the show. By the end of the show, many people were saying Garry’s catchphrase, “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”. Then the show ended with a picture of him with the words in Memory of Garry Coleman with his birth year and year of death on the bottom of the picture. It seems Garry Coleman died again in 2010. Odd and I remember hearing the news about it as well.

    I have a vauge memore but not sure. I recall there being 51 states in the US. Then again, I’m not too sure on that one.

    Dilemna as I recall seeing in 2000, suddenly changing Dilemma in 2001 or 2002.

    Other geographic memories. Iceland being more smaller, south, closer to Greenland and more closer to UK and Ireland. Madagascar was east of South Africa and smaller. Japan east of China instead of the Korean Peninsula. Sri Lanka south of India, India used to be a bit more larger until it somehow shrank in size around 2013. European landmass was slightly smaller in total area and the mediterrenian had more room too looking almost rectangular. Crete used to be further south and smaller now it’s closer to the Greek mainland and larger. Africa’s northern coastline has more landmass than it did 20 years ago, making the mediterrinan smaller.


  7. Jewel “You were meant for me” I recall a version that included a short spoken ward section, maybe about a guy (Brad?) she had a crush on? Was on the radio and thought it was out of place in the song. Haven’t heard it since 1997?

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1997) I recall a scene near the end where Hunter breaks open an amyl nitrate capsule, snorts it up his nose and says he felt like a “monster reincarnation of Horatio Algers” and “might be twisted enough to pull it off” It was in the version I saw in the theater but have never seen it again or found any reference.

    Santa Claus: Santa bringing toys in a giant red stocking not a sack of toys?

    What about things that seem lost but suddenly are “found”?
    Raggedy Anne and Andy Xmas special with Will. E Coyote. I remember it as a child in the late 70s early 80’s but nobody seemed to know of it until approximately 5 years ago? Now everybody says “Oh yeah I remember that.”

    Same with “The Toothbrush Family” an animated short, aired with Captain Kangaroo (I think?) produced by the American Dental Association (I am not kidding) but nobody seemed to know about it until again, approximately 5 years ago. The same time as the Raggedy Anne and Andy Xmas special seemed to reappear.
    I remember seeing these in my memory but I could find no references of them on the internet then all of sudden there they were again.


  8. Every time I think of any of my possible alternate memories I get super freaked out, like this fear that I’m about to realize something really freaky if I keep thinking about it. A lot of things people have brought up have really been spot on, some other things I’m just really unsure about because I don’t remember well enough but seem like alternate versions make more sense.

    While reading the most recent conversation I was tempted to comment on the crayon flesh colour things (but I chickened out). I mean, I’m kind of confused if we’re supposed to have a flesh coloured crayon or not. Some people have said they changed it ages ago, and while I remember it being called peach when I was a kid I also remember a lot of people were talking about how they should change it from flesh just a couple years ago.

    However, because I read these things that people remember before I come to the conclusion myself, I’ve felt like my brain was creating false memories in order to convince myself that it was true. I’m not saying that this is a situation of people having false memories, it feels more like it’s a legit thing but my life isn’t interesting enough for me to actually be involved in this in any way.

    I don’t know either way, so I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for things that I remember differently. Something I haven’t come across through someone else, and something I took enough interest in at the time to not just brush it aside as not remembering well enough. Not going out of my way, just being more cautious about what I think I know.

    That being said, does anyone have any alternate memories regarding Krista and Tatiana Hogan?


    1. Hi, Johnny_driver,

      Unfortunately, I can’t shed any light onto the question of “Without a paddle” w.r.t. Sean William Scott–I can, however, note a small surprise for myself in Googling about same:

      I first Googled the movie (not one with which I was familiar), and it confirmed your experience of his currently not having been in it. I then began to type his name, and got only as far as “Sea” when Google offered “Seann William Scott movies”. To me, that’s a surprisingly accurate prediction on their part, but it could fall within current heuristic capabilities; I don’t know. What got me was that I had thought that his name was spelled as you had spelled it: 1 “n”, not 2 (“Sean”, rather than “Seann”).


  9. I have posted on here a couple of times last year but seeing that some people on here share almost exact same memories as me, has compelled me to make another comment. I am 32 years old and like most of you on here I have been living with complete different set of memories than average person. It’s almost like starting at age of twelve and finishing where I was around fifteen/sixteen I have transition from one reality to this one. Alot of things really do seem that strange to me. Like I remember Judy Garland dying in late eighties instead of sometime in sixties, Gilda Radner having her own sitcom in nineties about an out of work actress slash comedian who does all these different odd jobs to prepare for these roles that she never seems to get and uses experiences to provide material for her stand up. I remember it being huge ratings hit and how people considered it Jewish women’s answer to Seinfeld. Another show I remember being on that never existed in this world was one staring another comedian, George Carlin, who played this ageing hippie who lives on top of garage of this house that’s just been sold to this young yuppie couple who bought it not knowing it was there and doesn’t have it in them to kick him out. It was an eighties sitcom that used to be on all time growing up in the nineties. I remember it just like I remember being so sad when I heard that he had died in late nineties. In this world George Carlin died in 2008. This of course a few things I remember different. I won’t get into all the different TV, movies, music, that I can recall. What I will tell you is when I first noticed things were changing around me and that was in sixth grade. I’m from Bay Area (SF) and I remember being on field trip at some museum somewhere, where out tour guide starts taking us through history of our city and saying how it originally got it’s name from Spanish church that was founded in area, centuries ago. Thing is when I heard this I immediately shouted out but you’re wrong. It was name after Juan Francisco a Spanish Explorer from South America who discovered city in 1776 on his way to mapping West Coast of North America. This is when my Teacher began to tell me to shut up. Of course this is when I started to argue with her saying but he is wrong, remember I did project on him only last term. You gave me an A. I was top of class. That when she told that she didn’t know what I was talking about and if I didn’t shut up she would call my parents to come and take me home. Thing is I remember learning about him clearly. I can even still see his statue on Market St but now nothing. Nobody here has ever heard of him though if you Wikipedia his name he does exist he just never discovered San Francisco Bay which is weird considering everything else I learnt about guy is on there ! That and fact that the city shares same name as him which is just too much of confidence to me. Like I said I can’t explain it but these timeline shifts are just way too crazy for me … 😦


    1. I *almost* thought I had a Mandela memory there! But it turns out I was merely confusing Judy Garland with Julie Andrews.


  10. Sorry, please add this to my previous comment. Forgot to say:

    It’s weird that the line “mirror mirror” has changed, but the Julia Roberts movie titled “Mirror, mirror” remains the same. Shouldn’t that have also changed?


    1. @Christine: Yes, I remember ‘mirror mirror’ from *many* quotations and parody poems. It’s deeply embedded in popular culture.

      I shrugged this off at first, but now I’m intrigued. It must have come from some source. If not a Walt Disney movie then where?


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