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  1. If it was THE it would be

    German: Inteview mit dem Vampir
    French: inteview avec le vampire

    But It’s not look on Amazon.de and amazon.fr


  2. OK this is odd… I learned just this past week on reddit of the changes to Sex IN/AND the City and Interview with A/THE Vampire so I came to the site to report on this if they were not already mentioned. Note that I first came to this site back in July and I read every single comment on every page, TWICE. I also posted a comment at the time and I even made a PDF archive of the entire website.

    So I come to this particular page because it has the most comments and I do a search to see if these changes were already mentioned. Sex “and” the City was first mentioned in October, so that’s ok. But imagine my surprise when I see that Interview with THE Vampire was mentioned back in May of 2014, a few months before my first complete read-through! I know I WOULD have noticed that one, it struck me as much as BerenstAin did and my spouse was also quite surprised, having read the book as well as seen the movie a few times. I am certain the comments referring to Interview were NOT here back n July, at least in whatever timeline I was in at the time, or I would have noticed.

    I also checked my PDF file and, sure enough, the comments are also in there. Have I changed to yet another timeline between July and today, coming from one in which is was still Interview with A Vampire and there was no mention of this on this page?


    1. Mike, that’s very useful. Thanks for saving the site as a PDF and checking it against the current version. It’s been a question I’ve wondered about: whether we take pieces of our prior reality with us, when we slide from one reality to another.

      Of course, a one-time example isn’t exactly a case study. We’d need many more tests to conclude anything about this, but still… this is intriguing. This is the first time someone has made this kind of comment, so I’m very grateful that you thought to check this.

      Offline, a few of us are noting “slides” as they happen. We seem to be traveling together in many (but not all) cases. One of us will point out something that seems to have changed (beyond the normal “I didn’t notice that before”) and others will comment about their related memories. Personally, I’m seeing no pattern to the slides. Not frequency or locations where they happen. Not so far, anyway, but this is too small a sampling to mean anything yet.

      Thanks again!



      1. There are various accounts of teleporting objects and cats,in gitm/reddit,if you count them as slides,we have some very substantial data to probe the tangibility of this intrigue.Mandela Effect may improve its perspective if this phenomena is included in the broad definition of sliding and a new topic of “teleporters” is created.


    2. Had a.similar experience with the Interview With A (the) Vampire topic on this site and related comments. Im relatively new to the site. When i first read it, there was no discussion of the subject. And then fairly recently (maybe 3 weeks ago?), there it was in the middle of comments and such.


      1. It’s interesting that the “Interview” topic in the listing at the top of the page is marked with an asterisk, even though the first mention of it in the comments was apparently back in May.

        Perhaps Fiona moved some posts around from another page to this one? Or these comments were added later from communications kept private at the time?


        1. Mike, I sometimes renew the asterisk when a topic has a resurgence of comments, either public or private. That’s to cue people what’s most recently active, in addition to entirely new topics.


  3. I’m not sure this has been touched on yet, but here goes. Today as I was driving I had a revelation when a butterfly flew into my windshield. Back in the early 2000s there was a movie, I’m sure most remember it, called The Butterfly Effect starring Ashton Kutcher.

    I have been a little obsessive as of late when it comes to the Mandela Effect. It’s so intriguing that I just can not let it go. I have complete and total memory of the BerenstEin Bears (also asked my gramma who raised me, and she said, “I read one to your second grade class, if it were Bern-stAin don’t you think you would have told me I was saying it wrong?!”, I’ve spelled definately like this my whole life until 5 years ago when I was texting an old boyfriend while sitting on a friend’s bed and typed it and it was not in my dictionary any longer, I remember dilemna (dilemma looks plain stupid), and as of late everytime is no longer a word it is two (which never ever had the red squiggles of a poorly typed word before). There are many other things I remember as well.

    Now that I’ve expressed how these memories are absolutely undeniable to me I can explain my theory. Just like in the movie I mentioned above, I think that possibly, there are huge chains of events that can be set off by trivial everyday actions. Every action has a reaction. Maybe, just maybe, as we go along stepping on ants and hitting butterflies with our windshields or even not picking up a piece of trash, there is a chain of events set in motion that we can’t reverse. Even though these things are happening in our current time is it possible that the results could somehow trickle down through time? Changing things like Berenstein to Berenstain. Our memories are intact but our world changes slightly. Is it possible these were all dismissed as misremembrances until the advent of technology and our coming together to share our concern for the changing of minuscule details of our pasts?

    Could one tiny event cause someone not to be born in the future and somehow, someway, cause a person not have been born in the past? I’m not sure if this has any potential as a possible explanation, it’s most definately a theory full of holes for now. But I thought I would share.

    Because there’s no possibility in my mind that this many people can adamantly remember the same things only to realize they are not what they remembered. There is something that is and I think has been part of our world forever but is now only starting to begin to become visible to us.


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