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  1. I have many memories that fit into this theme, most from my personal life.

    I’ll start with the famous examples.
    Throughout high school i remember being taught that Mandela had died and it had been a major theme in a civil rights class as he was the martyr that set the wheel in motion for South Africa. Similar with tank boy, while he was normally mentioned in passing it was always that he was run down and thats what made his stance so iconic.
    I also remember Ghost Hunters being named T.A.P.S (In Australia it was constantly replayed on FOXTEL). I have asked around and everyone agrees on that, I also remember being taught that the U.S.A had 52 states as well as tv shows confirming it. Although i do remember other shows that would say 50 which would confuse me. In one list i remember seeing Northen California and Southern California, which is interesting now that that is actually being considered.

    In my personal life I’ll occasionally get home to find minor differences, for example; my shoes (not the ones i had been wearing, my casual pair) being a different colour, finding different food in the cupboard than what i had purchased doing groceries (one time was a flavour of chips that had never existed and when i asked my partner about it she laughed and told me that it was my favourite flavour).
    Then there are the cases of people not being able to recall significant conversations, or their tastes changing overnight (bigger than just discovering a new band or actually listening to an artist they dislike and changing their opinion). I had one friend who was deathly allergic to shellfish, but now its her favourite dish.
    I also have a memory from my childhood of watching Days Of Thunder with my parents, hopefully someone might know what I’m talking about. There’s one scene where there is a major wreck and Rowdy? does a kamikaze move to take out Tom Cruise’s character. I remember the scene being that Rowdy actually crashes in the wreck and Tom Cruise hits him when his car is rolling (the perspective is from inside Tom’s car). Which is what helped them overcome their rivalry. I argued with my parents for weeks over that scene and became adament that it was a different version to what i had seen before (this is before i knew there was such a thing as different releases). I’m yet to find proof the scene exists but every time the movie gets to that point I always picture it over the top of whats actually happening accidentally. It just seems too real and makes too much sense to be a dream, it always confused the hell out of me.
    Of course the list is much much longer but i shall leave it at that.

    On a slightly different topic, all this talk of alternate realities got me thinking. I’m certain that its more than just memories shared, I will often get strange pains that dont apply to the situation, for example: I have on occasion suffered sudden pain that feels like a broken bone (twice in my ankle, once in my ribs, and once in my shoulder, since which has left me with limited movement and strength). All of which when i was doing something as simple and relaxing as sitting on the couch. The pain has lasted up to two months in each case. I have had every test imagineable done as well as x-rays and scans, each time leaving doctors scratching their heads with no answers. I also have gotten cuts and marks on my body that aren’t even physically possible for the situation. So could pain, if intense enough be shared just like memories with high emotional impact?

    On a slightly different note (again) does anyone else get the sensation when walking or driving where everything seems to jump across an inch or so followed by a moment of intense confusion?
    Could that be when you skip across realities and in the one you end up in you’re just slightly across from where you had been?

    I think I should leave it at that before i start rambling


    1. Dean,

      Thank you for taking the time to share that much information with us, and in such useful detail. I’m fascinated by what you’ve experienced, and I’m looking forward to seeing others’ responses to some of the events you recall.

      I’ll be very interested in the time/space shift you mentioned when walking or driving. For many years, I’ve talked about “compressing time” when driving, and startled passengers when they’ve witnessed it. At one moment, we’ll be at a certain location. The next moment (literally), we’re two or three miles farther ahead in our journey. It’s rarely more than that, but it has happened. (Ah, if I could only do that deliberately when I’m late for an appointment!)

      It had never crossed my mind that this might be a skip from one reality to another. But, when I look at the times in my life when the most dramatic “Look, we’re already there!” treks happened… each could have been a slide. Fascinating!



      1. Fiona, here i agree with you that these glitches happen and this is the original theme of this site,parallel realities,many a time we have strayed from the subject,with only unproductive acrimony. we have to clean the slate every time we post new thoughts,i mean wiping out all the arcane subjects we had studied since long like; occult, theology,conspiracy,mind control experiments etc.


      2. I clearly remember it being spelled Berenstein Bears. I love the books as a child and read them before they ever showed up on TV, my mother and I always pronounced it Beren-(steen) because we assumed that was the pronunciation due to the spelling. Nothing will ever convince me differently about this one!

        My husband and I both knew the capital of Turkey as Istanbul, not Ankara. I too, was shocked to hear about Mandela’s death. I believed he had died many years before. Not to mention the strange sign language translator that actually did not know sing language added to the confusion, I actually thought that I was watching a spoof during the last televised funeral. It really freaked me out.

        Now to add a couple of personal experiences. As a child, 2-3yrs, I got pneumonia very badly and my parents always told a story of how I woke them up in the night screaming about how bugs were on me, my fever was so high I was hallucinating. We spoke of that story quite a bit when I was young and how my mother was so scared, blah blah. I got pneumonia in my early 20s and was with my BF and mother and brought up how I had pneumonia as a kid and the bug story. My mother looked at me like I was crazy and said it NEVER happened. She had NO memory of it whatsoever. Now after reading all of these posts I wonder if I crossed over into another timeline because of the illness.

        Another weird thing that happened this spring was my family moved into a new house and it had well water. The water had some iron issues so we had purchased these large drums of water, they weighed at least 50lbs each. My husband had stacked them on this industrial shelf in the garage. A day or two later we come home and all the water jugs are sitting on the floor, not on the shelf. NO ONE had been in the home. The kids nor I could not have even lifted these to do this anyway. My husband is a powerlifter and is the only one in the house who could raise or lower them from that height. We have been baffled about that.


        1. Istanbul capital of Turkey for my spouse and I as well. *sigh* Reality shifts at it finest. I didn’t know of Ankara until reading this post and then looking it up. Texting my spouse who also has NEVER heard of Ankara.


      3. Oh I had that happen! I was driving south on a road I often travel on. I was headed home from a large city north of me where my mom was in the hospital. It was Easter sunday, sunny and clear, about 3 pm. My two small children were asleep in the back seat. I pulled in to a little convenience store on the right side of the road to pee. I make a point of only patroning stores on the right side of the road so I don’t get turned around. I turned right and headed south again, expecting to see the sign for “bear crossing next twelve miles”. After driving about ten minutes, I look up and the sign is for a turn I take to get to the city, 40 minutes north of the convenience store I was just at! I was freaked but thought maybe I tuned left out of the store and headed north by accident. However, there are two big landmarks on that road that I did not remember driving by – a large bridge that was short but very high, one lane, that you have to pay attention on when you are driving over it; the other was a small airport with private biplanes right before a mall. I did NOT drive past any of those before I saw the Route road sign. It was forty minutes until I got back to the convenience store, but I did not drive 40 minutes north, maybe 15 tops. At the convenience store was a light with two thru lanes and a left turn lane. I am certain I did not cross three lanes of traffic to turn back north after waiting at the light. It was surreal and felt like someone was playing toy cars, picked mine up and put it down where I’d just come from. I cannot explain it to this day.


    2. Keep in mind, that pain is essentially an electric impulse signal, and the fact that X-rays and so on found nothing may mean it could be those impulses coming from another reality.

      Although I do believe you may actually have crossed over, or merged with other realities as your memories are FAR more vivid and detailed than what most people have experienced, plus you appear to have carried visible signs of the other realities. I.E your scars etc. I wouldn’t mind more rambling from you, this is quite interesting and it reveals alot about whatever reality you may have originated from.


      1. Hi gurluas,

        When it comes to pains I normally take note when they pop up more than most other people due to my tendency to ignore injuries and end up aggravating them further down the line, but now that I’m not playing any sports or doing physical work I’m beginning to realise how much is out of place that in the past I would just blame on an injury.
        So these sensations may apply to some, if not everyone and some may have an explanation that I just haven’t seen, but here’s a rough list of what I experience.
        what feels like a bee sting most commonly on the sole of my foot, but does occur randomly on my body, never any marks where the pain had been, nor anything that could explain it, never when there’s any weight on the area.
        the sensation of muscles tearing or being strained, never fits the situation.
        sudden pains that feel like being struck by a blunt object.
        the sensation of being cut, or receiving an injection, once was the sensation of getting a tattoo that went on for a few hours.
        there are a couple more, but I can’t seem to recall them at this moment in time.

        I might be giving off the impression that this is a very common occurrence for me, but in reality I rarely experience more than one of these a month.

        it has also made me wonder. when amputees speak of the sensation of a phantom limb, could that be that they’re feeling the limb that an alternate version of themselves never lost? and then could the sensation of pins and needles actually being the feeling of interference when they gain sensation of that limb?

        on the topic of minor changes, I am in no way the most observant person you would ever meet, hence why I normally would only notice differences that clash with my choices, for example, with the shoes in my last post, I rencently bought a pair of blue shoes (blue being my favourite colour) one day after work when I got home I noticed they were now bright red, it instantly stood out as wrong as I had refused to buy those shoes that were now in front of me because in my opinion they looked like clown shoes (due to the fact I’m quite short with size 13 feet). A few days later when I got used to the idea of the shoes they were back to blue. (i know it wasn’t a prank as I’m the only person I know who would go through that much trouble without saying anything just to mess with someone).
        same with conversations, I make sure to remember all the major details, especially if it’s business related or my partner trying to hint at something. yet if I directly quote what was said (from a sober conversation) I will often get blank stares or claims that what I’m referring to doesn’t exist or is just incredibly wrong.
        I’m trying to think up more examples but I’m just blanking, so I’d rather not force it and end up with fake memories, so I’ll leave it at that for now.


          1. Vivek, yes, but — in general — we assume that visitors to this website have either ruled out “normal” explanations before they landed here, or they understand that they’re proposing something outside normal/accepted explanations.

            Responses along the lines of “It might be only….” (followed by something they could find on Wikipedia) can sound insulting and limit eagerness to speculate further. I don’t want that to happen at this site, so I’m cautious about some comments. This was close to that range, but obscure enough that I approved it.

            Personally, I think Dean’s suggestions take this facet of the discussion in an intriguing new direction, and I’m especially interested in what others think about this phenomena indicating an interaction with an alternate reality.

            Sincerely, Fiona


          2. Hi vivek,
            Thank you for that, I had never known that syndrome by its real name. I had only known it as scale error.
            I do appreciate people sharing those possibilities as I use it as an opportunity to learn about things I normally would not have noticed.
            Sadly though in this case it doesn’t fit, not even playing Google doc makes it work for me.
            But if you or anyone else know of any explanations for my experiences aside from the main theme of this site please let me know. Even if it is the most basic common knowledge, I know there’s big gaps in what I know when it comes to psychology and neuroscience, any input is greatly appreciated. At least then I will be able to learn about more ways the mind can play tricks so I can make an educated decision on whether my experiences fit this phenomena or if I need my head checked, haha.


      2. While replying to the recent survey post I found this book Mind Crash as I was attempting to research the dejavu issues mentioned on that post entitled When Did This Start.

        My computer kicked me off the internet around 3am EST and refused to allow access. i read other tabs that I had already uploaded and closed them out refusing to shut down my computer prior to 4am. While attempting to reload one of the pages it gives me an error saying something about the site’s entry followed by a “0”. At 4:45 am I finally decide to restart my computer only to find that there are 13 updates necessary…Considering my reply post on the When Did This Start page I think this is weird..coincidence..maybe not.

        I pull up the page from Mind Crash and scroll to the top where it states “Any device that can be driven by electricity can be patched into a network and controlled by computer (the significance of which shall be revealed at some point in the future)” page 36 by Mike Gill. So I do a control F for “electri” because I recall for some reason seeing the word electrical on this page and find the above comment.

        Other things to note ( and I know this is not my personal blog so please feel free to remove if deemed necessary) on the When did this start post I mentioned going to Japan. On the flight there they rebooted the entertainment system 2-3 times. The screen was black and provided a prompt displaying multiple 0’s. This lasted for the first hour of flight. Upon returning to the States and waking up at 3pm (slept for 13 hours) I received a call from 000-000-0000 at 4:48 pm which of course I did not answer.

        Even when in Jp I woke up at 4am …they are 13 hours ahead.
        Thought the electrical thing was interesting considering the brain and neurons


    3. I continue to get more freaked out, the more I read this page. Yes, I have had moments — I think twice in my life — when I was driving and it seemed that the windshield wipers suddenly appeared on the other side of the windshield. Like an edit in a movie. Of course I believe that I somehow “lost” a few seconds, not that I have magic windshield wipers.

      For context, I am positive that I grew up with the BerenstEin Bears, and I have had a few premonitions that have come true.


    4. The shoes & chips stories are definitely some of the most intriguing ones I’ve read on this site so far. Wow. I’m going to be thinking about that the rest of the day…

      Re: pains, etc. Feeling like you’ve broken something you haven’t sounds to me like some kind of connection to another timestream where you did break it. Maybe a glitch of some sort causing you to experience pains caused in another reality. In thinking about this, I remembered how I often find bruises on my legs without remembering having hit them. I wear long pants most of the time so it may be a while before I notice them, but there’s no explanation I can really think of. I don’t DO much – I’m not running around or playing sports. There’s no way I could injure the top of my legs while I’m sleeping, if anything it would be my feet hitting the footboard (is that a word?) Maybe I have a self in another reality who plays soccer or something!

      Re: driving I’ve had multiple instances where I was driving and suddenly I was farther along in my journey (usually within the same street though) and didn’t remember the time in between. One day I read about “microsleep” and I think that’s what I experienced. Especially considering it happened the most in high school, when I was constantly sleep-deprived. What you described seems a bit different but that could also be your perception of it based on what you think it is, if that makes sense? So I suggest that you read a bit about microsleep to see if it fits with your experience. If it does, get some sleep and be safe! If you can rule it out, it does sound like a timeslip is a possibility. Perhaps you drove past one of those chevron portals mentioned a few comments above.. 😉

      Here’s some info on microsleep, scroll down to “But what about driving a car?” http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/geared/your_driving_skills/staying_safe/freaky_sleep.html


  2. Please include the missing thunderbird photo . This is a true Temporal Paradox! My Grandmother lived next door to us, and I looked at the photograph often – in a book she had. It might have been Mysteries of the unexplained, or Ripley’s believe it or not.
    Here is one link (crappy web site) http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread489264/pg1 and my notes:
    I personally remember this photo from a book in my grandmothers house. I used to look at it often, as she lived next door. Around 2009, I went searching for the photo online and was stunned to discover that the photo is missing – the book I thought it was in seems to have been altered – my past seems to have been altered! I’m not alone – there are many others who remember this book/photo. I saw it many times – Granny lived next door. This drawing is the closest image to what I remember.
    image url: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/56/0c/76/560c76292888eb4463921b54cac0f60d.jpg


    1. I don’t know why, but this whole thunderbird thing is familiar to me.
      Although I know nothing of it, but that drawing does look like something I’ve seen before.

      I once did a lot of research on cryptozoology as I believed they were creatures from other realities.


  3. I was trying to find TAPS after having a chat with some of my mates, we can all remember watching it together with a few drinks taking the piss out of it and generally having a good time together. I’ve been trying to find some downloads of it so we can rewatch some together and relive some good times. Needless to say I didn’t find much and ended up here.

    Anyway there’s another show a couple of us watching together called Candle Cove and we’ve been trying to get more info because the same things happened with that show as well, all we have is this transcript from a page we can’t find anymore that I saved to my computer to show to my other mates who remember the show as well.


    Any chance you can help us out?


    1. I’m pretty sure there is a popular creepypasta about the Candle Cove show.
      If not, then i’m not sure why but i do know i’ve heard that name before. It’s about pirates, right?


  4. Hi dean, AIWS is mostly benign and in any case i had not suggested any neurological disorder.If you really want to know tricks of the mind visit reddit/glitch in the matrix there are hundreds of experiences similar to yours.


  5. I was really determined not to post my experiences from the last week.
    I certainly am not going to discuss them with people I know.
    If anyone shared with me what I’m about to share I would think they’d lost their mind or were joking with me.

    Quick back story:
    One week ago I was exiting my bedroom when the door got stuck and swung back as I was quickly walking through the doorway.

    The bedroom was dark so I walked full force into the door.

    I was so stunned/hurt that I didn’t know how bad it was until I looked into the mirror. From just above my right eyebrow to the top of my hairline I had huge immediate goose egg with a 2 inch cut on top.

    I tend to be very tough and resistant to pain so I decided to just carry on with it, but keep an eye on it.

    Was in some pain the rest of the day, but not a big deal.

    Lying down to go to sleep was weird though, felt uncomfortable with a lot of fluid resting heavy on forehead.

    The next day I woke up and noticed that animals seemed to have knocked recycling all over the backyard.

    I went outside to pick things up and was confused to see a trash bag lining the overturned recycling container.

    For starters I never would bother using a liner for a recycling container. The whole point of having it is so that the rain doesnt collect in it and make the recycled cans smell gross. And it wasn’t the kind of variety I or my boyfriend use.

    I try to rationalize it and asked my boyfriend if he put a trash bag inside the recycling container.

    He said no that would be stupid and he hasn’t been in the backyard in weeks anyway.

    I tried to come up with some rational explanation.

    We have a very private yard in the suburbs, that is gated.

    So it seemed pretty implausible that anyone decided to knock over a bin full of recycling cans and then neatly place a liner inside the container but leave cans strewn across the yard.

    This just seemed a bit strange and I move on to the rest of my day.
    I was having a bad bout of procrastination and was idly looking at silly gossip news.

    I noticed an item on actress Ashlee Simpson and her fiance Evan Ross. He’s a talented actor and I was curious about the news ..
    I thought to myself that it was nice for him to be getting married since he lost his Mother, the singer Diana Ross a couple years back
    due to cancer from cigarette smoking.

    My jaw dropped when I saw a photo of a quite alive Diana Ross in the photo with him.

    And also before anyone says that I must have confused Diana Ross death with singer Donna Summer a couple years ago, no Im not.
    Donna Summer claimed to have gotten lung cancer as a result of 9/11 fumes.

    Since I once worked at WTC2 (I left job 3 months before everything happened) and was around there breathing bad crap like everyone else in lower Manhattan, I remember DS death story clearly.

    Anyway, I started to get a hinky feeling that day because I knew 100% that Diana Ross was dead.
    I then thought about it further. I’m still pretty young but my bf is a bit older and likes mellow music.
    He put on some show a few weeks ago that had on Smokey Robinson. I commented to my boyfriend that Smokey group on near Diana and that it was sad she was gone.
    I don’t know if my bf even heard me (you know since our bf and dh can tune us out) but he didnt dispute what I said.

    I then started googlign Diana Ross death hoax to see if there was some big hoax a couple years ago and thats why I thought she was dead/

    Nothing came up.

    And it’s funny but I didnt even know that Diana Ross was a big smoker and drinker and went to rehab for it ..

    After this weirdness I started reading up on alternate timelines.
    I didnt even know what to call it, I just freaked out and randomly typing stuff like “I think I’m in a parellel universe, scared” and stuff.

    I also looked up stuff on hitting my forehead, but the information given was basically you’re fine from braind injuries like this or you develop swelling and die. No inbetweens.

    Late that night I was coming to bed and noticed my boyfriend’s phone’s message light blinking.

    It’s always an annoying light green.
    I went to cover it over, but saw the light was now bright deep blue.

    I tried to chalk it up to perhaps being a different feature he set it to.

    The next morning I casually asked him. He said no that it’s always green.

    Again, that seemed odd.

    That night we watched an adventure show on people exploring Stagelite Caves . I have always wanted to visit these since I was kid.
    They are a big deal to me because I wasn’t given parental permission for a school trip as a kid to visit them.

    Last year we took a 4 hour trip to go skiing
    It was a long drive and one of the only interesting things along the way were signs for various Stalagmite Caves.

    I was pining and whining to go see them when we went skiing and on return from skiing.
    But no dice. Boyfriend was completely uninterested because he just wanted to drive fast and not waste time.

    Anyway as we watched the show I asked him if he had ever visited Stalagmite caves .

    He furrowed his brow and looked at me and said ‘yes WE did visit them”

    I thought he must be talking about him and his family when he was a kid.

    I asked him how old he was. Again he looked at me shook his head a bit and said We visited them when I was 36 (last year he was 36)

    So he meant that he and I in his worldview visited them.

    Mind BLOWN.

    So now with these little incidents I have been stunne dto say the least …

    I have no way of logically explaining anything I have written here.

    And as a postscript. I was surprised to see that the boy who was crushed in Tiananmen Square apprently didn’t exist. That event was huge to me because I was little and it seemed so awful that another kid would have that happen.
    I recall my grandmother and others calming me down and recall my Mother talking about it for a long while.

    I can’t speak to them about it since my grandmother passed on and my Mother had a disabling stroke.

    Anyway I am glad there are people out there who have compelling stories.

    Some of them are of course complete rubbish, but a few stories intrigue me.


    1. If the theory of quantum immortality is true…You may have died from that swelling, and “shifted” into an alternate reality.

      Or you are receiving memories from it, or you are in flux between two realities.
      It’s hard to say.


    2. Hello “I don’t know why I am posting here.” I know why I wrote a long post on this site a few months ago – because my mind was blown at the thought of alternate histories, universes etc and I needed to share it with someone who wouldn’t look at me like I was crazy. Those are some wild experiences you’ve had. I wish I could say something that was comforting. I myself have gotten a lot of comfort from reading about “near death experiences” and the profound peace people have – I think that someday we will all have more answers to the confusion we experience here. I probably would be a complete skeptic of these things if I hadn’t experience the death of certain people who are currently alive – specifically preacher Billy Graham and actor Richard Chamberlain – watching a funeral for Mr. Graham and news stories for Mr. Chamberlain. Plus I had a vague sense that Mandela had died years early but no strong memories. With Billy Graham, I heard something about him on the radio – something he was currently doing and was dumbstruck. I was alone but said outloud “I KNOW he died.” It disturbed me so much I put it out of my mind for awhile – I kind of repressed that memory – of remembering that he had died. (Yep, sounds nuts, but I know what I know.) I’ve shared a few other alternative memories. Anyway, you are NOT alone and not nuts but it must be disturbing having these experiences. The author of this site always tries to look for rational explanations first – like for instance, your head injury could maybe, possibly affect some memories – wipe out the memory of your visit to the caves. But that wouldn’t explain everything. By the way, how are you feeling now? Any obvious residual effects from your injury? And some of those stories that sound like complete rubbish may not be rubbish to someone else – they may have alternate memories that are as real as yours are to you. Anyway, take care and be gentle with yourself!


      1. Hi julia, Maybe what we feel is relative or rather subjective,i ,for one can’t imagine what is so disturbing about mandela effect.Does it matter if somebody comes alive by whatever means,the word rational has become hackneyed and it suits people like james ost, not fiona.The world will go on its own sweet way even if Presley or monroe come alive.As much as i can imagine it’s the period of hey days that is relevant in a person’s life,and mostly it can be as long as 40 yrs(20 to 60)or say 50 but not more.There is a tale of count St. Germain who is always 45 and has lived for centuries and even if true he is one of handful of persons among billions to have such a life,maybe if we workout his secret this subject will become more worthwhile till then there should be nothing to get disturbed about,just take it as fun.


        1. Vivek, I think this is one of those times when text may not convey the message well.

          When I read Julia’s post, I nodded in agreement. Initially, this effect can be disorienting. To some, that’s disturbing until they realize they’re not alone, and many of us share the exact same “displaced” memories.

          I think it’s fine to feel unsettled, disturbed, or even shocked by the implications of the Mandela Effect. It’s different when it’s someone else, or a TV show, movie, or book. When your own memories are involved… that can take some time to accept. (And then there is the “Wow… when did this happen? How long have I been in another timestream?” question.)

          The initial step is to rule out “normal” or “rational” explanations that can return you to the security of a world where history and geography are consistent and match your personal memories. Many people find comfort in that.

          If that doesn’t work, I think many people (including me) go through a series of yes/no steps before accepting that the alternate memory is as valid as the more (apparently) mainstream one in the current timeline.

          I think Julia’s advice — to be gentle with yourself during this process — is a heartfelt, valid, and considerate one. When someone is traumatized — only briefly, I hope — and posts in a moment of absolute astonishment, I think Julia’s advice is excellent.

          We’re communicating here from different cultures, sometimes different languages, and perhaps the person has only recently arrived in this timestream. I’d like to avoid being critical of rhetoric, in favor of looking at what we share, including some alternate memories.

          Sincerely, Fiona


          1. Hi fiona, julia is a nice lady and so are you,i am not too bad either but clearly there are some who are too full of themselves and go on to repeat their diatribe in glp,and adding some unsavoury remarks about M.E to make a good measure.Now i know why i like movies like ‘crank’ starring jason statham.


            1. Vivek, I try to keep this a relatively open forum. When I don’t approve a comment, it’s because it’s extremely repetitive, or critical, or both, and contributes nothing helpful to the conversation.

              If a comment in those categories is new-ish or one that needs to be addressed, I’ll approve it and reply as a way of saying, “Okay, you probably have a point within your own context and among like-minded people who share your views. That’s fine, but this isn’t the forum for that kind of rhetoric.”

              Some people haven’t been happy about this website, and that’s fine. Some are intelligent people will well-grounded, conflicting opinions about the Mandela Effect.

              Some are coping with challenges in their lives, and need to be angry or snarky. They have my sympathy, but no place in the dialogue at this site. They’ll find other places to vent.

              A few have a very specific agenda that includes distracting people from the reality of this phenomenon. If my sources are correct, certain organizations exist to generate a smokescreen or a good amount of deliberate chaos in discussions, online and off. That line of logic often includes the idea that this is one of several topics being aggressively and covertly researched for the purpose of social control.

              I worked at MIT long enough to know that some surprising “new” concepts have been studied and tested since the 1960s and some far earlier. A few things still assumed to be “sci-fi” have been real and in use for decades. The public just doesn’t know about them, yet.

              For me, that’s neither here nor there (an amusing phrase in itself). My main reason for creating and maintaining this website is to let people know that their memories are not always faulty. In fact, some of their most confusing memories may have happened exactly as they remember them (or close to that), and others share those same memories.

              At its simplest, I want this website to assure people, “You’re not losing your mind. You simply remember a different — but very real — history from another timestream… and there’s nothing ‘wrong’ about that. This website demonstrates that you’re not alone. Go with the flow of the timestream where you are, now. You’re not ‘broken’. Eventually, science will explain this so it becomes an ‘everyone knows’ understanding of physics.”

              I’m very protective of this site and what a new visitor will read here. Other websites may have other objectives. That’s one of the great things about the web is the ability to create sites that offer contrasting opinions.

              I believe this community includes many wonderful people with fresh, helpful insights. I want to encourage that dialogue while being mindful of how fragile some people are, especially when they’re new to these concepts. That’s when they can be most fragile. I’d like to give them the space they need to come to terms with this reality, even when they’re clearly at a stage where they’re struggling to understand how this could be real. Their memories aren’t ‘wrong’, but others’ aren’t necessarily, either. All can exist in the multiverse.

              That’s my philosophy for this website, and a lofty goal I’m still working on. I don’t have all the answers. I probably don’t have more than a very small number of them, and most of my ideas start with “What if…?”

              I encourage those with alternate views — which may reflect different opinions, cultural backgrounds and colloquial use of English, or a recent arrival in this timestream — to share their thoughts, experiences, and insights here… but also at their own websites.

              When one of those websites is active and filled with wonderful insights, I visit it. When it’s not… well, my schedule is too full to add anything that doesn’t significantly contribute to what I’m working on, or result in a smile, or both.



      2. I remember Billy Graham passing away too. I’m now 27 years old, but I remember coming home and my mom saying she was recording his funeral on television. I remember watching parts of it.


    3. Yes, there is probably something going on with Diana Ross. I don’t remember her death, but I do remember her having a DUI and mugshot in the media, it was around the same time Dreamgirls came out, and I attributed to the stress of having to revisit this story that was clearly about the Supremes and having to answer questions about that. When I look the incident up, it happened in 2002 and Dreamgirls came out in 2006. I would have never noticed or noted some celebrity’s DUI in 2002 because I was too busy being a student, and I would not have attributed her relapse to Dreamgirls because it wasn’t being made yet. I also remember thinking that I didn’t like the public shaming aspect of it because I remembered when James Brown mugshot (2004) was released and I just think certain older people should get to keep their dignity until they’ve been convicted. So I basically remember a DUI happening about 4-5 years after it happened in this timeline.

      Also, has anyone experienced the ME with celebrity ages? I always just assumed the celebrity was lying to appear younger, but since death dates shift birth dates could shift just as easily. The most egregious change has been Beyonce, who went from being several years older than me to several years younger the last time I checked.


      1. I think I can relate to what you are saying with this. My moment at noticing this came sometime last month. It had to do with Britney Spears birth date. I had always remembered her being born in December of 1982. Reason for this was I had always remember her being younger than me. I was born in February of 1982 and I remember reading her bio last year and it saying 1982 for her birth year. But last month (May 2015 at this point.) I was reading her bio for some reason I don’t remember and it read as Dec 2 of 1981. I normally don’t forget birthdays, so this came as a surprise to me. I didn’t find my way to this site til this month, due to something mention on this page on another page. My mother and I do notice things of this nature off and on. Plus we are of the psychically gifted grouping of life. I’ve been dealing with it since I was wee little. But we don’t go out of way to make it a practice ether. But we do tell each other when things happen when the other is not around or is asleep. Mom said it’s a family thing too, so one of my kids are bound to deal with it too and she was right. My oldest is just starting his journey into this stuff. But we told him if he has any questions, just to ask us and we would do our best to explain it to him. But yeah, this stuff is quite amazing and so is this site. Oh by the way, does any one have the memory of the Colorado Theater Shooter killing himself after shooting the others. Cause I do, but at the same time I remember him being alive for his trial. This came to me last week while I was on Yahoo’s front page due to the trial of the same said guy being on it. I thought how odd, I thought he was died due to shooting himself. Because I also remember people being mad at his dad too. Does anyone remember this?

        Peace & Love, Daizy.


        1. Daisy, the same thing happened with me! I thought for years that Britney as born in December of 1982. I only just recently (within a year or so) learned she was born in 81. That date just doesn’t sit right with me. But I wonder if there might be something more dubious going on with stuff like that. Back in the old days, actors and actresses fibbed about their birthdates all the time (usually to make themselves younger) but it seems Britney’s family and Hollywood were prepping her to be a sex kitten superstar from an early age. Remember the Rolling Stone cover of her half clothed when she was like 17 and all the mixed reactions it got? Imagine if everyone knew that she was only 16! Also, the Aurora theater shooter didn’t kill himself, but the Sandy Hook shooter did. It’s possible you might be getting those guys confused.


          1. Nikki, actors still fib about their ages to seem younger. Since Brittney was a Disney kid, she may have “acquired” a younger age… born 1982 instead of 1981, at least for her early publicity. That would be fairly normal for a child star, and — given her personality — it seems equally reasonable that, as Brittney approached her 18th birthday, she’d demand to be recognized for her true age.

            Also, I’m not convinced anyone’s likely to confuse the Aurora shooter and the Sandy Hook one. Unless the person was very young or very distracted at the times those two tragedies occurred, the extreme differences aren’t easily overlooked.


            1. Fiona, if you have any info about celebs who are lying about their ages, please tell all! I love stuff like that! It seems like it would be a lot harder to get away with these days, but not impossible if you have the right people backing you. Daizy’s memory about James Holmes’ death may be a Mandela Effect for her, just not for me.. Mainly because I remember his wild-eyed mug shot all over the news, and a lot of my family and friends were talking about his hair being red, instead of green, and how sloppy and lame it looked since he was attempting to imitate The Joker.
              Oh, and there are still a few old (dating back to 98-99) websites listing Britney’s date of birth as Dec. 2nd 1982.


              1. Nikki, the celeb birthdate issue is fairly easy to expose if someone is a dedicated fan. Whether via the Wayback Machine or in older books in public libraries, one can find other years of birth for long-term celebrities. Focus on those who started as children or early teens.

                Also, I rarely approve comments that imply or insist “you must be confused” or “well, maybe you remember it that way, but I don’t” regarding alternate memories. I’m never sure why people bother posting that sort of thing, here. (Okay, I’m pretty sure they’ve never read my Terms: Comments page.)

                We already know that our memories don’t match this reality. Most of us have already explored — often, in depth — how we might have been confused, or where we might have received faulty data. So, unless it’s something widely and incorrectly reported (“Dewey Defeats Truman,” ref. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dewey_Defeats_Truman ), this site doesn’t try to untangle people’s faulty memories. Readers have already done their homework in that respect. I assume that’s Step 0 in the sequence, before commenting at this site.



            2. Hi Nikki and Fiona. I got goosebumps when you mention the Rolling Stones cover thing. I get what you ment with the whole Hollywood age thing and had thought of that too. Also I was aware of Adam Lanza and Sandy Hook when I made my posting. I am aware that the shooter of the Aurora Theater event had don’t killed himself, but I am saying I have memory of him doing so. A dual memory of sed event. But anywho, I am glad that one of these memories of mine match up with someone. Tho I will say this, I do share a lot of the memories on this site. But then again their are a lot I don’t. This phenomenon is not lost on me tho. It makes me wonder about me dreams, they are quite realistic feeling. Sometimes so real that I think I am awake when I am not. By the way this site is awesome, I even have a soundtrack that I am listening to while reading all the comments. It makes dealing with this a lot more easier.


  6. I just had a really weird experience recently.

    I was looking up the Columbine massacre and decided to check the date. Every resource I checked said it happened in 1999 but I clearly remember learning earlier on that it happened in 1996. Even my boyfriend remembers it happening in 1996.


    1. I’ve ALWAYS remembered writing about it in English class my Freshman year: 1997. And I remember talking to everyone about it that say in front of me. But little things like being into Marilyn Manson wouldn’t have held as much weight in 1997 as he was just breaking out. I always felt hazy about the freshman year thing but it was so vivid I thought I dreamed it. But I remember smells associated with it


  7. Awesome site, i had a very interesting time reading and still have many link to go through from here. Thanks to everyone who has commented.

    My Wife and me also remember New Zealand being NWof Australia, i still thought it was till i read this site and checked a world map, wrecked my head slightly haha. We was also certain that Australia was by itself .

    I’ve had some pretty strange things happen to me in the past, trying to explain them without sounding batshit crazy is impossible for me to do. Put it this way, it involves me talking to the TV and Radio lol.Not only that but text and other random sounds. I wont go into it as it’s not realy on topic (i dont think).

    I have had one experience that might be on topic though. It happened at the same time as all the other stuff was, so i didnt pay it that much attention when it happened as it kind of paled in comparison. My Grandad and me had never got on so much as the time i was going through that stuff, it was like he knew but we never talked about it but we would laugh at the same things that was happening on TV and stuff.

    I had never told my Granddad i love him and this one particular night i decided to text him a message telling him so. I sent “I love you” in a text message, the exact moment i sent this text i also got a text on my phone which read “I love you” from his phone number. Now my Granddad loved his mobile phones but didnt have a clue how to text and never had or ever did text anyone, ever.

    I remember checking i sent to his number and i did. Also if a message failed to send back then it would state so and it would take at least a minute or 2 to tell you so. The message was sent though and i like simultaneously received the same message back.

    I have never spoke to him about this and i never can now as he’s passed but what if he was me on the same timeline but older? I dont know but i know i cant explain how i got this message any other way.

    Booked marked this site and look forward to ready more people input on this subject, thanks for reading and may the truth be outed!


    1. A similar thing happened to me on 1st august ’13 at 7:01 pm,i had dialled my friend but the ring ended unanswered,within 2 or 3 seconds i received a message from him,’I am unable to answer the call right now,will call you later’.Obviously a template but neither mine nor his phone had this particular one,and in any case he didn’t send the message infact he did not even see the missed call till hours later.Maybe a glitch at the phone company’s end.


  8. I fully admit to being drunk and that being the probable reason for my experience, however one night whilst scanning through Netflix I put on a Bill Hicks show that I’d seen before, ‘Revelations’ and the material on it differed a great deal from the stuff that I knew from previous watches. I think it was more up-to-date and mentioned things like the second Gulf War, 9/11 and the Patriot Act. As I said, I put it down to being drunk, passed out and woke up with no memory of any of the content, just that I had found it strange at the time before passing it off as my stupid brain being tricked or remembering wrong. This website has made me consider that I could have been suffering from the same thing though I feel its quite unlikely. Nobody else seems to have had that specific ‘memory’ and we can probably pass it off as a drunken brain doing overtime if nobody else backs it up.


    1. It is possible it was real. But then again, it’s very hard to find people with matching memories in such cases.
      Humans often has very different interests, and you’d have to find someone interested in Bill Hicks and experiencing the Mandela Effect. For all we know, we’re tens of thousand, but there are billions of humans who experience nothing.

      You may have been the first.


  9. I remember 911 attacks happened in 2002 not in 2001. At the time I was in 5th grade studying at a different school, so I crearly remember that I arrived home from my new school and watched the plane crashing the World Trade Center on TV. We were even discussing it in the class in the next day with my 5th grade history teacher.
    So, few years later when I discovered that 911 happened in 2001 I was completely in shock, because I have very vivid memories that it happened in 2002.
    I also have very vivid memories of some famous people dying who are apparently alive now like Billy Graham and other celebrities from my native country. I have also memories of some product brands that changed, like for example NUTELLA, that I crearly remember that It was named NUTRELLA. I’ve searched on the internet and the brand never changed.

    I don’t know if it could an experience with parallel universes…All is very weird but I am fascinated by it.


    1. I vividly remember the 9/11 attacks happening in 2002, not 2001. I was in my third grade classroom, which i had never been to in 2001, when the news broke. I remember my third grade teacher composing herself after hearing about it. There is no way it happened in 2001 for me.


  10. Relatively minor, but I could swear I rode Disney’s Expedition Everest ride years before it was built, when I was little; I remember everything, from the ‘broken track’ to the roaring animatronic yeti; you can imagine my surprise, then, when they announced the ride in 05 or 06.


  11. Art Garfunkel dying vs. living through his testicular cancer.

    My da, my best friend, and I ALL remember him dying and there was a huge concert in central park headlined by Sheryl Crow in memorium with all proceeds going to Testicular cancer research. As in, we can all remember PRECISELY where we were when ti was announced. Several years later, he was in the news and when we looked on wiki, he’d BEATEN testicular cancer and headlined his own charity show in Central park. He then went on tour afterward…

    Recently my da and I had another slip (from where the Brewers baseball team ethnic sausage mascots didn’t exist to one where we apparently had family jokes about them) and the same night there was an internet hoax about whether Art Garfunkel was alive or dead.

    My da calls them them “dry erase lines” — like the lines around old writing on a dry erase board later written over with new markers that some people notice and some people don’t.


    1. What’s interesting about all of this is that Art Bell himself commented on this *himself* on his show back when Mandela was “still alive”, telling the audience he was surprised to hear this, that he swore that he recalled hearing that Mandela had died in prison.


    2. A Palimpsest.

      Fringe in Season 4 played with a similar concept. Things from another universe/timeline leaking in.


  12. This reminds me of a book that i very distinctly remember checking out at the library when i was in 7th or 8th grade, right after finals (we had to go to another town to take the tests because i was homeschooled)
    I was in a library, and I had to get a new card, then I checked out two books. One of them I later found online– called Five Shades of Dumb– but the other, which I’m fairly sure was called The Canterbury Lense- is absolutely nowhere to be found.
    It was a bit of a creepy, surreal book, but despite several months of frantic searching once I realized the disconnect in my memories I’ve found absolutely nothing. I remember the plot, basic summary of characters, various details, etc. But nothing.


    1. Ende, When you’re absolutely certain that no such book exists,what is imperative is, that you write the book,you’ve got title and plot besides this whole site to glean actual data of alternate realities.You can get it published as fiction,but this fiction will be truer than any factual documentry ever written.


      1. I remember about the sex and the city one I remember for years knowing the show as sex in the city I thought maybe since “and” and “in” sounding close that my mind might have tricked me but I don’t think so it feels too strongly as the truth anyone else remember that?


    2. Ende, I wrote a short story called The Canterbury Lens when I was in fourth grade for a school assignment . It was about traveling between universes. I was really proud of it until my teacher gave it a D- and said it was the stupidest story she had ever read. I ended up throwing it out because I was so ashamed but all these years i’ve wanted to rewrite it as a full novel. Maybe you got a hold of a copy of my future publication on accident! 😀


    3. I know that this comment was posted over a year ago and it’s ridiculous to reply now, but when I read your mention of “The Canterbury Lens” I immediately got chills. I, too, checked this book out at the library one summer ago. I read it and found it creepy and strange (if we read the same book, it was about a boy who is given a pair of purple glasses by a stranger in London and is transported to an alternate dimension – cue chills again – while wearing them). I was sure that if I googled the title I would find the novel, but nothing is there! I also looked up the book in my county’s library database and found nothing.

      I recently learned about the Mandela Effect through research on the Bernstein vs Bernstain debate (I remember the former) but am too young to have any association with most of the other memories. However with the mention of The Canterbury Lens I had an almost visceral reaction. I definitely read this book – I even remember the cover with its large purple glasses, and choosing to read it first of all the books I’d checked out because the others belonged to a series. It seems that both of us have shifted to a universe in which this book does not exist (which is, honestly, quite unsettling).


      1. Update: I read Thomas Keen’s comment about the book being called The Marbury Lens and now feel silly, because it definitely is the same cover and plot. However, there still could be a Mandela Effect related to the title, as The Canterbury Lens sounded absolutely right to me. But it could just be a mix up related to The Canterbury Tales, of course.


  13. Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part– the book was fiction, but it was about alternate realities.


    1. LOL, Ende. That’s awesome. Vivek – if Ende writes the book, might he not be guilty of plagiarizing an author from another reality? (I mean this tongue-in-cheek, sort of…)


      1. Julia, A thought experiment that i have devised is,if one gets a load of fake currency notes of say 10 $ denomination,which are so perfectly made that a cursory or keen observation authenticates as genuine,then that currency is more genuine than the genuine one because it will not cost more than 2/3 of face value.Having lived a long enough life i’ve learned that ‘ethics’ is the most abused word used by all including medical professionals,no wonder wolf larsen was shocked when humphry van weyden mentioned the word.


        1. Vivek, I’m trying to follow this. I can see the fake currency having more value (in terms of profit per produced currency note), but the “more genuine” concept eludes me. Help me to understand how this relates to the Mandela Effect.

          Also, I’m beginning to wonder if false (or at least conflicting) news stories are broadcast to reach just a portion of the population, for the confusion and chaos factors. While that concept takes this down a dark and perhaps paranoid path, if people could be convinced that — at least some of the time — what they believe is actually “wrong,” it’s easier to manipulate them. With the social proof of many others insisting the memory is false… well, this seems like a fine premise for a sci-fi novel. I’d rather not think it’s going on in real life, as an alternative explanation for the Mandela Effect.


          1. Hi fiona, The very eminent jack london told about the preferred word of his alter ego wolf larsen,in lieu of ‘ethics’ it is ‘expediency’.I hope you acknowledge that expediency is the mainstay of all endeavors including ‘mandela effect’.While ME is doing a nice job of collecting anecdotes,we can’t deny that expediency is the most intrinsic trait of all life,a pattern will sooner or later emerge to vindicate the mandela effect.


      2. My bad for getting back to this so late, I’d forgotten that I submitted this, ahah. I actually am an author, so the thought has crossed my mind a couple dozen times since my original realization. It’s just so bizarre how I can remember so many details about a book that supposedly doesn’t exist. I’ll keep searching, though, even if it’s just for the sake of my own peace of mind.
        But if it doesn’t turn up, who knows, maybe I really will write it and deeply apologize to the original author if I ever cross back into that time stream again (har har).

        Though it deals with some content that I’m not actually sure I’d be comfortable reproducing if the book really and truly does turn out to non exist. It was a disturbing little read, honestly. Which freaks me out all the more.


  14. I read the initial article and thought “Most of these have an explanation.” Like thinking that MLK was killed at close range with a handgun (RFK was killed shortly thereafter at close range with handgun, so it might be easy to conflate the two). In fact, with one exception, none of these glitches registered with me at all.

    The one that has me stunned is Louie Anderson. I CLEARLY remember his death. I cannot believe he’s alive.

    Perhaps the explanation is not parallel universes but rather that “life, the universe and everything” is a simulation. Whoever is running the simulation (aka G-d) can stop it, reset variables, and rerun it to better accomplish whatever goal is being attempted. And for some reason, some of us retain memories or vage impressions of earlier runs. Perhaps some of us are playing a massively complex,virtual reality game and are so lost in it we’ve forgotten who we really are. Or maybe that’s the point of the game, to become so immersed that it seems real. Or maybe glitches happen because the simulation /VR is buggy.

    There’s a whole Subreddit dedicated to this stuff (glitches in the matrix). Also, for a literary take on it, try “Replay” by Ken Grimwood or “Ash: A Secret History” by Mary Gentle. Or even “11/22/63” by Stephen King if you have a while. Filmwise, I suggest “The Butterfly Effect” or “Source Code.”

    BTW, I didn’t have time to read thos whole thread, so if I’ve repeated what others have already said, my apologies.


    1. I know that “the universe is a simulation” is one of the kookier hypothesis, but it’s one I’m leaning towards more and more. There are only a few different situations that I feel can explain the Mandela Effect, and I’ve considered them all, but there’s no way to prove or disprove them.

      One is that the universe is a simulation and these are some godly forms of glitches or alterations that programmers have made. We could also assume that the simulation has multiple layers, or multiverses, within it that are similar; like extremely complex game servers that we can shift between (whether it’s a “glitch”, a decision of our “higher consciousness”/the us playing the game, or a decision from “programmers”, etc. etc. etc.). We can’t know.

      Another is that there are infinite or nearly infinite multiverses that we shift between unwittingly. We may do this often and never notice because the changes are much more miniscule than these semi-major memories (a crack in the sidewalk disappears, a man from the 1700’s didn’t trim his moustache one week, a bottom feeding fish has a grey dot on its fin instead of a black dot, so on, so on). Or, we could be stuck firmly to the universe/timeline we belong to, and shifts are extremely rare. There are a number of paths I can take with this, but I don’t want to write an essay-length post.

      The last idea I can think of is that this is some sort of government conspiracy. I originally thought it would be used to sway public opinion (convincing people that the Chinese military had run down an unarmed citizen with a tank would be a pretty efficient propaganda tool), but so many of these things are insignificant. Why would a government body care and what would they gain if some people remembered a show as TAPS rather than Ghost Hunters? Then I saw Fiona’s post suggesting that it could be because injecting false memories into a portion of a population would make people doubt themselves and thus be easier to control. This still sounds really wonky to me, because I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who are completely unaware that they have false memories. I was unaware for god knows how long until I came across a link to this on sixpenceee’s blog. Wouldn’t that be a huge waste of effort? And this doesn’t make me doubt myself so much as question my beliefs. It definitely brings on an existential crisis, but nothing that makes me more susceptible to manipulation, at least not that I’m aware of (OOOOO! *wiggles fingers*). Maybe it’s some sort of massive psychological study? This is the idea that I find the easiest to accept, and yet the least believable.

      Anyway, I have no clue.


  15. There’s been several people whom both my wife and I remembered deaths having been reported, showing up alive years later. Kurt Vonnegut, Loretta Lynn, Roy Clark (country musician) come to mind.


  16. does anybody remember doris day’s son terry melcher dead way before 2004? Terrence P. “Terry” Melcher (February 8, 1942 – November 19, 2004)


    1. When I saw this post I googled doris days son, because I was curious what he looked like.The reason being that when I was a kid I loved everything about her. I watched her life story and was surprised to find out that she had a black child. The story goes that her husband left her because he thought she cheated, but it turned out that she was carrying black jeans and passed them on to her child. Anyways turns out her son is white, I looked all over and everything on the internet says she only had one kid. Has anyone else heard of this? Was it a rumor? It seems unlikely that it wouldn’t have been cleared up by then because it was the 90’s when I watched her life story.


      1. Hannah, it’s funny, I remember hearing that exact story (from my mother, who tends to be a prude and doesn’t generally repeat things like that) in about 1981, give or take a year. Only I’m positive it was about Dinah Shore, not Doris Day. But the only reference I can find (in my admittedly brief google search) is that Dinah Shore *adopted* her only son. Photos of him certainly make it look as if he passes for white, if indeed rumors of black genes are true. I have no idea where the story originated, though my mother watched a lot of daytime tv talk shows and read Family Circle and Reader’s Digest regularly, so it might have been from something like that.

        Other anomalous (or normal for this timeline?) memories I have are that it was ALWAYS spelled Berenstain–I remember vividly because I’ve always noticed irregular spellings of names and it was definitely not spelled the way you’d expect–various celebrities being dead and memorialized although they really died much later on (including Mandela–though I have no memory of funeral coverage, I do remember riots and such being attributed to the fact that he had died in prison,) and I have a vague memory of the space shuttle disaster happening when I was still in high school (I graduated in 1985.) Other things I’ve been reading here have triggered similar memories too, but I should have written them down, because I can’t get to those files in my head now.


  17. Today my friends told me about this ‘Mandela Effect’. I was intrigued, but also kinda scared. This afternoon I’ve had some strange experiences. When I was coming home from school I noticed that the trash truck was coming by. I thought this was weird because I distinctly remember it coming last Saturday. I asked my mom and she looked at me strangely and said that it hadn’t, and that it always came on Mondays, like today. Later I asked her to make me a smoothie, and she did. I noticed though that she was putting lemonade as the liquid in it. I always remember her using milk, and my little sister also said she remembered this also. My mother looked at us strangely.

    I decided to look into this effect more, and stumbled upon this website. I don’t know if I’m just making myself paranoid, but I still found my personnel events very strange and confusing.


  18. The first time I noticed this Effect was back in the 1950s, when my best friend came to high school and told us that it was announced on TV that the then-famous Mousketeer, Annette Funicello, had been killed in an accident. We were all shocked, but there was no follow-up news. He maintained all his life that he had seen that report on TV.

    Enough other such incidents happened to me and others that they were included in my (mostly) fictional e-novel, VALLEY OF THE SHAMAN, for Amazon.com (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

    These incidents are real, and can be upsetting. My novel gives my explanation.


  19. I remember the Anne Rice novel titled Interview With A Vampire, swore that was the title and the movie too. Was shocked that the title is Interview With THE Vampire. Movie and book.


    1. CeeCee – Okay, now that is weird. I have always thought it was “Interview with a Vampire.” I’ve never read that books because I’ve never been interested in vampires, but I worked in a bookstore from 1986 to 1988 and it was still a big seller, 10 years after it came out. (I didn’t realize it had come out in 1976 – I thought it was later, but that’s what I’m finding online.)

      Here’s something even weirder: Although Wikipedia and IMDB and other sites say, “Interview with THE Vampire” I just found an Anne Rice interview where she herself says this:

      Rice: I think it was always there. Take my first novel, Interview with a Vampire. The vampire goes through the whole novel asking, “Does anyone have any knowledge of God or the devil? Does anyone have any real knowledge? Are we children of God? Are we children of Satan?” This soul is just searching. Well, that was me. That was Anne just asking the same questions. It’s in a strange context, but it was definitely there.

      She was being interviewed by Christian Broadcasting Network because she has written some books about Jesus as well as a book called, “Called Out of Darkness, A Spiritual Confession.” So I thought maybe CBN just got it wrong in the text but I just listened to the first few minutes of the “Extended Anne Rice Interview” and just a few minutes in she herself says, “Interview with A Vampire.”

      So why is everything now listed as it being “Interview with THE vampire”? I hope you do a google check for the video and I hope you here what I just heard or I’ll be even more confused! LOL


  20. Most of the google links mention ‘a’ and askville.amazon has answers that mention ‘a’.Seems this one is a case of phonetics rather than anomaly,unless of course there is a diabolical agency at work.


    1. Hmm… I’m with Julia on this one. For authors, there’s a big difference between “a” (meaning one of many) and “the” (meaning a specific one). So, it’s unlikely Rice would get the title wrong in her interview. Also, I don’t think Anne Rice’s publicist would have let that slip by — at least at CBN — without correction.

      On the other hand, if Rice or her publisher changed the title after the book gained traction, that might be a reasonable explanation for an actual, non-anomalous change or error.


      1. When I listened to the interview a second time, I heard her Anne Rice say “the” instead of “uh” for “a.” But the text still reads “A.” So I don’t know. I’m doubting myself a little but I still remember it as “Interview with A Vampire.”

        Fiona is correct in that writers are very careful with their words. “A” and “The” have very different connotations. I’m not a writer – at least never published – but I was an English major and I’m careful about using just the word I want, except that I’m prone to making typos and weird errors – I think I have something like dyslexia sometimes.

        I don’t know if it’s significant but when I did a google search for “Interview with a Vampire” there were 64 million results and “only” 48 million when I entered “Interview with the Vampire” which to me says that more people remember it having an “a” than a “the” in the title. I also wondered if the titles of the book and movie could have been changed after their publications but that seems odd. And I can’t find a image of a book with “a” in the title.

        Just another thing to ponder!


        1. P.S. This kind of reminds me of the Mystery Science Theater 2000/3000 anomaly. I saw the show exactly once, while on a vacation, and it was very memorable because my friend and I were just slightly tipsy and laughed uproariously and I would swear to my dying day that the show was called Mystery Science Theater 2000.


          1. The Mystery Science Theater one is weird for me, too. This was popular when I was growing up, and I though the changing numbers was an in-joke — like one season it would be 2000, the next it would be 3000. Hard to believe it’s always been “3000.”


  21. Didnt tattoo Hervé Villechaize on fantasy island commit suicide by hanging? it now says he shot himself


  22. I am freakin tripping right now. I was watching this short video on youtube on parallel universes titled ‘Parallel Universes: Kirk Douglas back from the dead?’ – It listed 3 celebrities that basically died in the 90’s Kirk Douglas, Doris Day and Richard Chamberlain. The only one i really had memory of dieing in the 90’s was Chamberlain. I was a big fan of the TV show Dynasty, in which he played. It was a big thing cause he died of aids and i remember one of the actresses ‘Linda’ something that had love scenes with him…and it was a real big thing back then…finding out your onair romance was gay and died of aids. I didnt really remember the others dieing. Anyways, i decided to google richard chamberlain and it says, he is alive and he is 80 years old… how freaky is that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ca9H5bobcc


    1. Carli,

      Interesting. My mind is whirling now. As I recall, the big issue was Rock Hudson — one of the first celebrities to bring AIDS awareness to the forefront — who’d been in at least one romantic scenes with Linda Evans on Dynasty. (Ref. http://blogs.villagevoice.com/dailymusto/2011/10/linda_evans_tal.php ) That was in the 1980s on my own timeline (and apparently in that article, too).

      However, if there’s a parallel universe where Richard Chamberlain had a lot of the acting roles given to Rock Hudson… how very interesting! (And kind of eerie since Linda Evans said she dated Chamberlain, who — in my universe — was also gay. Always.)

      Frankly, I’m thinking of some old Rock Hudson movies with Doris Day, and they might have been far funnier if Richard Chamberlain had been cast in several of those roles. His humor was always more subtle. I like to think that — in another timestream — other people watched those movies and roared with laughter at Chamberlain’s deadpan reaction to ridiculous moments.

      This morning, the “fact” that baffled me is that James Franciscus ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Franciscus ) was not Richard Chamberlain’s brother in this timestream. I clearly recall them admitting to being brothers, and even seeing family photos with their parents and other relatives.

      In this research, I keep running into small double-takes when almost everything matches my memories… and then something doesn’t fit at all. It’s not a “misremembered” kind of thing, because it’s not a simple, single memory. They’re a collection of memories (like lots of tabloid articles about James Franciscus & Richard Chamberlain finally admitting they were brothers, though I can’t recall which one changed his surname to be different) that went on for years.

      Interesting stuff!

      Cheerfully, Fiona


      1. Hi Carli and Fiona,

        Carli – I’m glad someone else remembers the death of Richard Chamberlain. I mentioned on this website on my December 19th post that that was one of my clearer alternate memories. I remember watching the news on tv with my mom in the room (at my parents’ house) and specifically thinking how I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to Richard Chamberlain in his life but that I really ought to rent “The Thornbirds.” My mom doesn’t have any memory of seeing the broadcast.

        But there is something else strange about this. Other people remember him dying in the 90’s. I do remember him looking a lot younger, but I feel like this could have happened just a couple of years ago. I have lived 2 miles from my parents for the last 15 years (so since 1999 ) and I am at their house quite frequently, and this is NOT a distant memory but of course now, I can’t place in in time other than to say it doesn’t feel like the 90’s at all.

        When I experience an event like this that evidently didn’t happen in this timestream, it feels SO normal, so seemless and totally integrated into my day and life at the time. If I heard something on the news this morning about a famous person dying, I would be able to tell you the specifics this evening or tomorrow, I THINK, but later on, I can’t necessarily place it in time. (Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t.)

        Another odd thing that happened either earlier this year or last year happened after the death of Huell Howser. He died on January 7, 2013. I don’t know how well he is know outside California but he was a long time staple on public television. He had a show called “California’s Gold” where he traveled all around California and visited different sites, often places that weren’t well known, and talked about their significance – always VERY ENTHUSIASTICALLY. He was quite a character. Anyway, sometime after he died, I was watching television, again with my mother in their family room, and saw a show about his sister, a woman with gray hair. She was quite outgoing too and the show said she was going to take over in a way and start a show called “California’s Silver.” I thought it was sweet and clever. My mom doesn’t remember this. A friend who is a huge Huell Howser fan has no memory of this and there is absolutely nothing on-line that suggests that this was ever a plan. I did, however, find evidence that Huell was survived by a sister, but nothing more about her. So weird.

        In our daily lives, are we just seamlessly popping in and out of different realities, sometimes with our friends and relatives, sometimes without?


        1. I have a vague memory of this. I’m not from Cali and I have no clue who Huell Howser is, but I have a really vague memory of flipping through the channels and stopping on a show called California Silver. I didn’t really pay attention to it and kept scanning the channels for something to watch. But I distinctly remember an older lady, grey/silver hair. The only scene I remember was her wearing a pink t-shirt and jeans and talking lively about whatever. I haven’t seen it since but then again I wasn’t looking for it either.


      2. In addition to my other comments on Richard Chamberlain – I had never heard of James Franciscus, but they certainly resemble each other. In their bios, they’re listed as being born in different parts of the country to different parents, of course, since they evidently never admitted to being brothers in our timestream. But I wonder if they could actually NOT be brothers in some realities and be brothers in both, or were they lying in (at least) one and not lying in (at least) another?


    2. I remember being kind of surprised that Doris Day is alive, but it’s not because of having a memory of her dying. I don’t. But I think a lot of people assume she’s dead since many other actors and actresses from the era when she was active in Hollywood are dead, and because she lives a very private life nowadays out of the public eye.


  23. I just remembered a small moment in “WTF is happening with time.”

    I remember in either 2rd or 3th grade, a girl in my class was reading a book called Gingersnaps by Cathy Cassidy. I was interested in it and couldn’t find it in the library. When I asked her if I could just read the back cover, she acted really strange, like if I touched the book I would break space and time. She ended up leaving the book on her desk when she went to the bathroom and I grabbed it and read the back. When I got home I couldn’t find anything on it at all online.

    Fast forward to now, many years later, and I remember the book. I decided to google it. Of course I found the movie Ginger Snaps which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the book. However, I did find the book and I was shocked to learn that the book was published in 2008, a few years after I remember first seeing the book.

    I know it’s small but it really made me go WTF. Somehow the girl in my class got a hold of a book that wouldn’t be published for another 4 or 5 years. She said her dad was a truck driver. Interdimensional truck driver maybe?


    1. Have you ever tried contacting this girl via social media to see if she remembers any of it?


  24. I know what is happening here. were all dead. On our original reality computers were giant machines you saw only on television shows with flashing lights blinking and took the whole side wall of a building no one could have a computer in their own home. We all died in the 1990’s and we moved into this reality where everyone now has a cell phone. something we seen in get smart with maxwell smart. were dead and in Hell.


    1. Hi John – I think you’re only half serious, right? Or maybe completely tongue-in-cheek.

      At any rate, I don’t believe this is hell. There are aspects of existence that are hellish – in everyone’s life and worse for some people and other societies than others. But I don’t think “hell” would include the good things we enjoy – love, beauty, pleasure, friendship and most of all, hope. Yeah, sometimes are hopes are dashed, only to come back if we are lucky and/or resilient. I don’t understand this mystery at all but ever since I’ve been a small child, even though prone to some anxiety as a child and depression as an adult, I’ve always had hope and this sense of optimism that good and love will win out. As long as I have that, I’m not in hell.

      I’ve been reading one of Cynthia Sue Larson’s books. (She also has videos on youtube.) She is a quantum physicist and very interested in this alternate reality phenomenon but takes an optimistic spin on it. In her view, we are actually creating a lot of reality with our minds and have more free will and ability to change reality than we think we do.


  25. I looked up barbara streisand online and come to find its spelled barbra was it always spelled liked this or is this another mandela moment?


    1. For me it has always been spelled Barbra. My mom first had her albums when I was 7 or 8. Later I thought it was funny since her named contained the word “bra.”


      1. Julie, I grew up in that same timeline. One of Streisand’s first shows (and an album, too… I think) was “My Name Is Barbra.” Weird spelling. That’s why I remember it.

        However, I’ve met lots of people who are 100% certain the name used to be Barbara, and I believe them. Some are hard-core Streisand fans. They’re not likely to be wrong about anything related to Streisand.

        Cheerfully, Fiona


        1. Your Streisand fan friends aren’t actually wrong; within the confines of this timestream at least. Barbra Streisand was born Barbara. According to her wikipedia page, she changed it around 18 to make it more unique and memorable, as well as to rebel against her producers who wanted her to change the spelling of her last name.

          I don’t know if this explains any of your memories and for all I know, there’s a reality where she didn’t change her name. I certainly thought she spelled it Barbara until it was mentioned here, which is why I googled it in the first place. But I’m fairly young and never see her name written often enough to place it in my memory.


          1. Cecil, like you I’m quite young but I have a very early memory of her name being spelled “Barbara.” It must have been in the 90s. I was very little and I believe it was the first time I was learning the name “Barbara” so this sticks out to me. Guess I’m from the “Barbara” timeline 🙂


  26. About 20 yrs ago i read a 1968 novel(i had 1970 edition)”foreign exchange” by jimmy sangster.There is a night club singer Anne Ballard,what i remember reading is that a negative comparision is made with Meryl Streep and Barbara Streisand.I still have the book but now it says,Marilyn Monroe and Barbra Streisand.According to my memory Meryl Streep should have made her debut in ’61 instead of ’71 as the current timeline says,and Barbara instead of Barbra.


  27. I’ve just discovered about the mandela effect, and I’m genuinely creeped out. Usually, I don’t believe in this kind of stuff but this is different. I know that this is real because there’s proof.
    I’m not as old as most of you are, I’m only 18, so I don’t remember most of the things you all do. However, I do remember Shirley Temple dying long before earlier this year. I actually had a VHS tape when I was around 6-7, and it said that she died of cancer or something in the 80s/90s. I really liked her and she was a true idol to me, so when I saw that, I cried and was very sad for a few days afterward. I only discovered that Shirley Temple was indeed alive a couple months before she actually did.
    I discussed this with my mother earlier and she agreed; she also vaguely remembers it saying that she died.
    So, now, I’m wondering if all the thing’s I’ve learned is even true. I’m sure there has been more experiences like this before, but they aren’t as important. I think that once, I saw a movie before it was out about a year later. Not sure what movie it was, it was a while ago.


  28. I don’t know if this would count as part of the Mandela Effect but is something that has baffled me since it happened. In 1997 I was going to start high school in the fall and usually the 8th graders took a walking field trip to check out the high school, this was in March right before spring break. The high school is right by a main street where there are billboards and I clearly remember there being one for the movie Titanic. The release date for is was March 18.

    I used to be a Titanic buff around that time, and I thought it was really cool that there was a movie about it, I hadn’t even heard that one was being made. So anyway, my friends and I actually made plans to see it during the break, but for some reason we never actually went to see the movie and I never asked if they went to see it on their own.

    So about a month after I start high school, I see that billboard again, only this time there was a December date on it. I thought it was really weird so I mention it to my friends that it’s strange it would be re released in theaters. They gave me this weird look, like what was I talking about and they were very adamant that the movie had never been in theaters.

    Also, something happened recently which has left me rather confused. Just a few days ago I saw an ad on tv that the Harry Potter Wizarding World was opening this year. In my mind it has been opened for two years in the Los Angeles location (but that one isn’t due to open until 2016! WHAT?) But I have vivid memories of it opening here in Los Angeles in 2012 and being surprised at how fast the construction was from when they first announced the park plans. I also have memories of friends posting pictures of them with a visible Hogwarts Castle in the background and them wearing a sorting hat and carrying a wand. Including, one friend posting on facebook that she was coming in from Arizona. Of course now when I search for them, there’s nothing of the sort of their timeline. I also remember the local news covering opening day.

    The only thing I can think of is, if there is a ride or an attraction related to Harry Potter apart from the Wizarding World that I’m mixing up. But I’ve tried to search and nothing comes up. And I haven’t been to Universal Studios in years, but I’m now tempted to go just to check that out.


    1. I do know that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been open at the Orlando Universal Studios since at least 2011. I was there with the family that year and it was all the kids wanted to do. They all bought wands, drank butter beer, and I rode the upside down dragon themed roller coaster with my nephew.


      1. Veronica and NotElvis,

        The Orlando (FL, USA) “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” opened at Universal in 2010. Some people confuse that formal opening with later annual Harry Potter events at that theme park — usually around January or February — because some of the stars are there each year, pose for photos, sign autographs, etc., and it’s a big, wonderful celebration.

        Universal’s Los Angeles counterpart of the Orlando attractions was announced in 2012 but Universal didn’t begin construction right away, and that area won’t open until Spring 2016 (with a possible “soft launch” late in 2015 or early 2016).

        As far as I know — and this is confirmed by an “insider” source — no other theme park had the rights to Harry Potter properties before Universal acquired them.

        The only exception might be a similar attraction somewhere in Asia, where intellectual property rights aren’t treated the same as they are in the United States. However, my insider source doesn’t recall any negotiations that were necessary to deal with anything like that, back when Universal acquired theme park rights.

        So, unless Veronica had a rather bizarre mix-up of memories, she’s describing something consistent with the Mandela Effect.



  29. It’s even possible that many of the responses to this site have actually arrived at some other reality and got posted there.


  30. How can we test this effect if its based on human memory and not actual physical changes to existence?


  31. Not all aspects of ME deal with celebrities alive again,if i understand human nature T Mel means what profit or what theological correction can we accrue from this phenomena.As i have often stated that such anomalies occur in an extempore manner,still,the attitude rather than intent does repeatedly manifest miracles belonging to ME,like say you have drawn 400 dollars from the 500 dollars you had and you go for that last 100 dollars only to find that you still have 300 dollars left in your account,definitely not in the realms of memory alone but more in the multicultural realms of providence, and in our select realm of ME enthusiasts.


  32. I specifically remember the remake of the movie Carrie coming out prior to 2013. I had never seen the original, and my boyfriend wanted to watch both of them and compare (he’s a big horror movie buff). We decided to watch the remake first, and he got mad at me cause I kept saying what was gonna happen every two minutes before it happened, and how I would rather watch the original cause I haven’t seen that one yet and the remake I’d watched when it first came out 2 years before. He then told me the remake had only been out for a few months. But I remembered every single scene, every single character and actor, and even weird foreshadowing details that you only really catch the second time you watch a movie.


  33. So there are a ton of comments in this thread and I did not read them all, soI apologize if this one is already mentioned. In 2011 a band called FUN released a song called “We Are Young”.

    Sometime soon after, I was in the car with my family (2 daughters and husband), when this song came on. I had never heard this version before but I could have sworn that this was a remake of a pretty popular song from the mid to late 80’s. The chorus especially sounded familiar. My husband had no memory of it.

    After arriving home, I googled for at least an hour, vainly trying to find the original, to no avail. Does anyone else remember this song?

    On a separate note, I love what FUN did with it, it’s a great song. :p


    1. Julia, the only similar song I recall was “Love is a Battlefield,” by Pat Benatar. Lyrics include: “We are young, heartache to heartache we stand / No promises, no demands / Love is a battlefield / We are strong…”


      1. Oh yeah. I know “Love is a Battlefield”. Sang that with my girlfriends at a few sleepovers. 😀 I don’t think that’s it. I know I’ve heard “We are Young” before. Probably around the time of “Love is a Battlefield” was popular. These are very frustrating! :/


        1. I always thought it totally ripped off Thompson Twins “Hold Me Now” maybe that? Like Hendrix Little Wing and pearl jam’s Yellow Ledbetter


        2. Julia R., I’ve had the same experience with this song. I remember it very clearly, I was at work and We Are Young came on the radio station we had playing. The store I work at is so tiny that only one person works at a time, but the song happened to come on while the other associate and I were switching shifts.
          When the song had been on for a minute I asked my coworker “Do you know who sings this song? I haven’t heard it for years but I’ve always loved it.” (When I said “always” I really meant always. It was a song I had liked since I was a kid, so I had first heard it in the 90s but it sounded to me like an 80s song.) She gave me a strange look and said that the song had just been released and she knew that for a fact because she loved Fun. I asked her if she knew any similar songs because I was sure that I had heard it before, but she wasn’t aware of any.
          This had happened to me a lot in high school and I kind of forgot about it until it happened to me this day at work. Every time it happened someone told me that I was wrong so I assumed it was just very similar sounding to another song. But who knows, maybe it was something more complex?


          1. My girlfriend and I also have the same experience with this song. I’ve been reading these comments for the last 3-4 hours. This is the first one that hit home with me. The lyrics “tonight, we are young” in the chorus were absolutely from a song i heard in the 90s as a child. I was so ABSOLUTELY sure, that they used the same chorus, i never bothered to look up the original. Now, I can’t find anything.


            1. Matt H., I’m pretty sure you’ve ruled out “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar (I think someone did a cover of it, too), but that’s the only song that comes to mind with similar-ish (not exactly) lyrics. I’ll ask my husband, also a music enthusiast, but he’s not such a lyric fanatic as I am.


  34. When Toy Story first came out in cinemas I was very young, maybe six years old. I distinctly remember Woody and Buzz climbing into ‘The Claw’, then the rocket actually taking off, or some sort of drama based around the possibility of the rocket taking off.

    Then I watched it on video for the first time, can’t have been longer than a year later, and I was shocked to find something completely different happening during that scene.

    Since then I’ve tried to understand why I had this memory. I can’t have fallen asleep and dreamt it because the memory is too vivid, I even remember seeing the seats in front of the screen. Considering I was so young too, why would I still remember this? Especially when there are probably other more important memories from the same age which i now have no recollection of.


  35. Fiona: I just discovered your website and look forward to reading it in depth. I skimmed through the comments, and I may be able to help with two of them. I think that the reason people think Ghost Hunters was called TAPS, is because their group is called The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). I haven’t watched it recently, but I know that the word TAPS was shown in the opening credits montage, so that might be the reason for the confusion. As far as the death of Terry Melcher being a long time ago, that may be because he owned the house where Sharon Tate lived when she and her friends were killed by members of the Manson family. His name comes up a lot in coverage about the event, so it’s possible if you were young when that happened, you might have thought he died too.

    I think I may have had some experiences which qualify for the Mandela Effect, so I’m interested in learning more!


    1. Sandy, thanks!

      If you go to my article about the TAPS/Ghost Hunters issue (at this website), you’ll see far more information there and in the comments that followed it.

      The Terry Melcher issue is fascinating. I didn’t know he owned the house where Sharon Tate and friends were so brutally murdered.




  36. I would like to say that I VERY CLEARLY remember “Berenstain Bears” being Berenstein Bears. I very specifically remember it being pronounced “STEIN” on the show.

    I also remember seeing clips and the famous sound bite “I’ve had it with these mother f**king snakes on this mother f**king plane” form the film “Snakes on a Plane (staring Samuel L. Jackson) about 3 or 4 years before it was released in theaters on a website called YTMND dot com (It is not impossible that the movie was filmed long before released but I personally feel this is a time line merging event for many reasons.)



  37. In the documentary about the 1969 Woodstock festival, they’re interviewing a girl (I think she was helping distribute food) and she says her mother was worried about her being there, worried “that it would be another Altamont.”

    Clearly a reference to the festival at the Altamont Speedway that turned violent thanks to some Hells Angels (check out the movie Gimme Shelter)

    Here’s the time glitch: Woodstock was in Aug 1969, Altamont was not until December 1969 -she was talking about something that hadn’t happened yet!

    I haven’t read all the comments, sorry if someone else already pointed this one out.


    1. I think this is a fantastic and significant find. Thanks so much for posting this. Do you have a time-stamp for the comment in the documentary? I’d like to view that part.

      I think this means that on this timeline, we have filmed proof that there was a woman in August 1969, who had memories of an event that didn’t happen until December 1969.

      It would be very interesting to ask her now, in 2014, if she remembers Altamont being before or after Woodstock.


  38. Kudos on such a fascinating website, Fiona!

    Thus far, several topics have struck chords of resonance with me, particularly the translocation of New Zealand in relation to Australia. From my long ago school days, I recall N.Z. being southwest of Australia, and for that matter, the Land Down Under being much farther south than being shown on current maps. It was a large land mass in the ocean with a discernible distance from any other islands or land. The islands shown north of it now were much, much farther north. While I may posit this discrepancy to the dual facts that I am neither a geography expert and school lessons with a globe occurred many decades ago, I can’t account for the more recent displacement of Sri Lanka.

    As recently as December 2005 (as my existing timeline goes) when the tsunami struck, killing a quarter million persons, the news coverage and maps of the time showed it located slightly southwest off the tip of India. The placement at that time correlated with my memory from much earlier years when Authur C. Clarke hosted a television show about mysterious phenomena. Since that topic always fascinated me and he wore a sarong on one episode, I looked up Sri Lanka to see where the country was that a man could freely and comfortably wear ‘a dress’. Now I find the former Ceylon has moved as well. It certainly puts a whole new meaning to the term ‘island hopping’ .

    As a paranormal investigator myself watching shows dealing with the subject was tantamount to doing homework, so I can unequivocally say when the show now known as Ghost Hunters first aired it was called T.A.P.S.

    While my children were small my mother & I purchased the entire Berenstein Bears library collection. At no time have I ever known them to be anything other than that, however I will confirm this for my own peace of mind by digging them out of storage.

    However, I do not share in some of the most frequently mentioned time slips your other readers have contributed. Nelson Mandela, Richard Chamberlain, David Soul, the Chinese ‘tank boy’ are all alive and well, as is the Rev. Billy Graham (who lives in a state adjacent to mine), although he was hospitalized just recently for pneumonia. His medical condition was given local news coverage for several days.

    I’ve read the numerous theories suggested that might account for these anomalous incidents, and while I can’t subscribe to some, neither can I discount any. I strive to keep an open mind. As I was reading the comments and considering my contribution, I was struck by this thought. While there seems to be no concrete method to test this phenomenon since each incident is subjective to an individual perspective, have you ever considered taking a sampling from your most frequent readers and comparing their experiences? Do those that share similiar timeline memories have other shared experiences? I’ve seen a few mentions of near death experiences which leads me to be curious as to whether there may be other correlations. Do the ones who share similiar memories have more than one or two memories in common? Is there a any similarity in the time frames when these phenomena occurred? If so, pinpointing a time could be the first tiny step toward discovering much larger answers. Looking at the when, where, and what may lead to uncovering the why.

    I apologize for being so verbose on an initial post, but having found your site via a source link on another, and after reading, I simply was compelled to comment & contribute my meager little bit. I will bookmark this as it is not only an interesting topic, but I feel it will prove to be an invaluable resource in my paranormal research. Keep up the excellent work and moderating!


    1. LadyJEMS – First I have to say I like your handle – JEM are actually my initials. Anyway, I like the idea of a sampling of frequent readers – not sure how big a sampling. It could be quite complex or somewhat simple, but it depends on Fiona’s time and inclination in this area. I would think maybe 10 – 15 of the most frequent incidents that are remembered alternately could be included, with the current info being listed, and then the question – do you have a different memory of this event – Yes or No – and then possibly space for listing the alternate memory. Also, she could ask age, place of birth, gender and current residence. I’m definitely participate if you ever want to do this Fiona.

      LadyJEMS – of all the alternate memories, the locations of Australia and New Zealand are the strangest to me for some reason. (Not that someone dying twice isn’t strange. ) 🙂 Anyway, I have read several boards where people talk about Australia and NZ and it seems most people remember NZ to the northeast. But I’m with you in remembering it to the west, and possibly south. I don’t count myself an expert on geography in any sense of the word, so I don’t trust myself in this. However, there are two weird things that happened in relation to this. I have owned a globe for about 15 years. At sometime in the past, I was looking up Australia and NZ and realized that I rarely give NZ much thought. When I would think about it, it would seem rather “exotic” to me, even though I know English is spoken there. However, I reasoned to myself that it must seem “exotic” because it is FURTHER away from my home in California. I thought “Australia is way southwest – being in the southern hemisphere, across the Pacific, but NZ is even farther west – maybe that’s why I don’t think of it as often, besides it being smaller.” Anyway, I often remember words/thoughts more than straight facts if that makes sense, and that was my impression. Then one evening before this past December, when I discovered this site, I happen to look at that part of the globe and just got the chills because it looked wrong to me – and I especially didn’t remember NZ being where it was. Soon after I heard about the Mandela effect and that others had a number of similar alternate memories. If I remember right, Fiona also remembers NZ being to the west of Australia. (I like many others also didn’t remember Australia being anywhere near that close to Indonesia. I thought it was called “down under” for its remoteness. So very strange…


  39. Some times i wonder whether the soda-pop-slop guzzling is more harmful or the proletarian intake of cheap corn whiskey in early 20th century America.What ever the reason Mandela Effect is catching on as a trendy new age mantra for instant salvation or rather overwriting a sordid past without going for penance.All the possibilites exist in this quantum carnival where, you live only twice, once a privilege for Ian Fleming’s james bond.


  40. This site is very interesting to say the least . back in 77/78 winter
    In upstate NY a friend and I rode snowmobiles to a area we hunted regular
    And ran in to a very old abandoned house no sorts window ext.
    We stopped machines went in the front and out the back there were
    Our machines we could see our footprints coming out the back no others
    Scared the bejesus out of and we split in the spring with two more buddy’s who hunts
    This area a lot as did we .we were going to show them the haunted house
    We all searched through the next six month until we graduated we never found that
    House again


  41. James Earl Jones died in 2003/2004. Yet, he is alive and well to this day. I remember wondering what CNN would do without his signature voiceovers.


    1. I also remember James Earl Jones dying in the early 2000s. We read Roots when I was in High School, and I remember them rebroadcasting the mini series as part of commemoration of his body of work. I remember because it was the first time I watched the whole series, and I watched it at my now ex in-laws house.

      I just Googled him, and he is alive. He also looks younger and thinner than I remember him being when he “died” 10-ish years ago…


  42. It’s taken me all day but I finally have reached the bottom. I have a couple of things I want to add. One, I distinctly remember Mandela dying in prison in the late 1980’s and the riots that ensued. I remember the tank person in Tienanmen Square being refereed to as a student. I didn’t specifically watch the video, everyone said it was too disgusting and gruesome. I believed them, so I don’t have detailed memories on that. I do remember people saying the Chinese Government were monsters to run one of their people over with a tank and the shooting was a disgusting act, all because they wanted freedom.

    When I heard of Mandela’s passing last year the wife and I were both puzzled as we both remember him dying in prison in the 80’s (we don’t remember specific year, just late 80’s).

    I specifically remember Berenstein Bears, not Berenstain Bears. My wife didn’t remember, but I did, I liked them a lot.

    Before I had heard of the Mandela Effect, I wrote these off as memory mismanagement. I really can see the superimposing of stein over stain, I was probably 4,5,6 or so when I was reading those books so it wasn’t something I was worried about.

    Like many my first thoughts were Google and getting the old books out. But, as I was searching, I realized that if this reality always had it as stain, it was a futile effort because it always was this way in this time line that I am currently in.

    I had also thought about time travel and the butterfly affect or chaos affect, but rationalized that my memory can only contain the memories of the time line I have been in, unless I was the one that did the time traveling. Basically its the old, well if someone did time travel, then it happened, it cannot alter history, because it did and will happen.

    My wife doesn’t like it when I think of things differently then others, unless I come to the conclusion that I was wrong and that normal things are normal. I do have a very open mind and am open to many of the “crazy” ideas. Such as alternative universes, parallel universes where every possible scenario happens, including us not existing, or in one I decide to shave or not vs another day. The God scenario, Gods Scenario, Programmers, Holodeck (thanks Star Trek :P), this being a 4D social experiment, etc, etc.

    I want to thank you Fiona for putting this here for me and others to come across, it really does make me feel better about myself.

    Oh, about Australia, I had always been under the impression that it was way off by itself with a small island of Tasmania close by. I don’t have any distinct memories of New Zealand being somewhere different, I am surprised at how large it is though.

    I think that’s about it. I hope you have a great day!


  43. Fiona, have you ever heard of the intrigue surrounding the dialog,

    “But what does it do?”

    “That’s the beauty of it – it doesn’t -do- anything!”

    Lots of people claim to remember this dialog, but nobody has ever identified where it came from. Since the idea of it became popular online a decade ago, I’m sure it’s worked its way into something somewhere, but people were searching for the origin of this dialog before it was ever in anything, as far as anyone can tell.

    Lots of people identify it as being from Prof. Farnsworth from Futurama, that’s where I thought I’d ‘heard’ it when I was first exposed to the mystery.


    1. Vanished Film,
      I came across your comment and I cannot believe that this has come up. My sister and I used to quote this very often, although we would only quote “it doesn’t -do- anything” rather than the entire quote. (But the rest of the quote sounds just as eerily familiar). For as long as we quoted it we had no clue where we picked it up from. We even discussed trying to find out what it was from multiple times. Suddenly we both just stopped using the quote, and it had managed to completely disappear from our minds until I read this. Something that is now sticking out to me is that I was able to know, and recognize the quote with the correct inflection. It’s odd considering how difficult it is to convey inflections over text. This is truly blowing my mind, as well as my sister’s. I hope we are able to find the origin someday.


      1. I’ll just echo that this line sounds very familiar to me, too. I can hear the delivery in my head.


    2. I know this thread is over a year old, but the line is definitely in the Phineas and Ferb episode, “Toy to the World”. The episode aired on February 22, 2008 in the US.


  44. I just skimmed an article about Dick Cavett talking about someone who died on one of his talk shows. Dick Cavett is evidently 77, but I really thought he had died several years ago. No specific memories though, so this may not be a “mandela effect” event.


  45. Fiona, thank you so much for having a safe place where people can come forward with their perceived memories. I say perceived because of course there will always be someone who says “it has always been this way”…or “you are remembering it wrong”…or my favorite “that is crazy”.

    What initially caught my attention was the Berenstein Bears…in my memory it has always been Stein. I have an excellent memory to the point I have accurately described events that occurred in our home that happened when I was a month old. My Mother was shocked at how accurate my description of the first day in our families first house was. I taught myself to read before I went to school, I remember and it is confirmed by my Mother that I read the instructions for making pancakes and I was only 4years old. I also taught myself Spanish, French and Japanese. By 5th grade I had read every book in my schools library, they even gave me an award and $50 which was alot of money back in 1980. My point is, my memory is flawless…it was always Berenstein and now it is Berenstain. My 20 year old daughter, who had ever Bear book was just as creeped out when I showed her this, she said “no Mom it was always Berenstein”. I joked that at least we came from the same reality together, so I took great comfort in that.

    While reading through the comments I came across several that resonated with me as I have a clearly different memory that the current consensus.
    -Mandela died in prison in the early 80s
    -Space Challenger disaster occurred in 1984, we were watching it in class so i know exactly where/when I was.
    -Billy Graham died a few years ago
    -Richard Chamberlain died of Aids in the late 80s and Linda Evans was worried she may have been exposed during love scenes.
    -Owen Wilson committed suicide iver some actress about early 00s
    -Honduras was an island
    -Australia was further South, by itself and not close to Papua New Guinea at all. New Zealand was further NorthEast of Australia. The pointy part of Australia currently showing near the Great Barrier reef did not exist, it was more of a rounded off coastline. (This really shocked me but I chalked it up to accurrate satellite imaging vs older plastic inaccurrate world globes.)
    -The movie I saw was The Candidate not The Campaign
    -This last one is the real shocking moment for me, I just recently was watching a tv documentary on Adolf Hitlers attempt to manifacture atomic weapons. They showed a close up color image of him talking to the camera….and his eyes were BLUE! BLUE as the bluest clearest sky! Omg, I nearly passed out as if all the air had been sucked out of the room. Being an avid reader, my memory was 100% clear that I had read Hitler had a complex about his brown eyes because they did not fit his ideal of the Aryan race. Every picture I had ever seen, every color motion video of him and every rendering of him showed brown eyes! Until today, today they are now blue, and not just blue a vivid blue!

    I have had several NDE, what is going on? I just want the truth like everyone else. (Sorry so long)


    1. I share some of your alternate memories, which I’ve already written about here. About Hitler having brown eyes, I’ve seen my share of Holocaust movies and also thought he had brown eyes, but I’m not sure if this is an alternate memory, or just a myth most of us were taught to believe in the past. Googling “Hitler brown eyes” brought up many instances of people believing the same thing.

      A yahoo question reads from seven years ago reads, “If Hitler had black hair and brown eyes why was he trying to make a master race with blond hair and blue eyes?” 38 people felt compelled to answer and not one person said “You idiot – he had blue eyes” or even something more polite. Everyone accepted that he had brown eyes. I’d like to hear from anyone who had always heard he had blue eyes, especially if they are at least middle-aged.


    2. The Hitler thing has a simple explanation. There are very few color photos of him and if you simply google his name you will see that most colorized pictures put his eyes as brown. I had to change the search to “hitler eye color” to get pictures of him with blue eyes.

      So you are remembering brown because so many photos that are colorized show him with brown.


      1. Aaron, I wish it were that simple. And yes, it appears as if — in the current timestream — Adolf Hitler had blue eyes. (Ref. http://rarehistoricalphotos.com/rare-color-photo-adolf-hitler-shows-true-eye-color-date-unknown/ )

        However, in school, I recall being taught that he had brown eyes. The history teacher who talked about that was fanatical about getting details right, and — if she was wrong about Hitler’s eye color — that would be the only time I can recall her focusing (no pun intended) on something like eye color, but getting it wrong.

        In fact, one of her points was about cultic leaders: their teachings don’t always align with their own lives. One of her examples was Hitler’s apparent obsession with genetic-related coloring, and his preference for blue eyes, and his well-known phobia about his own brown eye color. She insisted that his eyes were brown. So did some immigrant German grandparents of children I went to school with, and many of them had good reason to be correct about it.

        I’ve had a strong disdain for Hitler, so — until today — I’d never studied photos of him. I was genuinely amazed to find that article, which suggests his eyes were actually blue.

        I don’t think this is a simple issue of badly colorized photos. I’m not entirely sure it’s Mandela Effect evidence, but it’s certainly odd.



        1. I was taught and remember the same re: Hitler’s brown eyes and remember thinking how odd it was that he had aryan beliefs.


          1. Jessica, lately I’m more inclined to believe that Hitler’s photos were colorized with brown eyes (not the blue that has significant anecdotal evidence) as a jab at him, and — unaware of the prank — teachers and historians assumed his eyes really were brown.


        2. Excellent points, Fiona. Furthermore, contrary to what Aaron says, a black-and-white photo does not turn blue eyes brown. Ask anyone with blue eyes. There are plenty of B&W photos of Hitler from this timestream that show that show his eyes to be a light blue in this timestream whilist I am certain that they were always a dark brown for ME. Not any easy thing to mix up, B&W or not. Not to mention the traditional arguements for the irony concerning his Aryan ideology always given in the brown-eye-timeline.


        3. Fiona , late to the conversation. But I was always taught that Hitlers eyes were brown, and without fail every instructor always said his eye color obviously was in contrast to his beliefs. Blue eyed ,blonde haired Aryan race. I am not sure, but for whatever reason their seems to be an attempt by someone/thing to re-write our history. As an aside, take a look at pictures of Mussolini on the Internet. That is not the man I was taught about through school and college. Mike H.


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