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  1. I definitely remember “Barbara Streisand.”

    “Berenstein Bears,” all the way. Went to Berenstein Bears Land at Cedar Point every year as a kid, had the books, had the cartoon VHS tapes, even had a t-shirt. Always pronounced it as “Beren-steen.”

    I’ve always remembered chartreuse as being that yellow-green color, but I know other people who remember it as being purple. I recall reseraching this a number of years ago and coming to the conclusion that it was some kind of regional discrepancy (along the lines of people in the southern United States calling any kind of soda “Coke”), but I can no longer find any evidence of this…?

    I recall the Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood theme song opening with “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood.” However, with how many episodes that show had over the years, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Fred Rogers simply changed the way he sang it at some point. Definitely something to look into.

    RE: PS1 games that never existed. I used to subscribe to the official Playstation Magazine back in the day, and each issue came with a demo disc. I VIVIDLY remember loving a demo of a game called Rage, and then not being able to find the full game when it came out. Years later, I happened to come across Youtube footage of someone playing the game One, and lo and behold, it was the game I remembered. I found a list of games on OPM demo discs, and sure enough, it was supposedly always called One. But I’m POSITIVE it was called Rage. I played through that demo hundreds of times.

    Mars’ moons: I distinctly recall being taught in grade school science classes that Mars had no moons.

    Mussolini: I recall him having a mustache and looking somewhat similar to Stalin.

    Big fan of Rod Serling/Sterling’s work, and I’ve always thought there was a T in his last name.

    I always thought the Sara Lee jingle was “Nobody does it like Sara Lee,” but that could have easily just been me mis-hearing it or making the assumption that a major company wouldn’t use a double negative in their slogan!

    I always thought Sri Lanka was more or less directly south of India. I dated a girl in high school who did a big Social Studies project about political unrest in Sri Lanka and I could’ve sworn all the maps showed it right off the “tip” of India.

    Western Sizzlin’ vs. Western Sizzler: I’m not an expert on this one being from the Midwest, but I think people might just be confusing two different restaurant chains, as there’s another Western-based chain that’s just called Sizzler. If anything, you’d think if the former was called Western Sizzler, one company would have probably tried to make the other change their name to avoid confusion.

    And I have one more to add, which is truly bizarre to me…I got engaged to my wife in August of 2013. That’s significant because it provides a specific timeframe for this memory, as it happened the same week we got engaged. We were walking around one of our local parks, and we passed a couple young girls who were, in hindsight, clearly singing the chorus to Meaghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” What makes this strange is that “All About That Bass” wasn’t released until nearly a year later, in June of 2014. I remember the first time my wife and I heard it on the radio in the car, we both simultaneously exclaimed “That’s that song those girls were singing in the park last year!”


    1. I can’t speak to what game you saw, but I remember an early PS1 game named Rage. I want to say there were fighting monsters in it and it was gritty/bloody? I’ve never heard of One.

      Also when I first heard “All About That Bass” I thought it sounded just like some other song and was surprised to learn it was new, but I’ve never been able to figure out what song. A lot of pop songs sound the same, so I wouldn’t put it past this song being similar to something else out there (Lady Gaga’s Allejandro versus Ace of Base’s Don’t Turn Around (I think?) being a good example), but everyone in “real life” I’ve talked to doesn’t think it sounds like anything else.


  2. In Jurassic Park when the jeeps enter the gates Laura Dern’s character Ellie Sattler is then seen holding a leaf and she states the line “This shouldn’t be here” without including the part where she actually grabs the leaf. On televised versions of the movie there is a shot where she stands up in the jeep and pulls the leaf off of a tree. This shot was NOT in the theatrical release, nor is it on the DVD version I own. I have seen it multiple times but ONLY when televised with commercials. In fact, you can see this written in the original script published here: http://www.dailyscript.com/scripts/jurassicpark_script_final_12_92.html.

    “She reaches out and grabs hold of a leafy branch as they drive by, TEARING it from the tree.”

    It’s a rare example where a shot gets inserted for TV; usually scenes are cut. I think TV edits might account for a lot memories about movies. An alternate shot might get inserted for censorship (language or nudity). Also now it is common for movie trailers to get released online before the movie is cut. Sometimes trailers contain scenes that never occur in the movie. This famously happened just this year with multiple scenes from the trailer for Avengers: Age Of Ultron that got cut from the movie, confusing some fans who anticipated scenes/characters that never appeared. (See this post for examples: http://imgur.com/a/q6Cm8)


  3. Okay so I have one. It is very personal, so I know no one can relate. When I was in high school, a girl I knew died in a car crash. Actually, her and her sister died. I remembered every detail. Her parents were out of town. The sisters were driving home from church, a car ran a red light, t boned them. A good Samaritan stopped and pulled one sister out of the car before it blew up. The one he rescued died later. I remembered she called me fro, one of my nicknames. I remember her friends mourning. I remember it all. Fast forward years later. I bring it up in conversation thru Facebook instant message. My friend acts like I’m crazy. He says she alive……I look her up. She’s married with kids now. I message her and tell her everything. She swears that happened to a girl who I didn’t know, but had a mutual friend in common. I still don’t know which version really happened….


    1. AP, arr you ftom around washtenaw county Michigan? I know of a very similar story about 2 girls who got t boned and 1 died.

      I also wanted to share my berenstein bears memories. I was born in 78 my daughter was born in 2011 . When she was 2 i turned in cartoons for her one day and said oh the berenstein bears!! My friend who is from Iraq loved to correct me and said it’s “Berenstain” I stopped and looked at the tv and thought oh weird they changed it from when I was little and thought nothing more of it until I saw people talking about the phenomenon …somewhere. …Facebook?
      Since then I’ve become less sure like maybe I remember my know it all school mate saying Berenstain is correct (but I think I’m just trying to reconcile the change, fooling myself if you will )
      Nelson mandela: a few years ago 2008/9 my roommate took me to that mandela rugby movie and during the movie I was like what? I thought he died and the roommate was like noooooo silly , I just figured it was a faulty memory. . I dont have any specific memories of his death or funeral. But I was sure he was dead walking into that movie.


  4. Does anyone remember Japan giving China back its independence in the mid 90s?
    I was much younger then, but I remember thinking how strange that an island nation could hold so much control over such a large country!
    Maybe it was recognition of a major anniversary of Chinese Independence Day, October 1, 1949–like the 50th–but I feel like I would remember if something like that happened as late as 1999.


    1. Yes I also remember this because I thought the same thing…Something about their “lease” being up which made no sense to me this was mid 90s when i was in elementary…At least I think it was China…could have been another country…I also see differences when I look at a current map nothing specific because I always have sucked at geography but it doesn’t look right you know?


      1. Thanks, IJC. The China/Japan comment confused me and I think it’s the first time anything like it had appeared at this site. I wasn’t sure if it was a simple mistake or a truly extraordinary alternate memory.

        Kip, if you’d like to clarify this thread with more about that memory, that would be great. If an alternate history had led to Japan controlling China in the 20th century, I’d be absolutely fascinated to learn about it. We haven’t had many reports of extreme alternate memories like that.


  5. In regards to Charles Schulz, my name is very similar: Schurtz; three or so generations ago, it was Schurz, but the pronunciation is /Sh-er-ts/ even without the /t/ in the spelling; my ancestors changed it when they wanted to be disassociated from the “carpet-bagger” Carl Schurz. Perhaps there was a similar change with the Peanuts author? I have always remembered it spelled as Charles Schultz, as people would confuse the spelling of my name with the comic author’s name. Especially my father who has the same first name.


  6. this actor Don Rickles most definately died at some point late 2014 or earlier this year and I remember thinking – this person seems somehow one of those who you think supposed to have already died
    (Mandela effect) and whadda you know – it seems he have appeared in Jimmy Fallon show alive and well


    1. I definitely remember reading of Don Rickles’s death – I’ve always liked Kelley’s Heroes, so the name in the obituary column leapt out at me.


  7. Has no one considered that the infamous movie/TV line “What does it do? That’s the beauty of it! It doesn’t DO anything!” that everyone seems to remember but no one can find might be from some alternate timestream that was removed, or something?


    1. It’s in the Phineas and Ferb episode “Toy to the World”, which aired February 22, 2008. However, it seems like the phrase was around prior to that…someone else said it was at least a decade old. Perhaps the episode aired earlier in another timeline?


  8. *This doesn’t have to be kept confident and I apologise if this has been brought up before.

    I have always been baffled by the fact that a lot of people, myself included, remember being told the north star (polaris) was the brightest star in the [northern hemisphere’s] night sky. By the time I was old enough to study astronomy on my own and know the constellations it was obvious at that time that polaris was not even close to being the brightest star. Heck it’s not even that bright at all! I do not believe this was just an ignorant rumor that was able to latch onto society, as a whole, as we had thourough knowledge of our visible stars long before I was a child being told this “fact” about polaris. Everyone around my age (I’m 48 now) that I’ve talked to about this remembers being told the same thing. Any quick study on polaris’ history does not reveal it once being a bright star so it’s not a case of everyone holding onto just an old fact.

    It makes me wonder if living any kind of time slip is not restricted to just our lives here on planet earth. But there have been changes to the universe itself.


    1. I remember being told this (32 yrs old here) in school as well. I think this was likely just misinformation, but you’re not alone in your having been told the wrong thing, at the very least.


    2. Learning in Girl Scouts and other areas of life I was taught that the North Star was the brightest star and if you were lost to follow it. It was definately the brightest star and now I can’t even seem to find it. There is also a constellation in the northern skies now that I have never seen before. It is kind of a triangle shape with a “tail”.


  9. Are you telling me that there wasn’t 2 actors that played “Steve” (Marcy’s SO) on Married With Children as I clearly remember??? The 1 balding guy got replaced with the guy from every Lifetime movie lol.


  10. I’m new to this site, I saw an article about “The Berenstein Bears” and it led me here. I have posted some of this but under the wrong category I think. I have been thinking the past couple of days and there are a lot of discrepancies in this time line I have noticed.

    First off, it’s The Berenstein Bears, not “Berenstain” I had every single book of theirs, had videos, clothes, bed sheets, etc; I had to spell out every word as a young kid because I had speech problems. It was always Berenstein.

    Another big one I have noticed is celebrity deaths. I know Nancy Reagan has passed away twice, both times over a decade ago. I remember who funeral, and Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Laura Bush and others talking at her service. It was all over tv for weeks. I remember Ronald Reagan passing away a couple of years before his 2004 death.

    I remember vividly Billy Graham passing away, my grandmother is a huge fan of his and we talked about it. It was all over tv, Bill Clinton spoke along with Jimmy Carter.

    Louie Anderson passed away years ago I am quite certain because he had a show and it was cancelled because of his death. He died because of throat cancer.

    Patrick Swayze beat cancer and was in great health with a new show. I saw him do interviews and he was perfectly healthy, then within 6 weeks he had passed because of cancer.

    I remember Nelson Mandela dying in 1989, I was 8 years old and it was a big deal in school. It was all over the news for a month.

    I also Remember Sam Kinison dying in 1989 and not 1991.

    I may have misinterpreted some things, but I see a lot of other people have had these experiences. I definitely believe in timeshifts and alternate universes. I noticed shifts in 1988, 1990, 2004, 2010, 2013. There are probably more as well.


  11. Okay so first of all I want to say that recently ive been noticing strange things and Im so curious if this happens to anybody else. Sometimes when im watching a video on youtube, ill see the same scene skip back between half a second and 3-5 seconds. Or when im reading ill get to the end of a sentence and the last two words will be the same, either making no sense or just doubling the ending word word. like that lol. Or if im talking to someone they’ll say something they already said just moments or days prior, or just say something almost deliberately gibberish that I cant understand. Does anyone else experience any of these things?

    now on to the things I can personally confirm from stellar memory.
    –Barbara Streisand
    –BerenstEin Bears. Im going to attempt to hunt down my old books to check them out!
    –Betty White died im 100% certain. The night after she appeared on a Monday Night Raw wrestling episode.
    –Charles SchulTz. I have tons of comic stuff. I have an old Charlie brown plush doll with no T in it. I distinctly remember the T in his last name because he and a friend of mine share that name.
    –The Great Pumpkin appears! even my dad could remember that lol
    –Chartreuse was like the purpleish red color and puce was a funky green.
    –Fidel Castro=Dead. wow that was a shocker. hes dead..or is he :/
    –Interview with A vampire. it was always A!
    –Jiffy Peanut butter
    –KPAX is Nick Cage… dammit this is a real bummer timestream all of the sudden lol
    –Patrick Swayze= Dead!
    –Rod Sterling. I can still hear him say it.
    –Sex IN the city. seriously this timestream..
    –Katrina was in April 2005.

    Those are just the listed ones that I personally confirm. Im really interested in a response to my experience from you guys!


  12. Married with children-the Darcy character was married to Steve, then divorced, and remarried to Jefferson. there were 2 separate actors because it was 2 separate roles. John Goodman did not die of a heart attack, his character on Roseanne, Dan Connor, did and it was so shocking, many felt it as a real death. i remember being stunned -it was rare at that time to kill off a major, beloved character. he continued to work in the 90s tho. will smith and jada have never been divorced, however they have been on the brink of divorce so many times, according to tabloids, that perhaps many feel it actually was true.
    the memories that do throw me for a loop are i could have sworn Billy graham died recently and i vaguely recall thinking will he stay dead this time because i feel he already died once before. only to google it and find out he’s still alive. my mind cant accept that. i feel like he died the 2nd time recently. again, because i recall seeing posts on facebook and i remember thinking his son franklin is still around. i also recall Mister Rogers dying in the era of social media, specifically facebook and remember posts about it on facebook only to google and find out he died in feb 2003, before facebook. i cant give a timeframe for when i feel he did die, but like anywhere from 2009-2013. i also recall it being “the” neighborhood, not “this”. “this” just doesnt flow. berenstein bears was berenstein in the 80s, in the mid-90s, i have a vague recollection of noticing it had changed to bearenstain and wondering why they changed it but even writing that feels wrong. dont know about sex/city, i didnt watch the show. i also thought mandela died in the 80s but i dont remember why i thought that, just like it was a general thing people knew. i was surprised when he died again recently but like many, just thought i remembered wrong. i looked him up to see what he did after prison and read that he became president of south africa in the 90s…..does anyone else recall this? i didnt follow world events then, so im wondering if anyone remembers that. i feel like that would have been big news.
    2 things mentioned here i swear i have no recollection of, EVER. first the color chartreuse. until i found this site 2 days ago, i had never heard of that color, and even when it keeps coming up here, i thought it must be one of those fancy new colors that we didnt have in the 80s or 90s, like tangerine as a shade of orange, or coral. those are more recent terms i feel. so i figure chartreuse must be a new term, however many here recall that color from a long time ago and that is surprising to me. never heard of it before. and the other is the spelling for “dilemma”. i have never ever seen it spell with silent “n”. i was a good speller back when i was kid, and read alot, i just cant believe i would have never noticed such a weird spelling. so now im wondering, what timeline i have been in.
    i have noticed the changes in the sky and have been commenting to people in my real life, only to have them look at me like i have 3 heads. the sky looks very different, although i couldnt tell ya what exactly is different. besides the appearance of the sun and moon which look very weird, in particular the sun lately reminds of the moon.
    and to the person who mentioned the hot air balloon, i actually do have a fuzzy memory of a hot air balloon, even though i have never been in one. terrified of them. but i feel like i rode in one when i was a child. very strange indeed.


  13. AC: “I remember a scene in Jurassic park when Ellie is trying to figure out why the trike is sick. Tim (I think) finds a pile of stones that Ellie then identified as gullet stones that the trike had regurgitated. She concludes that the trike had poisoned itself with lilac while swallowing new stones.

    This scene didn’t exist in the home video version, but I did read it in the junior novelization. ”

    That would be this scene, which doesn’t get as far as the gullet stones?

    Interesting. It’s been years since I watched the original Jurassic Park but the gullet stones definitely resonate with me. But, I did read the book and it’s possible I’m simply remembering the novel version of events.

    It’s weird though that they never finished this story thread in the theatrical release.


  14. Thank you for this blog, Fiona. I too have thought Mandela had died a long time ago. Interview with “A” vampire, there was never a “the” there. Also, I thought that president Carter had passed a while ago.
    This is so weird…


  15. Fiona,
    I hope this comment gets on the right page (comments page 6). I was just reading the comments between you and another reader about hearing songs on the radio.
    I have experienced this same phenomenon for quite some time, but never attributed to Mandela Effect until now (I just discovered this topic 10 days ago). I had always considered it a “deja vu” type experience b/c I am prone to experiencing those from time to time as well. As you both stated, I can think of a song, and then shortly or immediately after, I will hear that song on the radio. Often times I will be flipping through channels thinking of a song, and then I will find it on one of the stations I’m flipping through. I must also say that I rarely listen to “popular music”. It would pretty easy to predict hearing a Taylor Swift song on the radio b/c they are played constantly. I mostly listen to classic rock or old country, so the chances of hearing the same song repeatedly throughout the day are much slimmer b/c their library of music to pull from is much greater than the stations that play the current popular music.
    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one experiencing this….


  16. This is in reply to Courtney Cox’s name changing. I was very baffled when I read this and thought to myself– How the HELL has THAT changed? When I looked it up and realized there is another E in Courtney now I was very confused. I am a HUGE Friends fan and her name has never been spelled Courteney Cox (even my spellcheck is trying to say that is wrong). Just now as I was googling it, I happened to come across this People Magazine article and saw that in the top tab bar her name is spelled “Courtney Cox” but in the article it is spelled “Courteney Cox”. http://www.people.com/article/courteney-cox-steps-out-new-ring-johnny-mcdaid-split
    Fiona, please let me know if for some reason you do not see this, as I have also taken a screenshot of it and could email that to you.


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