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  1. Gordon Ramsay USED to be Spelled Ramsey and he a world renown FAMOUS as hell chef I cant be the only one to notice this… lol but maybe I AM the first who knows lol


    1. Bob Edge, when I search at Google for “Gordon Ramsey,” I can’t find any reference that’s intended as chef Gordon Ramsay. So, I think you’re the first.


  2. I don’t know where to put this, so I’ll put it here. I think the restrooms at a local WalMart have switched places. I stopped in there to use the bathroom a few days ago and got confused momentarily. The men’s room used to be on the right and the ladies’ on the left, now they are reversed. At first, I assumed I had merely confused them with another store’s restroom setup; however, as I was washing my hands, a man walked into the ladies’ room, looked baffled and embarrassed, and quickly left. So it seems I’m not the only one who is confused. Wish I’d thought to ask the guy if he remembered a different bathroom layout–or if we’re just two people who happened to get two different stores mixed up at the same time.


  3. In the vein of looking for new MEs. I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this one yet, but found an ME in the movie Knights of Badassdom (2013). It is a fringe movie, so I’m not sure how many people saw it, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

    To set the context, the part of the movie where the ME shows up is on the battlefield of a Live Action Roleplaying game. There were two specific numbered “bonuses” in the dialog. The first was a reference to a +4 mace by Peter Dinklage’s character. Then later in the movie a character comments on bonus of Summer Glau’s backside being “+4”. I remember thinking, why would they use the same bonus both times? Being a roleplaying game player when I was younger, it really bothered me. Also Summer Glau’s character commented and said that she thought that was a low bonus, which seemed very arrogant, given how high of a bonus +4 is in RPGs. My wife and I had a conversation about it, so it wasn’t merely a mental dialog.

    Fast forward, six months later, and I re-watch the same exact DVD of the movie and the bonus numbers in the dialog changed! The first +4 mace stayed the same, but Summer’s backside was given a “+3”.


    1. Interesting note, Adam, but — starting the first of January — comments like this won’t be approved. I need data points: when (date/s) you recalled the name as something different, where (geographic location/s) you saw the plural, and so on.


    2. Adam,
      When I read your post about Hillshire Farms being singular, I also thought I remembered it as being plural .. So I did a little investigating and did find a couple of references to Hillshire Farms….

      but then I found this ad for Hickory Farms and wondered if you might have gotten the two confused? … After seeing this I realized that’s why I thought Hillshire Farm used to be Farms.


      1. Kathy, I don’t ordinarily approve “just confused” comments, but your explanation helped me resolve my own uncertainty about the Hillshire Farm issue.

        (I thought I’d remembered it as “Farms,” but I wasn’t sure. Something about that didn’t seem right. I kept going back to “Pepperidge Farm” and “Garelick Farms” as possible reference points, but still couldn’t resolve my indecision.)

        Of course, the brand might be “Hillshire Farms” in another reality. At this website, that’s a given.

        Thanks for your research, Kathy. That’s exactly what I’m looking for in all comments.


        1. Fiona,
          Thanks for allowing my reply to be posted … I don’t like the you’re “just confused” comments either but I do believe that in some cases that is what’s happening.

          With that said, I was confused about the line in Jaws changing from “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” to “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”… I thought I remembered “we’re” but then after watching the movie again decided that I was wrong and that the line was “you’re” all along because the Chief was speaking to Quint, the owner of the boat… Then two nights ago I was watching a movie on ELREY where they show a lot of movies from the 60’s and 70’s .. At every commercial break they showed ORIGINAL MOVIE TRAILERS for several different movies that were to be aired on their station … JAWS was one of them that they showed repeatedly, so I got to hear the line “WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT” several times!!!… My first thought was that the line in the movie has somehow been changed but was missed in the original trailer!! … To me it was better than finding a memory residue, where we can still find evidence for the things we remember, despite the changes… But regardless of these and many other things changing, what can’t be changed is the collective conscience memories of millions of people.


  4. Hello everyone, this was recently reported from reddit, and I want to inform you all.
    C – 3PO, for Star Wars fans, do you all remember if he had A SILVER LEG???
    I never noticed this until now, and it’s pretty weird.

    I hope you all can confirm if this is an ME
    ~ Melves


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