April 2016 – The Tipping Point

I wrote the following article in November 2016, to explain why I’d closed comments at this website.

(TL;DR – Traffic, comments, trolls… everything at this website exploded in April 2016. After that, moderating the site became almost impossible.)

At the time, I was not aware that there had been a glitch in the Large Hadron Collector… reported in April 2016.

Now, in April 2020, I’m re-reading my 2016 post. The dates are almost chillingly coincidental. I’m not sure what to think about this.

Here’s that post.

Early in 2016, I deliberately stepped back from this website.

2016 Mandela Effect Tipping PointPart of it was the crazy workload. Moderating comments required five to six hours per day, seven days a week. That’s too much.

In addition, around April 2016, I was more-or-less asked to stop discussing the Mandela Effect topic.

The general message was: my articles & conversations might be influencing the outcome of experiments that were at a critical point.

Even if those contacting me seemed official/credible, those requests sounded… odd. Illogical.

To be honest, I’m still skeptical of that request.

Then & now, I felt that the genie was already out of the bottle. Reddit and other forums were running wild with Mandela Effect speculation. The toothpaste isn’t going back into that tube.

Trying to silence any topic on the Internet…? I’m not sure if that’s hilariously funny or utterly sad.

(Btw, I’m not at Reddit. Or any forums. Also, I’m not on TV, and haven’t participated in documentaries or films.)

But, as I’ve said, moderating had become onerous. I didn’t need a lot of convincing to close comments, and start stepping away from this topic altogether.

All I know is: Around April 2016, the “tipping point” was achieved.

And now, it’s official. As of late November 2016, from mainstream media to tabloids, the concept is exploding.

Apparently, there are other realities. And, if scientists are correct, those other realities are interacting with us. (Or, we’re interacting with them… same result.)


Express: There ARE parallel universes: Physicists state multiverses are INTERACTING

Forbes: Is There Another ‘You’ Out There In A Parallel Universe?

The West Australian: Time travel possible with multiverses interacting with one another, scientists theorise

AOL News: Scientists say time travel is possible

The Inquisitr: Parallel Universes Are Real And They Are Interacting With Our Universe, Scientists Say

The Sun: QUANTUM LEAPS – Time travellers could use parallel dimensions to visit the past, scientists claim

Over six years ago, when I started this website and our conversations began, I had no idea we’d reach this point.

But… well, here we are.

I don’t even know what to call this. A movement? An awakening? Something else altogether…?

Whatever label you want to use, the Mandela Effect is part of it, and you are, too.

Author: Fiona Broome

Best-selling author and paranormal researcher. Fiona has written many books, and over a thousand articles about ghosts and haunted places. She specializes in haunted sites in the U.S., the U.K., and Ireland.