The following are among the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at this website, with brief answers to resolve those questions.

1. What is the Mandela Effect?

It refers to apparently real, alternate memories that don’t match the documented history in this reality.

2. What causes the Mandela Effect?

I haven’t a clue. So far, most people seem to think it’s either a “slide” to an alternate reality, or we’re in a holodeck that’s experiencing a few glitches.

Right now, it’s all speculation. Many of the best answers from this community are in comments at the Theories page. (Yes, I need to find time to reorganize them for easier browsing.)

3. Why are some comments out of order?

Currently, this site uses WordPress.com’s software. It’s not as tidy as this site’s previous hosting. But even then, the software sometimes lost track of which reply belonged with which comment. And, frequently, people forgot to hit “reply” and just posted a new comment. When that happened, the comment was added at the end of the list on that page.

4. Why don’t you use a forum or a message board?

This was never intended as a social site, though – for a while – it may have looked like one. My goal is to present fresh ideas, insights, and news related to Mandela Effect topics. Social media is better designed for focused threads and casual conversations. I’m sure you’ll find sites discussing the Mandela Effect. (But, watch out for trolls. They’ve brought down several Reddit-type Mandela Effect communities.)

5. Why can’t I add a comment?

Around the middle of April 2016, I closed the site to new comments.  This began as a “what if…?” site and has been a hobby site. I manually moderated all comments, due to increasing troll activity, and – by late 2015 – that task involved five to six hours per day. I began to suspect that another agenda was involved, perhaps something related to a socio-political goal, or… well, I’m still not sure, but some comment trends left me feeling uneasy.

So, with few exceptions, I closed all posts to comments. From time to time, some are open to comments, but – as of late 2018 – that’s very rare.

6. What are “markers”?

Short answer: At the moment, we’re using the term broadly. Markers seem to be indications of a reality shift. Other than that, we’re not sure. They could be deliberate signs (sometimes, literally) that indicate access points or portals to other realities. They could be coded messages. Or, they could be coincidental to anomalies like alternate memories and unexplained phenomena.

There seems to be a pattern to markers. They may or may not relate to the Mandela Effect. So far, that’s all anyone seems to know.