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Copyright law and content at the Mandela Effect website


During 2020, I’ll be licensing some (not all) articles for people to repost, so more people learn about the Mandela Effect.

If an article at this website includes a CC BY-NC-ND license,  you can download that article (but only that one article) and share it with others. However, you must credit me as the author (as Fiona Broome), and you can’t change my articles in any way or use them commercially.

But, that license applies only to the articles with that license, not to the related comments.

No comments will be licensed for use by others, and – throughout 2020 – I’m removing surnames and any other personally identifying content from the more than 10,000 comments at this website. (That information is also removed before my books are published.) That’s to protect commenters’ privacy.

Also, to make it easier to spread the word about the Mandela Effect and its origins, I’m adding some articles at sites like You can copy-and-paste those articles into your own website/s. (See eZineArticles’ terms of use, of course.)

For example, here’s one of my original articles, updated, from the earliest days of Mandela Effect discussions:

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