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  1. Somebody wrote about objects appearing and then reappearing. I replied to the message but I want to rewrite it here to see if anyone else has experienced it.

    One time my mom lost her glasses that she put on her desk. She searched the entire house, including under the couch cushions. Then she looked under the cushions again a few hours later and found them.

    Another time we couldn’t find our cat. We looked everywhere for her and called her name outside, since she was an indoor/outdoor cat. We thought an animal got to her or that she died because she was old. A few days later, I heard a meow in the hallway and there she was!

    I am seriously creeped out now btw!


  2. With ‘exit of errors’,i most definitely don’t imply ‘fine tuning’,on the contrary what i mean is ‘coarse tuning’.Or else ME.com wouldn’t have grown to be a blue chip entity that it now is,and i’m not lol ly.


  3. I remember it being “Sex in the City” but I never watched it, so I assumed I just misremembered.
    I also always seem to automatically spell definitely with an A, “definately”, the correct spelling looks wrong to me.
    I used to think chartreuse was a dark red or burgundy color.
    Here’s one I have: I remember seeing trailers for the movie “21” (about a group of college students who count cards in Vegas) years before the movie came out. I saw the ads and then I never heard any more about it for a few years. Then suddenly I’m seeing the ads again, and I’m saying to my family, “didn’t that movie come out years ago?”
    no one else remembered seeing the ads before that year.


  4. The timeline change is entirely plausible.

    Ask yourself this.

    When you dream,at what point do you realise its a dream?
    Did you completely accept the dream as reality up to that point?
    What happens when you realise its a dream?

    Any timeline/reality changes would be accepted instantly and completely.
    Until of course people start questioning and discussing the differences they notice.
    What happens when you realise its a dream?


  5. Fiona, consider this yarn,war has just ended,the huge techno establishment has leisure time and develops synthetic telepathy on behalf of……An anglo chinese author of exceptional command over english gets a whiff of intrigue and makes a parting shot at the shenanigans,a club dedicated to sf and other related subjects is chosen to conduct the now matured technology of over 60 yrs by wirelessly bombarding a select topic over the gathering in an exclusive suite, lined with exotic gadgets.Later this affair is continued over the general populace as the part of experimentation,thanks to the cell towers and patent food chains.What they didn’t reckon is that a reckless irish is among the star subjects and who advertises the weird effects thru her individually moderated forum,and some of the participants of the forum get the drift.The larger game could be a global nwo,who knows,mapping of the iris of a billion people of a remote country thru coercion so much so that the supreme court of that country has to raise stern eyebrows is a pointer to the coming times.


  6. firstly I distinctly remember definitely being spelled differently. I never in my life had a problem spelling the word until a maybe a year or two ago. I remember the day it changed I kept trying the spelling definately but my phone would kept telling me it was wrong. I remember the first time because I had never had issues with the word and now no matter how many times I tried spelling it I kept getting it wrong, and auto correct couldn’t even guess what word I was attempting to type. I thought the universe must’ve changed somehow and the technology hadn’t caught up, this was before I knew about the Mandela effect too. I just thought “when did we decide to change how definitely was spelled” I ended up googling how to spell the word and still to this day feel that it’s not the correct spelling.

    Also a story of my own. I remember seeing the movie “this is the end” with my good friend. However one day she said she was doing a write up on the movie so she had to watch it, and asked me if I wanted to join. I started talking g about the plot and she told me to stop spoiling it. But we’d already seen it together. I swore. I still swear. She refused and said she’s never seen the movie in her life. I’m not really close enough to anyone else female to watch movies with them and I would never confuse her with anyone. We ended up watching it anyway, I knew everything that was going to happen to a T. I swear she was messing with me. We had seen it together before!

    Now in my mind we’ve seen it twice but her mind we’ve only watched it once. Gosh.

    Also same friend. I have a memory of seeing the Pokemon movie in cinemas when we were children. We even got free pokemon cards. She says she saw it yeah, but I wasn’t there. I swear I saw it with her in the cinemas!


  7. Kate, taking that comment at face value: technically speaking… yes, it should sound like “jet.”

    Phonics rules — and exceptions — like this make English one of the most challenging languages to learn.


  8. I’ve had rather small thing, memories of seeing and almost buying books by authors I follow before they have even been announced let along actually neared the date they were published, happen.

    in one most notable case I was waiting for the second Mage Storms book by Mercedes Lackey to come out and I checked about a couple weeks early in case they got it on the shelves early. I found a book in the new releases with her name as the author in it, but it was entitled Owlflight and I looked at it and debated buying it, but I had spent months saving enough to get the second Mage Storms book so I passed on it for now thinking I could go borrow it from the library before buying it.

    however, after waiting a couple months to give the library time to get it in I started looking for it again and couldn’t find any mention of it being published. I actually looked for it quite a bit and one bookstore worker was surprised at how well I could describe the cover on it because it was far more specific than what bookstore workers usually get when customers describe the cover of a book they’re looking for. two years after I first remember seeing it Owlflight actually got published and when I looked at the cover I was rather surprised. I looked a lot like the cover I remember seeing, with the same color scheme and same figures on it, but the style I remembered was slightly different, a little more closer to realism than the artwork on the cover I was looking at then. despite the slight differences it was still VERY close to the cover I remembered seeing to the point it was rather disconcerting.

    on top of this I couldn’t even have explained this away by having seen the title before, as it wasn’t announced as an upcoming novel until after I first remember seeing it. the fact I didn’t even remember hearing it announced before was one of the reasons I came really close to buying it even tho I knew I’d need the money soon for another hardcover book.

    this wasn’t the only instance I remember seeing books before they came out, just the most notable instance becaue of how hard I searched for it before it actually really did come out.


  9. I am so glad to find out I am not alone! To be honest, I have sometimes doubted my sanity due to the number of these incidents that I have experienced over my life.

    Ghost Hunters was TAPS, hell, I remember when the name changed and I remember commenting to my wife that the new name was better and probably more catchy.

    I remember the deaths of Richard Chamberlain and Billy Graham vividly. Yes, I also have very concrete memories of the blue draped chairs and W’s eulogy at Graham’s funeral.

    And now, just upon coming to this page I find out NEW ZEALAND MOVED?!?!?!?

    These are the ones that (evidently) many of us share. I have experienced several similar incidents in my personal life.

    The first car my wife and I owned when we got married was an aged, and quite rough blue Pontiac Catalina. I remember what a struggle it was keeping the car my wife called “The Blue Goose” running. In particular I have one very clear memory of pulling the beast up into the yard right next to our back door and being on the cordless phone while a friend who knew much more about such things, talked me through a repair. And I remember the faint musty odor that permeated the interior no matter how much air freshener I sprayed or how many little green trees I hung from the rear-view. My wife has no recollection of that car. And more disturbingly, she has pictures of me with a little silver Geo Spectrum that I know for a fact I never owned or drove. To confuse matters further, my parents remember the Geo econobox quite clearly, while someone I worked with at the time and have (relatively) recently begun working with again remembers my driving a huge blue aircraft carrier on wheels. At this point, I don’t know which (both maybe?) is correct.

    I had a dog named James when I was a child, I remember his being hit by a car and nearly dying and how he limped badly for the rest of his life and how devastated I was by his eventual death. How is it my family remembers a Persian cat named Muffy who lost a leg after being shot with birdshot by a neighbor? I don’t even begin to understand how I could have replaced one unmistakable memory with the other.

    Deja Vu is strange enough, but the overwhelming dissonance of this conflict of realities is shattering. I am just glad to finally find out I am not alone.

    Thanks for actually easing my mind a bit here good people!



  10. So, yes. I am really confused right now. I’m 25 years old from the Netherlands and I do recognize some discrepancies between my memory and reality. Somewhere in this thread somebody talked about “the campaign”. I saw that movie a little over a year ago. It was called “the candidate”. Fidel Castro died in 2011. I remember vividly, he was sick and there was controversy about attendees, even controversy about Obama apparently considering attending. There was one man in particular called Dino Bouterse (son of ex Surinam president Desi Bouterse) who attended the funeral, raising questions in parlement about whether he should be allowed access to the Dutch mainland ever again. (Surinam was a Dutch colony, so it was a huge subject here). I’ve thought New Zealand was somewhere else, and Malaysia didn’t go so far south before. But the greatest discrepancy is Tasmania. The sea between Tasmania and Australia didn’t exist before. It connected into a triangle. Tasmania was a long shaped Island a little to the west of Melbourne, which, by the way, existed in the Southernmost tip of present day Tasmania. Kaliningrad is a Russian enclave between Lithuania and Poland. Well, since about two months ago. Because before, it was the largest growing economic hub of the Baltic Islands, belonging to the state of Lithuania. I asked a friend, and he was also sure Castro died. He said he felt strange finding out that Muhammad Ali is still alive, even though he died in 2009. I remember him dying of cancer (brain tumor). But apparently it never happened.

    Sorry for the long rant. But i’m genuinely scared right now… Questioning my sanity.

    PS: A few weeks ago we were drunk with some friends and had a geography quiz. I was shocked to find out that the USA only had 52 states. Alaska was 50th, Hawaii 51st and D.C. 52nd. No recollection of Puerto Rico.


    1. Part of the reason this site exists, Confused, is so that you don’t have to question your sanity, at least not where these alternate memories are concerned. You are in very good company, and it is the nature of reality that is somewhat “insane”, NOT YOU. I remember my own anxiety the first few days after discovering the Mandela Effect, as well as some relief that I wasn’t alone. I am often amazed by the human ability to adapt to even the strangest of truths, but thank goodness for that. If alien beings exist and have visited Earth, and it is someday disclosed, I have no doubt that after a few days or weeks of shock,, most humans we be able to adapt to that facet of reality too.


  11. Both me and my mom thought Jerry Lewis died in 2013 or 2014. i commented on that i thought it was Jerry Lee Lewis but it wasnt him but Jerry Lewis.


  12. What really happened in Pont-Saint-Esprit in august 1951 may have some bearing on the truth of ME.A certain M.Delacquis imagined he knew the secrets of the universe,was it ergot fungus contamination in rye bread or deliberate poisoning with the potent derivative LSD ?.We must be wary of the world within and without,but we are on to some thing,this is for real.


  13. First, Thank you very much for your work.This is very valuable to some people and I am looking forward to read more linked memories.
    I have a theory of my own , which takes in consideration the MWI (multi world interpretation) , therefore that every timelines are simultaneous but interact with each other .So it should be called the theory of “the interactive visible multiverses “, visible because from what I understand we can see only a portion of our own universe.
    Spending the last few hours reading every comments something stroke me:
    The people recalling this memories , seem to be like minded. You can almost draw a profile of an open minded person , from an early age feeling very different from everyone else , some would say “spiritually awaken” , very smart, in tune with their emotions.I would like to believe that I belong to these people as well .
    Even if my own experience differ a bit , because the word Mandela has a very different significance for me as I had the chance to meet him and spend some time with him in his house (i have pictures to prove , not that it matters) for a few years. I have been living in South Africa for 6 years now , and my life has been one coincidence or synchronicity after the other which lead me to where I am right now .
    I believe very strongly in the “Mandela Effect” , but may I call it “Berestein Effect” ?
    It would make more sense to me , as everybody recall that memory.
    I have noticed something else , I very much doubt that in South Africa , there are recollection of the death of Mandela being prior to what it actually is because of the amount of information and the knowledge about him is massive , he was regularly interviewed (except in the last few years) or named in the mainstream media .
    But here is my theory :
    there is a small percentage of the population , who has an “hypersensitivity ” of the pineal gland , known as the 3rd eye .
    Descartes used to think it was “the principal seat of the soul”.Today we know that it produces melatonin a serotonin derived hormone, which affects the modulation of sleep patterns in both seasonal and circadian rhythms .It has been shown that during meditation people can feel a pressure point on their forehead .The pineal gland is real and is photo receptive , and act like an eye, it has been proven in the past that fluoride can calcify the gland and prevent his full “capacity”.
    Again during transcendental meditation or yoga,or NDE some people have experienced or recalled past or future event , or even shifted into another dimension (or 2 realities merging). As the stream of thought are very similar of the way particles behave(from my very little understanding in quantum physics) , which means that they can be at 2 different places at the same time , it is not far fetched to imagine that the 3rd eye works as an antenna , tuning into a frequency and integrating a thought in our own brain pattern(synapses) as everything is merely energy evolving from one state to another .
    Anyway I am digressing , I think that those very intuitive people , with a sensitive pineal gland ( sometimes wrongly diagnosed with bipolar disorder , or schizophrenia) , if we take the case of Mandela for exemple, remembered it happened , because IT DID happen for them , in their own timeline.
    Let’s say someone living in Texas will have less coverage on Mandela’s life that someone like myself living in Johannesburg where the name Mandela is everywhere everyday. It mean less knowledge on that subject for the average Joe in the US
    What if these real intuitive people , filled the gaps , with REAL MEMORIES ,from a different timeline ? They are the only one recalling it , because they are highly sensitive to their own emotions and their “gut feeling” that “something is wrong” through their photo receptive pineal gland , and are more open minded and therefore can accept easily cognitive dissonance that won’t “shatter their world”?

    I hope i managed to make sense , I have to thank you Fiona for helping me formulating my thought and giving me a “eureka” moment earlier .It is amazing the way you stick to your ground , only interested in the truth , and it takes a lot of courage to put your name out there and backing up what some might call a “spooky ” theory when it actually resonates for a lot of sane people.
    I am not a scholar and English is not my first language so I hope I have managed to share my enthusiasm and love .

    There are 2 documented cases of people “shifting” alernative reality .

    Lerina Garcia , 41 years old in 2008 . She actually went online in 2008 to specifically ask for help off the experts as she was convinced she had slipped dimensions.

    Some skeptics might argue it’s a severe case of “capgras Delusion”(the most common manifestation of which is a sudden conviction that everyone has been replaced by perfect duplicates) but I would like to believe her story.

    The second case is the “Mysterious Man” from Taured arrested at the Japanese custom in 1957.His passeport was apparently real however the country Taured does not exist. It hasn’t been proven a hoax or real yet.


    To take with a pinch of salt obviously .Cheers ! and Thank you !


    1. Thanks also for your comments :). You’ve helped me direct further research. I didn’t know the term was “interactive visible multiverses”and it would be interesting to find out what role the pineal gland plays in all of this. Your description of people who recall alternate memories fits me to a “T”. And I agree, you do have to be open-minded to accept the possibility that reality has been altered. Some, perhaps even most people can’t accept this.


    2. Although there isn’t a country called Taured, the funny thing is that ther COULD have been … One Western European province of the Roman Empire was named “Tauredunum”: http://www.bing.com/search?q=country+tauredunum&go=Submit&qs=n&form=QBRE&pq=country+tauredunu&sc=0-15&sp=-1&sk=&cvid=9a87c25c68734d34aa25fab04251c82b
      A lot of Roman Empire provinces eventually became European countries that exist today … Tauredunum didn’t [in this timestream] …


    3. This makes sense, Ed, in terms of my experiences. I have a very active pineal gland, and 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras. In fact, I have difficulty keeping my Crown Chakra closed. I do think this is all related. You gave me some interesting things to think about.


  14. I specifically remember a time during the early 2000s when I was still in elementary school when there was a new planet discovered between Neptune and Pluto? I remember a news report on the local news and an image of space with an arrow pointed to a mass that was supposed to be a planet. I remember this because I was so excited I was telling my friends and we were trying to name it. I’m not so good with the background information about this, but I clearly remember the news report and trying to name the planet as major parts. Then I didn’t hear anything about it, and I remember I wanted to know right away, but I ended up forgetting about it. Still, the memory remains and there’s no planet between Pluto and Neptune, right?


  15. Julia, going far out on a limb is the way to propagate ME,keep up the bravado but do add ME to your name while sending mails to anomalous addresses. In awe vivek.


  16. the first time i watched the movie Raising Cain, featuring John Lithgow, i remember a scene where he says “Wait til they get a load of me” and months later when i saw it on video, the scene was gone all together. i specifically remember waiting for that scene because it was kinda creepy, but gone.


    1. I have been following this site from the beginning. When I started my quest for a reason this was happening. I have at least 9 out of every 10 major memories I read. From geography which I studied a lot as a hobby, the size and proximity of Cuba, and Australia’s northern gulf were the final straw for me. Words i.e. dilemna( among others), never thought about it twice, until spell check came along. People passing away twice or more—-almost everyone of these rings true to me. Colors—another for me. And this has been going on since the late 80’s. I thought it was just my memory for years, then I thought I was losing my mind for years. I can assure everyone, I am completely sane. I know after reading posts on here no one will judge me, as most of us are here in the same boat. I truly have had 2 NDEs in my life. 1998 and 2014. Life events flashed before me in both of them, they were so traumatic to me, I still have a hard time with them. My wife was with me both times. When I came out of the last one—I couldn’t keep it together , first time in my life my wife had seen my cry. Thought I would never see her again. No drugs or alcohol—–don’t touch the stuff. Sometimes I truly think I may have actually died. Things were different after both of them. I can tell you after these things picked even more and stayed that way. Synchronicities are off the wall anymore, just too hard to dismiss. I had been holding off joining or posting, because well , I just don’t like doing it. I post on NO other sites. I trust the posters here. And would like to commend Fiona on such a well run and informative website. And thanks for giving me a place to get this off my chest. It’s been a long time for me. Mike


    2. I believe the movie is Batman (1989), the Joker says that in one scene, Jack Nicholson. Raising Cain, was a great movie though!


    3. The movie you are thinking of is the original “Batman” movie with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. The “Joker” (played by Nicholson) used that line.


  17. Has anyone read the Timebound Series? It sounds a lot like the Mandela affect, *spoiler alert!* especially after a shift happens in the book, people’s memories of things change.


  18. Does anyone else remember Mickey Rooney dying in the 90’s either during or shortly after filming the TV series The Black Stallion? Like Nelson Mandela and Billy Graham I only found out he was still apparently alive all this time by hearing about his death.


    1. Omg i just seen this about mickeg rooney dying in 2014… I clearly remember him dying in the 1990s sometime… I was still very young and liked him as an actor. I remember being very sad hearing about his death… This is insane!!! I also remember nelson mandela dying before recent but not billy graham but i think that death was before my time.. This is really incredible.


  19. Interesting stuff. How many folks remember watching the movie, “Wag The Dog” with Dustin Hoffman when certain folks PLANTED a record or essentially a memory in the Library of Congress and backdated it?

    I would like to believe that such things are NOT done. But maybe on occasion they are and this would account for the divergence in memories.


    1. Christopher,

      That was a slightly creepy, very cynical movie. I liked it.

      If new memories are planted in historical records, it would explain why we can’t find evidence of some things we clearly recall.

      And, I suppose we could argue that the universality of media acceptance — for example, that it’s now Berenstain Bears, not Berenstein — could explain the divergence. For many people, it’s probably tidier to assume that something like the current spelling (Berenstain) is what it’s always been, especially in lieu of hard evidence to the contrary. “I must have been confused” is a simpler answer than “my memories don’t match this reality.”

      That leads to the next question: Why these memories, and not others? (Or — if memory replacement is a common practice — is it easier to assimilate some media-planted memories than others?)

      Then again, maybe the choice is completely random, as social conditioning: So people doubt their own memories and are easier to manipulate. (I read far too much sci-fi as a child… LOL )

      It’s quite a tangle if we go down that road. Definitely fodder for a good thriller.

      I still lean towards the concept of parallel realities, with either cross-reality travel, or some kind of bleed-through of experience. Or, the holodeck idea, which could be distinct or another part of what’s going on.

      Interesting to think about. Nearly impossible to prove, but interesting nevertheless.



  20. Besides the BEAR issue and the STATES issue…what of SEX IN THE CITY ?? I never watched it until reruns years ago—but it was always SEX IN THE CITY !! BECAUSE I WOULD LOOK at the title ON THE ” ON-SCREEN TV GUIDE” AND say to myself…”why do these chicks have to go INTO the city for sex?” …Hmmm. wonder WHAT ELSE …is changed ??


  21. I remember Will and Jada divorcing in the early 2000’s. I recently read an article saying they’ve been married for 15 years.


  22. Hi there,

    I just noticed that the Jim Bean Bourbon is in fact called Beam, and not Bean.
    Everyone I know agree upon it being called Bean, but apparently we are all wrong.

    Can anyone recall it being known as Beam all along?


    1. Sorry, Lars, but I’ve always known it as “Jim Beam.” However, I don’t drink alcohol (genetic, chemical reaction) and don’t spend much time around liquor, so my memory of the bourbon’s name probably isn’t as relevant.


  23. Until spell check came along I never thought twice about my spelling. It’s always been dilemna, grateful, and rhythmn for me. Im sure there are others, that I haven’t found yet. Mike


    1. Thank goodness, someone else remembers “rhythm” with an “n”!!! I fought with spell check for a long time one day, trying to put the “n” on and it being wrong, I actually remember being nearly in tears about it because 1. I was an English major and words are my thing and 2. I love music.


        1. For me its always been vac … vacumm (wow, no way ) or vacuum which to me looks wrong but is how my fingers went to type it the first time and I stopped.


  24. I meant to say greatful in my previous post is how I have always spelled it. Trying to type and think on my iPhone, is not working for me! Definately is another. Mike


  25. Thought of another word. Grey or gray? They are both correct. But for whatever reason I have ALWAYS spelled it grey. I live in the US and would be curious ( maybe a poll?) as to how other posters spell the word in my country of residence. Thinking along the lines of residual memories , maybe? Because of geographic ethnicity. Does that make any sense?? Mike


    1. Mike, I’m eclectic. I use “grey” when I like whatever-it-is, and “gray” when I don’t. To me — and perhaps it’s a synesthete thing — “grey” is a nicer color than “gray.”


      1. Fiona, that makes sense to me. To me gray sounds “harsher” or ” hard “. Not as nice. Grey sounds (and feels) more “free” , less “resistant” than gray. Hard to put this stuff in words. I guess I do this with other words also. Never realized until you explained your usage of them. Mike


    2. I’ve been wanting to write about this one.
      It was always GRAY for me up until 1985 when a friend of mine introduced me to a book called Matrix II by Vladimir Valerian. It was about the alien government conspiracies. In it were many references to the GREY Aliens. That was the first time I’ve ever seen it spelled that way and just assumed, although they seemed gray in color, that it was the name of their race. For me its always been GRAY is the color and GREY is an alien race.


  26. Here’s one I haven’t seen on here. About 6 weeks ago or so (before I stumbled on this website), I was talking with my wife about when Princess Diana died. I said “All I really remember was that it happened around Christmas time while my family was on vacation at some island.” Then I looked up the date and apparently it happened at the end of August. I thought, “Hmm…that’s strange. I vividly remember finding out about it at the island and not while I was at school.” I didn’t really think much about it after that. Then just recently I found the site and that got me thinking about Diana. So today, I asked my mom when she remembers Diana dying and she said the same thing. “It happened around Christmas time. We were at Edisto Island on vacation.” Now, I’m curious if other people remember anything like this too.

    As for Berenstein, I definitely remember it with the ‘e’, so does my mom, so do a number of classmates that I’ve asked. Only one person said he remembered it with an ‘a’…

    It appears that the game is afoot.


  27. Fiona,

    Have you considered making this blog into a forum instead? That would be really great. If all this posting was organized into subjects and threads it would be easier to chime in.


    1. Mikkel,

      I have considered it, but forums require far more monitoring, and encourage far more trolls. That’s partly about the software and partly about people’s expectations at forums.

      I’m doing my best to keep this a safe space for honest discussions by people who have alternate memories. The blog structure isn’t ideal, but — until someone creates a better option — I’m staying with this format.

      When a thread gets really long — but also remains active with fresh content contributed to the individual topic — I usually turn it into a post. Also, I’m starting to use software so I can move all relevant comments to that thread, as time permits.

      At this page, people often leave lengthy comments that include lots of topics, making this a “general discussions” thread. That can be confusing, but — for now — it seems like the best choice among available options.



  28. I just realized the well known UFO researcher and expert Stanton Friedman is alive and kicking. I seem to recall he was pronounced dead at some point last year. I remember seeing an obituary with a summary of his achievments as a nuclear researcher and a UFOlogist for 44 years.

    Does anyone out there have the same memory?


  29. Thanks, Kate! I’ve added the link to the page entry. The person who contacted me, privately, was sure he’d actually heard it during the broadcast.


  30. I found your website today and I am so intrigued and dumbfounded. I am having a hard time trying to digest it all and put it into words. I will try my best here 🙂 I share what seems to be the common memory of the Bernstein Bears not Beranstein. I came across that spelling and it didn’t look right to me and frankly confused me. I have always been a voracious reader and a fanatic for proper spelling and grammar.
    I have so many questions and comments, I don’t know where to start. I guess I will start with the Bernstein Bears. Why, in an alternate reality, would the name change? Did it start with the Bernstein/Beranstein family? Did something happen in one of their realities to make the change? I hope I am making myself understood. I am trying to wrap my head around all this. I spent all afternoon reading messages on this site. The more I read, the more questions I have. The Bernstein Bears is the only memory I can say I absolutely share with the majority here. I have alot of, what I will call. vague memories, like thinking somebody died before they actually did. Or there being 52 states, not
    50. Chartreuse-I thought was always a deep red. Again, why would the memory of a color change? I don’t even know how to write this concisely, I am so baffled 🙂
    My partner and I seem to remember a lot of things different. It could be a conversation we had last week and she insists I have it all wrong. I was beginning to question my own memory. Could it be, we are constantly sliding away into separate realities? Then I read about NDE . Has she died or have I? Maybe I should do more reading before I attempt to post all this. I am going to ask her about the Bernstein Bears and see what she remembers. I am a bit leery though, of sounding like I am losing my mind.
    I consider myself intelligent and inquisitive with an open mind. Thank you very much for this wonderful, informative site.


    1. The general concensus is the between th different memories of “Berenstein” or “Berenstain.” I guess that i s also what you mean when you write Bernstein/Beranstein, or what?

      BTW what color is the dress 🙂


      1. I did mean Berenstein vs. Berenstain. I was trying to get my thoughts out too quickly.I didn’t proof read myself, having my mind blown by all this 🙂 My apologies.

        P.S. I saw a blue and black dress 🙂


  31. Fascinating. This world gets stranger by the day. My observations:

    Sex IN the City
    Interview with A Vampire
    Looney Toons
    Definitely, grateful and dilemna

    As for NZ vs Australia. I’ve flown to Sydney from Wellington a few times. First time over 35 years ago. I thought it took 2 hours but several years later I’m sure I asked my mother and she said it took nearly 3 hours. I remember looking it up and I’m sure it said 2 hours 55 minutes. The internet now tells me it takes 3 hours 40 minutes … lol.


    1. Don’t trust Internet about travel’s duration. 😉 It once showed me, that I have 20 minutes by walk to next street ( that takes 3 minutes…)
      Looney Toons /Looney Tunes. I’m sure I saw both version. I just realized it now, trying to judge what I saw first. But version from ”toons” is from my childhood! (90’s- not so far…)


  32. This website came into my mind again today.

    The very well respected author Terry Pratchett died yesterday but I could swear he died in 2013 as well. Does anyone else have this memory or is it just me?


    1. Kate,

      You’re getting dangerously close to talking down to people who’ve left sincere comments here. You may want to re-read my page about comments: what’s okay and what isn’t.

      Related to the earlier comment: I’ll have to be vague because some information reached me via email and comments that must be kept in confidence. However, I will add that there’s good, logical support for the idea that he passed in 2013… in a different timestream.

      I agree that some people could have been confused by some 2013 comments, and they might have thought Pratchett died then. However, since he continued writing and making some public appearances through last summer, serious fans of his work are not likely to mix that up.

      I hope any further discussion of the year of Pratchett’s death will include more references so we can tell if this was an ME-type event.

      Fiona Broome


    2. Hi Ed,

      Is it possible you’re thinking of the sci-fi/fantasy author Iain M. Banks? He announced he had inoperable cancer in April 2013 and died just two months later. He’s a Brit like Pratchett (well, Scottish) and the dark humor of his Culture novels are beloved in many of the same circles as Pratchett’s Discworld fantasy-satire series.


      1. Rhaomi, the only reason I’m approving this comment is because the year 2013 was mentioned in Ed’s comment.

        To me, the idea of mistaking two authors just because both are beloved British sci-fi/fantasy authors… that’s treading a little close to the “oh, you’re just confused” comments I do not approve.

        But, I’m a major fan of Terry Pratchett’s books, humor, and life. So, others may not see the distinction between the authors as I do.

        To be clear: In this timestream, Pratchett announced early onset Alzheimer’s (not cancer) in 2007 (not 2013 as Kate Gladstone said) — ref http://www.theguardian.com/books/2007/dec/12/news.michellepauli1 — and died in March 2015. In 2013, his health issues received considerable media attention, but I’ve found no premature obit to explain an earlier, remembered death.

        So, for now, I’m treating Ed’s comment as an alternate memory and possible in a different reality. If Pratchett died in 2013 in an alternate reality, a cross-reality resonance could explain some of the attention his condition received in 2013. It’s a concept I believe he’d approve.


        1. I am a Pratchett fan. Perhaps this can be added to that entry? I remember the 2013 death. The reason I remember it is because Robert Jordan of Wheel of Time fame died in 2007, the same year Pratchett announced his Alzheimers. Jordan had authorized someone who was working with him to finish his series in his sted…they don’t read quite the same, and I have always been disappointed that we can’t ever really read the books Jordan would have written, just what he told someone he was going to write. When Pratchett “died”, there was a statement WRITTEN BY HIM saying basically that he was taking Discworld with him when he died, and that no one else was authorized to release new novels. I was sad about it, but also had a lot of respect for the desire for artistic purity.
          In this timesteam, Pratchett apparently gave permission for his daughter Rhianna to continue writing about Discworld.


  33. Your comment hit home with me, until spell check came along, I thought I was a good speller. Never had any problems in school or college. BUT, strangely to this day, (among a few others) ALL four words in your post were how I spelled them until spell check came along, and I still get the squiggly lines underneath them quite often. Not sure what’s going on, just really strange, you should post THOSE words. Not sure if there is a pattern age wise to these learned patterns of spelling, but as I have said before, I am 48. This is getting really interesting. Mike


  34. Thanks fiona, Though many a time i have been a bit of troll,but not to derail the ME,just for the heck of it.Charteris is way too great to annoy anybody,and i feel that, for once,i have introduced a most charming entertainer to our group.


  35. It’s pretty trivial in programming. You can acess RAM only in the 1-dimensional fashion, for example, but we can introduce new dimensions by introducying a virtual “width” stuff wraps around and describe virtual worlds with how many dimensions you want. RAM will still stay 1-dimensional. When you destroy an object (when no other objects reference it, i.e. “know” about it), the memory location that stored its properties doesn’t disappear into nowhere, it’s just marked “unused” for new objects to be allocated there.

    In fact, if the world is “garbage collected”, then objects can actually disappear but we don’t see it because the garbage collector makes sure only those objects disappear which have no references to other objects (us).
    If there’s an error in the garbage collector (black holes?) then it can destroy objects others still reference, meaning we have access to a “dangling pointer” with “garbage” memory, which is a mix of outdated propreties once used by previously allocated/destroyed objects. I.e. that’d be a way to see in the past.

    We certainly live inside of a simulation. The finite resolution of the Planck scale (compression) hints heavily at that. It wouldn’t surprise me, then, to find that RAM should mirror how information is stored in our universe. Our universe (likely the contents of a higher-dimensional “black hole”), and our 3D black holes are just nested memory, but what’s happening at the top of the chain?

    A question for everyone in this timeline. ..What was the last thing you remembered before you


    1. Interesting….I am still trying to wrap my finger around this RAM thought process. In a way it is if I have already died but am experiencing what I am experiencing via need for observation. So if we are “dead” (deleted) already then eventually we will all have access to all information…?
      What I also find interesting is how we are able to grasp information without actually giving the thing we are observing our absolute attention. Take studying for instance, when one quickly reviews the main points as fast as they can (computer scanning via eye) repeatedly. After the 3rd-5th time they have all the information like a program (does this sound right?).


      1. You are correct.
        We are in the underworld.
        We just don’t realize it yet…

        What was the last thing you remembered before you died?

        I was driving in my car and fell asleep at the wheel.
        I women up at my house 22 miles away from when I fell asleep.
        There were shadow people there.
        They could shapeshift and one of them looked like me but was not me.
        And then the black triangle “ufos” that were not aliens at all but rather they were


        1. 23,

          This is an interesting theory, and I understand that your experiences include a last/trigger memory, but that isn’t the topic we’re discussing here. If enough readers want a site that’s specifically about this kind of experience, I’ll create one if none of use exist. (Comment below. If I see significant interest, I’ll take a poll to be sure.)

          Otherwise, this kind of thread takes us down a path that’s not quite relevant, and is sure to be fraught with people recounting drug-related experiences. (We already get a lot of those comments now, but I generally don’t approve them. That’s not to trivialize or dismiss their experiences, but that context is different to this site.)

          As I interpret quantum studies, it’s entirely possible that fringe realms exist within everyday realities. I’m also fairly fluent in centuries-old traditions about shadow people, shapeshifters, and so on. And, having lived near an experimental military base, and — listening to presentations at paranormal conferences where I’m a speaker, too — I know that some people see (but usually don’t hear) black, triangle-shaped vehicles used for some kind of air transport.

          Those are all known phenomena, with varying explanations usually more related to spirituality or aliens, or — in the case of Tom Horn, et al: both.

          This particular website is about alternate memories where most or all other everyday cues are an exact match for the reality we’ve always known. The exceptions are relatively few (or so it seems, at this point) and related to single memories — or one here and there — that really don’t match the current timestream.

          So, I’ll approve comments related to creating a second website for topics related to more significant shifts, but this site isn’t a good match for discussions taking us into shadow people, shapeshifting, and UFOs.



  36. Hi Everyone,

    I’ve just come across this website from another website that was discussing the issue of the Berenstein Bears, which I just can’t believe is actually even an issue as I always remember it as Berenstein, as apparently so many others do as well. I was shocked when I did a quick google search and found that name is indeed written differently from what I remember it as – what the??!! Like others, I’m also more than 100% sure that it was Berenstein;

    It’s so very clear in my mind as Berenstein, not only because it was one of my favorites growing up in the 70’s and 80’s in Hawaii and California, but distinctly because nearly 10 years ago, in the summer of 2005, I moved and had to get rid of many things, including my son’s beloved book collection, of which a few of the Berenstein Bears books were a part of.

    I remember holding one of the books in my hand, looking at the cover, flipping thru the pages, looking at the cover again, looking at the back cover, and debating on whether I should keep them or not, and having a whole long, drawn out thought process over the books;

    My son was 14, and I knew he didn’t appreciate it the same way as he did as a little boy, and so I should just let them go. I remember looking at the cover and thinking how funny it was that I never found out what the “proper” pronunciation was – was it Beren-steen or was it Burn-styn, as I had heard it pronounced both ways. I remember thinking that my friend named Sarah Goldstein had a similar last name and they always pronounced it Gold-steen, so I thought that that must be the correct way to pronounce it, and so it was good that I pronounced it the “proper” way and told it to my son the correct way as well, the same way as my mother had taught it to me as a child.

    I’m not always so great with my memory at all, but that memory is clear as day because it was such a long, drawn out thought process I had to go thru in order to come to a final decision about a longtime favorite book series. I’m sure I would not have had those thoughts about the book if the name was spelled “Berenstain” – in that case, I most likely would’ve had a whole other thought process about it.

    I ended up letting them go, but now I’m really, really, really regretting that decision as I would love to be able to see it again after all these years – but perhaps it too would have changed to suit an alternate reality, so who knows. And how very strange that there is a collective memory of it being different than what it is showing as now, and not just one or two people either, and not just one or two things that have changed, but a number of things. Like many of the other readers, I too find it all so very very unsettling.

    Same with the peanut butter issue – I definitely remember it as Jiffy, and when I see it written as “Jif” it looks very odd and wrong to me. I remember it so distinctly as Jiffy for several reasons – 1) Because as a child with a health-conscious mom who only bought natural peanut butter, I always thought I would buy it for myself when I got older, so the name stuck with me. 2) When I heard the slogan “Choosey Mom’s choose Jif”, I remember thinking how odd it was that they abbreviated the name when clearly the slogan would sound better using the actual name of ‘Jiffy’. 3) When I found out about the company “Jiffy Lube” I remember thinking that it was funny because I related the word to the peanut butter, and not necessarily to the meaning of ‘Jiffy’, (in a hurry), which would be a better way to relate the word, as I was sure that’s what the company’s intention was, to state that they do oil changes quickly. 4) When I saw it written as ‘Jif’ for the first time several years ago in the supermarket, I distinctly remember having the thought that they must’ve changed it to be more modern, and that I liked it better as ‘Jiffy’. 5) Last, but certainly not least, I remember thinking it was funny that the peanut butter companies of ‘Skippy’ and ‘Jiffy’ were either so competitive that they named them similarly, or couldn’t seem to come up with something unique and different from the other one.

    I’ve read a lot of the comments here, as I find this all so very interesting, and creepily unsettling. Like others, I would love for there to be rational, simple answers, but when you have not just one or two frames of reference for a memory, but 4, 5, or more, it makes it an undeniable reality that existed in one’s frame of reference, and not simply a “faulty” memory issue.

    After thinking about these, I’m beginning to remember other changed memories, that I wrote off as strange and unexplainable as well. One being a conversation I’d had with my grandmother that she swears we’d never had. Perhaps that could be written off as my own faulty memory, but I remember having several different points of reference to the conversation that made it so distinct in my mind.

    About the Geographical Issues:

    I clearly remember Japan running alongside the greater part of China – this being because 1) Growing up in Hawaii, we studied Geography with a unique perspective of where we were located on the map relative to the “mainland” (United States), since we were one of their states, and in relation to Eastern Asia, as most of the population in Hawaii is of people from those countries. 2) One of my best friends family was from Japan, and I remember her family always making sure to emphasize that they were Japanese, and NOT Chinese, because according to them, most people confused the two since they were geographically so close together, but for them, Japan and China were worlds apart in terms of traditions, culture, etc. 3) I remember more than a few times looking at Japan and China on the map, as I had quite a few friends who were “hapa” (mixed race) half japanese, and half white, and some who were half chinese, half white.

    I remember it so distinctly that Japan was lined up along the body of China, and not so very far from mainland China at it’s closest point, and thinking how it’s understandable that other races could easily mistake the Japanese and Chinese for each other. I also remember thinking that I was happy to know more about the world at large, where my friends families had originally come from, and where we all were in comparison to that.

    So now, after doing a google maps search, to see it so far North, running alongside North and South Korea, is just unsettling. I’m sure I would’ve had completely different experiences if that had previously been the case, such as my friends family complaining that people confuse them for Koreans, rather than the Chinese.

    Could it be that the maps back in the 70’s and 80’s were from an older, unrevised era of navigation, whereas now we have advanced technology which has therefore more accurately detected and mapped geographical measurements?

    Also, in regards to New Zealand, my mother traveled there once when I was a girl in the 80’s, and I remember asking my grandmother, a school teacher, a ton of questions about where in the world she had gone to, and I remember in that conversation her showing me on a map where New Zealand was, and I distinctly remember it being larger, higher, and closer to Australia. It seemed imprinted in my mind because it was the first time my mother ever left me alone in my life and I missed her so much and just had to know where she was and what she was experiencing.

    However, now, looking at the map again, I guess I could write it off as a faulty memory of childhood, but it wasn’t just a small memory, it was very distinct, but then again the mind can play tricks, and remember things differently as well.

    As for my thoughts on what all this could be, well, I can only refer back to my upbringing and beliefs on life, based on the Vedic (Hindu) Culture and it’s scriptures, which date back thru time immemorial, passed down verbally, and in recent past, written down to paper. There is so much information on everything to do with anything; on time – it’s creation, progress, end, and renewal, and eternal vs. temporal time – on the meaning and purpose of life – on scientific issues such as physics, mathematics, etc. and the structures and make-ups of all the levels and planes of existence, both in the material and spiritual realms – on who God is and our relation to him – on how one moves through time/space, and how to finally leave it, and not returning to just the white light, but to the spiritual realms – and so many other very interesting topics.

    Having knowledge of these topics leads me to understand a lot about life, it’s structure, purpose, etc., but I will reserve my opinion on why everyone is collectively experiencing these similar memories, and give one at a later time when I do some more reading into the Vedas and come up with something more conclusive than just randomly speculating, which at this point is all it would be anyway. However, If/when I remember anymore personal changes I will share them.

    Just to note about me: I’ve had many strange and difficult experiences in my life as well – such as a major car accident at 8 years old in which I saw myself seated with white light around me, but in actuality my body was being tossed around as the car flipped twice down a lava rock embankment. And then another fairly significant car accident at the age of 17, when I was side-swiped by a drunk driver and we spun 180 degrees for several hundred feet, nearly missing a telephone pole, but as it was happening it was all in slow motion though it all happened in a matter of seconds.

    I’ve also had what I’ve dubbed as a time-loop experience at the age of 9 while visiting India wherein I was watching the Sunrise atop Tiger Hill, and had an intuition that my future somehow lay out in the land below those clouds I was gazing out over. When I immediately wondered what that meant, I had a vision of myself as an adult who would understand what that meant and how it could be. Thereafter, as an adult, during an upsetting time in my life after having just returned from living and marrying in India, and needing clarity and peace to my pain, I suddenly had a vision of myself as that 9 year old girl having a vision of myself as that adult, and it came rushing back in that moment; the memory of that vision at 9 years old was a vision of me as an adult having a vision of me as a child, and understanding how my future was there in India, thus creating my time loop.

    I’ve also had other strange experiences, but will not go into detail as they are longer stories and I’ve already spent so much time reading and writing on this lovely Sunday morning.

    With warm regards,
    Confusedly Yours,


      1. Hi Fiona,

        Thanks for the warm welcome, and it’s certainly my pleasure to contribute here. I ended up spending hours reading many of the comments and in writing my own – it’s just so very intriguing, truly. The power of the mind; of remembrance and forgetfulness, it’s all very intricate, elaborate, and obviously confounding.

        A couple other things I remember while reading thru others comments:

        I remember the color Chartreuse being in the Crayola box, and I definitely remember it as a dark reddish, almost purplish, brown color. I always remember liking that color because of the way it sounded, so French and sophisticated. I can’t even imagine it being any other color as others have mentioned. The only rational explanation is that Crayola made a mistake in calling that color Chartreuse. Other than that I have no idea why.

        Another memory is the Tiananmen square man that I remember as having been run over. I remember think how vicious, cold, and heartless it was to do that to a lone, single person and what kind of world was it that I was living in?! I remember thinking how tragic it was and how sad for his family. I remember thinking what would his body look like after the tank passed over it, would it be completely flat and bloodied? And I remember it happening in the late 80’s as well.



  37. I remember what is known as “Rushmore” being called “The Candidate”, not having Bill Murray in it, and being released in like ’05 as an average snoozer movie, which actually appears to be close to the film Election as well. Rushmore itself was about a private all girls school and featured Bill Murray and the Candidate featured Matthew Broderick chasing around the radicalized Jason Schwarzman. I also remember the “Campaign,” being called “the Candidate” as well. However, I never watched any of these films except for large parts the Matthew Broderick/ Jason Schwarzman version.


  38. About the IWTV scene hand gesture – I don’t remember Armand passing his hand through the flame (I purchased the movie about a year ago on Amazon Instant Video) and I was a little surprised to see that if that’s what you’re referring to, though it could be that I’m simply a little more observant than I was when I first saw the film. Just wondering, have you ever checked out the moving bridge on 9/11? It was the moving Verrazzano? Bridge. I think it’s pretty glaring evidence of a glitch and when I see the video now, no wonder there are so many people who think 9/11 was some sort of mass psyop!


    1. Hi, Nikki!

      Thanks for the quick response. The alternate memories I’ve heard about IWTV are a little different, but — since the original comments were made in confidence — that’s all I can say.

      I do appreciate your insights, because every memory helps frame this more accurately.

      I will check the bridge. I generally avoid 9/11 topics since they can turn political (and extreme) in a blink.



      1. I just watched the clip and I definitely do not remember Armand passing his hand through the flame like that. What I remember is a motion as though he was trying to caress or stroke the flame of the candle – it’s something that stuck out to me and even as I recognized the scene, my fingers mimicked the gestures as I remember seeing it happen.


    1. Thanks, Marjorie, we knew that it was the same actor in this timestream. I’d be interested in whether the perceived voice changes fit our other timeslip patterns. At that link, I see a reference to November 2007 for one of them.


  39. Biological processes are among the very few events that show decrease in entropy,the development of embryo to fetus to child and adulthood till ossification of bones,is a steady decrease of entropy.The rate of increase of entropy after puberty has certainly slowed down compared to the era of mid 20th century,the 20 year lag is a phenomena that may be an indicater of multiverse intrigue.


  40. I will try to describe my thoughts to not sound paranormal, as it is possible. It’s about not so-well known music. Do you remember this thing with guy, who brought The Beatles tape from other dimension? At my opinion I can tell that it could be a fake, because the singing parts sounds without sense&melody together, but it’s not about it.
    My thing is about music, too. (I’m very musical person and that’s important thing in my life 🙂
    When I was child, I had rave-disco cassette from 1996. The first song was ”Nostra Culpa” by Imperio. I was just 7 ears old. How sounds the opening of this song, you can check on you tube or so on. There’s a latin words, sang by a ”priest”: Libera nos in caelo nostra culpa,Amen. But I remember very well, from the childhood, the beggining was different! I can be wrong with some latin words, because I’ll write how I heard it, but I had in school latin basic rules language as subject, so I can put it into not-phonetic version.Anyway, I don’t know the meaning, but well
    Priest: Em pace in dictum
    Choir, answering: Dona ??? (unrecognized word) mi esta
    Priest: Pater Nosteeee!
    And then, begins the song which sounds the same like now (?). I was thinking that I had some alternative version,any remix, but I checked EVERYTHING, and it’s only the one, first. My husband also remembers the first version…he says…but he was teenager when this song was a hit. I have no idea what I heard, it was my favourite song of childhood. Funny thing, I didn’t know a title. My father found this cassete on the ground, when we were at the funfair. Just later I talked with my husband about rave music, and I told that I had one song I loved, but I don’t know the title, cause’ I didn’t have a box with covers, I sang melody and he recognized ”Nostra Culpa”. At the cassette was just name of label (?) Diamond Records. I remember also there were songs( I also recognized them later) ”Mr’ Boombastic” of Shaggy, ”Gangsta Paradise”Coolio, ”Everything has change” by DJ Bobo- also in weird version, with totally different mix but it could be remix. (I stilol can’t find this remix…)And other things like that. And two songs I still can’t find anywhere, on any list with music from this period. I’ll try to find this cassete, it stayed in my parents house (I hope so) I think abut it just from year ago, or something.
    Another thing is really weird, and rationally – I can say that I have deja vu, but things is connected with my strange dreams…I’m still in the same city, nothing happens, just like…another life. But with city and people I DON’T KNOW. Always the same place.I started with The Beatles, but if it’s true, it prooves that in similar reality there are almost the same bands as now, but it can happen that some were never created, or some are more popular, or less popular as now.Or they can play different songs. I ”remember” a party in undeground pub or club, and a very catchy song, with electronic beat, sounds like a pirate shantie, chorus begins with somethin’ like ”opa dela da dam”. I can’t put this moment in ANY of my real memories. With who and where? And the song was ”there” a big #1, I’m sure that I heard it many times in my ”dreams”. Damn it, but I ”remember” how I danced, jumping to this song! Many times! But when?
    I would be so confused and dissapointed, if theory woth the Beatles is fake. Because…
    I found this song ”here” few days ago. So that’s why I’m reading this site, I’m searching if such things are possible. Song names ”Scupper Shantie” and is performed by Abney Park, alternative band, which never had a big mainstream hits, and I couldn’t dance to it on any party. Especially in small Eastern Europe country, where I’m living. Almost no one knows here such music. So…? WTF was that deja-vu?


  41. And one more thing, this time in topic. About things I found on this site:
    – Kate Perry. I remember it was correct, because I was this time babbysitter of 5-years old girl, she loved Katy/Kate Pery. So I had to know about her everything hehe. Later, when I saw name ”Katy”, I was thinking that I remember the wrong version. It was year 2010.
    – Nelson Mandela death. In the year he died (?), someone told be about his, and my reaction was ”HE DIED? It seemed to me, that he is dead from a long time”. I was born in 1989, but I’m sure that earlier saw somewhere article, where was a day of his death…


  42. I thought of another word that has always bothered me. Vacumn (I know its vacuum). I have always spelled it with an n on the end. After forcing a Google search with my spelling, I am not alone. One poster on a spelling website (yes they have those, who knew!), found over 3000 articles, and or documents from the 60s-70s with this spelling. The kicker is that most of them are technical, and scientific articles/books. And yes , I have ALWAYS spelled it dilemna. Mike


  43. I did not leave my real name as my first name is somewhat unique and I don’t want someone I know in real life to see me on here.

    My friend told me about the mandela effect 3 days ago, and it is all I have been able to think about. Here are my experiences.

    It’s berenstein, at least I’m sure that’s how it was pronounced. sadly I’m to young {29} to remember how it was spelled, I will admit however that the current spelling looks off.

    New zealand in my minds eye was north and east of australia, because my brothers girlfriend lived there for several years and I looked it up. (Atleast I thought It did. Maybe on a risk game board, it shows new zealand above australia to make game play more fluent. I can’t trust my memory on this 100 percent however when I saw the current map it does look off.

    To those of you talking about the color chartreuse. I will say that to me I have never known it to be a color, I just thought it was a type of wine. Although I do have something very interesting to add to this debate.

    Ever hear of the musical group “Capital Cities”? Many people know their song “safe and sound” as it has been played on the radio and commercials for a little time now. However, interestingly enough, on that same album, is a song titled “chartreuse”. (It’s a great song, but I digress).

    In the song “chartreuse” he mentions the actual colors of chartreuse in the following lines “But you can’t deny my hue, red blue chartreuse”.

    When I first heard of the chartreuse debate I thought to myself “I have a song called chartreuse on my phone, lemme take a look”. Honestly I was a little shocked that they actually listed the colors that made chartreuse In their song. Red plus blue equals purple, incase some people don’t know their color wheel all that great.

    I find that extremely interesting. Capital Cities put that in their song because the knew red and blue makes a chartreuse color. How come nobody corrected them on this? Not one agent, or friend or family member said to them ” hey chartreuse is yellow green these lyrics make no sense.”

    Very odd, let me know what you think.


  44. I have been studying this since around 2011, when I first started noticing changes. The first thing I noticed was Australia. There is no way it was that close to New Guinea. I’ve always been somewhat of a nerd. When Google Earth came out, I was very addicted to it. In 2011, Australia made look around again. Here’s what I didn’t recognize:
    New Zealand was 1 island, not 2 and was located northeast of Australia
    Tazmania was not a separate island
    Japan was 1 intact land mass, not several islands
    Alaska did not have those two indentations
    I don’t remember Sri Lanka being that large and that close to India
    I don’t remember Mongolia still being a nation, that area was part of China
    Cuba was much much smaller
    The Falkland Islands were more south and east of Argentina
    The Bahamas were not that close to Florida
    England was not that close to the mainland of Europe and there was no “chunnel”.
    Denmark was not that close to Sweden, there was much more ocean in between
    Sicily was not that large and not nearly touching Italy
    Sardinia, never heard of it. That whole land mass doesn’t belong there.
    Belarus – I’ve never heard of this county. I looked it up and apparently, it’s been a sovereign nation since 1990
    Kaliningrad – this one really blew my mind. There is no way that was a part of Russia. Yet, apparently it has been, since 1991.

    In general, there just seem to be a lot more islands than I remember.

    Here are some non-geography related observations:
    I remember Louie Anderson passing away. I remember distinctly that it was reported a suicide. I remember reading this, as it was a coincidence that another former Family Feud host had also committed suicide, Ray Combs.
    It’s not “Gortons Fisherman”. It’s “Gordons”
    It is definitely “Berenstein Bears”
    Here’s an obscure one. I was a music student in college. My favorite composer of all time was and is Ralph Vaughan Williams. If you have a chance, youtube Symphony no. 5, movement 3. The most beautiful piece of music ever, but I digress. I always remembered his death year, as it was the same year my parents were born, 1952. However, I looked him up recently and he apparently died in 1958. What makes this more interesting is, I had always believed he had written 7 symphonies. Now I come to find out, he wrote 9 and it just so happens that 8 and 9 were written between 1953 and 1958. I listened to them. They’re great, but I have never heard them before, and I love this composer!

    This one I just noticed today. Was Alec Baldwin in the movie The Hunt for Red October? I honestly don’t remember him being in it, but I can’t remember who played his character. I admit I haven’t seen the movie in years, but I really don’t remember him being in it.

    This is only some of what I’ve noticed. Pretty much everyday, I see something that doesn’t quite look right. This is the first time I’ve shared this publicly.


    1. Hi Jack,

      I share some of your geographical memories but not all of them. (But I’ve never claimed to be a geography expert.) However, Italy especially stands out. I took Latin in junior and senior year of high school and was in the Latin Club. During spring break of my senior year we traveled to Greece and Italy – most of our time was spent in Italy. I know that during class we spent some time looking at maps of Italy, albeit ancient ones. And I’ve always been a little fascinated by Sicily because I grew up with neighbors who had moved from there. I also don’t remember it almost touching and it was likely smaller since if it were further away but the same size, it would have been close to Africa and that wasn’t so. And I DO remember Sardinia and Corsica but either they were smaller islands like Capri, which we visited or part of the mainland. I know I would have noticed those huge land masses. Heck, Sardinia is listed as being a few hundred square feet less than Sicily.

      The geographic anomalies sound crazy even as I write them, but it’s hard to deny what you know you’ve experienced – somewhere…

      Japan too does seem more broken up and is also some place I visited. I know there were the little islands to the south – relatives lived in Okinawa – but Hokkaido looks kind of odd to me.

      How I wish I could have all you Mandela Experiences in one big room to talk about all this stuff. Someday it may become mainstream.


      1. This is creeping me out. I mentioned before that I lived in Japan. Yokosuka, Japan. On the southern tip of the primary landmass that was Japan. South of Hiroshima, south of Nagoya, and quite removed from Yokohama, which is now, apparently, only 10 miles down the road. I verified my memories of Japan’s geography last year on a map of the world that is prominently featured in one of the student lounges at my university. Just looked it up again, and now it is located just 100 miles south of Tokyo… which was a 3 hour bullet train ride when I lived there. Also, I am quite certain that Korea was never between China and Japan… I’m no geography expert, but I lived there! This is like someone just told me that Arizona borders Ohio!


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