When Did This Start, for You? (Two-week survey – updated)

My Initial Request

In private correspondence, I’ve received information that might relate to when the timeslip (or slide, or reality shift) happened for many people.

To confirm this, I needed help to identify the year it happened for you. That seemed important, in the context of the private message.

When did your Mandela Effect start?I wasn’t looking for the date when you thought an external event happened (like Mandela’s death), but when you noticed that some (or many) things had changed.

In the past, some readers have referenced a near-death experience and – after that – everything seemed different. It’s like they woke up in a slightly different reality.

Others have talked about a sudden awareness of something major being different… and, on exploring it, they discovered a lot of other things had changed, too.

…If I later re-open comments here, I hope you’ll leave a comment, at this post (not at Major Memories, etc.), and tell me if you feel that many major things seemed to change at a certain point – a particular year.

If it did, let me know what year it was.

If you explained the change to yourself as something related to an event – a near-death experience, or a traumatic event in your life – it may help to know about that, too. (I don’t need the details, just a reference to the kind of event it was.)

It may also help if you can tell me what country you were in when that happened. (If it’s a large country, like the U.S., the state or general location – northeast, southwest, etc. – may be helpful.)

But, mostly, I’d need the year when you feel you first noticed that the world was a little (or a lot) different than it had been, prior to that time.

(If you feel that you’ve shifted realities multiple times, please list the years, if you can, but also let me know if one year seemed like an especially major shift.)

UPDATE – The Results

To avoid any “me, too” influence, all comments were hidden from view for over two weeks.

As of 15 April 2015, the following were the trends from comments, still-hidden comments (at the posters’ requests), and email.

The most-reported years were:

  • 1999 as a point of reference (during, just before, or perhaps right after 1999).
  • 2001, with many references to 9/11.
  • 2009, specifically the autumn.
  • 2010 had the most reports, all in the first half of the year (when more than the year was mentioned).
  • 2011, many.
  • 2012, tied with 2011 for the third most frequent mentions.
  • 2013, second most-mentioned, with several references to the middle of the year.
  • 2014, again referencing the middle of the year.

Notably, no one mentioned 2000. And, though I realize our readers’ ages may be a major factor, no reports before the mid-1970s.

Other repeated years span the late 1970s (only a few), 1983 through 1986, 1988 through 1990, 1993 through 1995, and few or none for 1996 through 1998.

Several people mentioned traumatic events that occurred just prior to the realization that things had changed.

I’d expected many references to 9/11 since – for many people – that’s one of those “days when everything changed.” The small number of references to that day indicate that readers get it; that is, they’re looking for “what the heck…?” changes, not simply external factors that changed their lives or society at large.

And, of course, many readers know they didn’t notice what had changed until someone told them about this website, usually in 2014 or 2015. So, they may not have a prior point of reference for when their timestream seemed out-of-sync with the current on.

Thank you for your participation!

What Does It Mean?

My main reason for posting this poll – aside from good old curiosity – was because some scientists had (privately) suggested that our timeslips and shifts might related to certain physics experiments. They’ve asked me to keep the details in confidence, and frankly, I have no access to the dates of their experiments. So, I’m not sure if there’s a correlation.

In the future, I’ll conduct more polls and surveys to identify other factors that might be “coincidental” to Mandela Effect events.

Author: Fiona Broome

Author and paranormal researcher, best known for starting Mandela Effect research (2009 - present), and her studies of ghostly phenomena.

148 thoughts on “When Did This Start, for You? (Two-week survey – updated)”

  1. I am just finding out about this. I stumbled on the whole Berenstein/Bernstein Bears vs Berestain Bears. I remember Bernstein Bears; but I have not paid too much attention to the brand. And everybody I ask remembers Bernstein Bears. And Berenstain seems alien to them.

    But I think I have discovered one. I was recently watching some 2015 Noel Gallagher concert footage where the fan in the audience screams out “Digsy’s Diner” for the artist to play. I have been a major Oasis fan since the beginning and I listen to their music all the time. I distinctly remember the song being “Digsy’s Diner.” I can even remember thinking at the time that it was strange and English band would be singing about diners. Do they call them Diners in England? My brother, another fan from the 90s, remembers “Diner” too. Yet Gallagher corrected the fan and said, “You must be an American. It is not Diner it is Dinner. ” Up until that moment, I too, for over 20 years I’ve known the title to the song to be Digsy’s Diner not Digsy’s Dinner! Yet google it, look at all the old records and it is “Dinner.” Just like all the old Berenstain books. STRANGE


  2. Two time slips for me. The first in the summer of 1998, I was watching my infant daughter attempt to crawl and felt myself pop in and had the joyful appreciative feeling that I was being allowed to see this event again. This was after the odd thing I noticed such as remember a friend said her mother could not have any more children after the two she had for medical reasons, and then asking this friend about this later, and my friend being puzzled. Second slip or slide is 2011, this time the Mandela effect kicked in, found this site a few years later b/c my jaw dropped when I realized other people had the same Billy Graham died in the 90s memory. Then Berenstein happened. Not all of the classical slips line up: I do remember Nelson Mandela being alive (and dying recently); chartreuse is red; Interview with THE vampire.
    This recent slip is much more unbalanced; things are way out of whack in my opinion and small little things seem to change. Friends and family behaving incongruously. People forgetting things…or is it me slipping back and forth, who’s to say. Landmarks from childhood disappeared. Past events changed slightly: remembering seeing a movie with a person and them not remembering.

    I have/have had: epilepsy that was really a sleep disorder, migraines, clairvoyance of some type…I swear I project my thoughts of people at them and they will respond along lines of things I have been thinking about them, vivid dreams, night terrors, PTSD-ish episodes.


  3. Fascinating discussions going on here.

    There are a few things that make me think that I might have experienced a reality slip some time in the late 80s (or possibly early 90s).

    First of all, yes I do remember Mandela dying long ago, in prison. However, I only have very general memories of that. No clear memories of seeing anything about his death and/or funeral on TV or even a specific year. Since many posters here place Mandela’s death some time in the 80s and I was born in 82, I think I might also have that memory from the (late) 80s: old enough to remember, but still too young to properly remember details (if that makes any sense).

    The second incident is something I only just remembered again, after reading this site for a while. It’s a personal family thing: I clearly remember my great grandmother from my mum’s side sitting in my grandma’s living room, in a specific chair, and my older brother talking to her. He addressed her with a nickname (not general “grandma”, but something just my family called her), and I remember him practically yelling at her, since she was almost deaf by that time.

    Many years later I discussed great grandma with my mum and she insisted that she had actually died before I was even born. I remember asking her if she was completely sure, since that memory is so clearly there for me. In the end I figured that I just THOUGHT I remembered that “scene” and based that false memory on stories other family members had told me.

    Again, that memory would fall somewhere within the 80s when I was still quite little.

    So, yes, POSSIBLY slipped some time after that. And in the reality I was in before I had actually met great grandma and Mandela had died in prison.


  4. I realize this is a couple months old at this point but I only found this website today.

    The first time I’d noticed anything odd was either late 2013 or early 2014. I know it was shortly before Shirley Temple Black died. I know this because I’d assumed she had already died and was kind of laughing at myself because I had just recently found out that two other people who I thought were dead were still alive– John Popper from Blues Traveler (I definitely remember that he’d died before the movie Kingpin was released, because watching it I was sad to see him at the end and know that I would never get to see him live), and Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes (he’d died sometime between 2000-2003). And then last winter, somehow, I realized that they are alive and well. (I think I was doing something like listening to music by artists who’d died young, or something? I don’t exactly remember how I came to learn this.) I was struggling with anxiety and depression around this time.

    And reading this website made me wonder about something else. I have always, always had this very clear memory of being at my aunt’s house, when I was maybe 3 (putting this in 1985), and she was showing my mom an attic room that she was remodeling. There were sconces on the wall dimly lighting the room, and the adults had to stand near the wall because of the pitch of the roof. I loved that room and was so eager to see how it was going to turn out. I asked about it years and years later, puzzled that I’d never seen it again, and it turns out that room just simply doesn’t exist. Their only access to the attic is through a door in the ceiling of my cousin’s closet, and they don’t ever go up there. BUT I REMEMBER IT SO CLEARLY.


    1. Ok, so this is probably irrelevant but I’m slightly amused by it– John Popper was born not far from me, and Conor Oberst shares my birthday (two years apart).


      1. Emby, that seemed like an aside, but then I thought about it for a minute. In a later poll, I may look for connections between people who recall Mandela Effect alternate memories and those who are the subjects of them. Coincidences among birth dates, locations, and so on… could be interesting!


  5. this poll may be closed by I say the change happened between 1965-1970 that is a big one the world changed rapidly in those years. fashion,technology,culture,sex,movies,music etc.


  6. I commented on another topic so now that I finished reading all of these posts, I have a few things to add. Out of the three things, the second one might be ME? not sure.

    1- I now start remembering that for most of my childhood, I always had the feeling that things were off. Never understood why. (Born 1989 and in Puerto Rico which btw is a U.S Territory a state and I’m currently in FL) Fast forward to 2007 I graduated high school and had already turned 18. The day after graduation, I woke up with a sense of immense RELIEF. Had to capitalize because it felt like I had a major weight taken off my shoulders for some weird reason. It felt like as if I had finally made it to that point in life, but it was odd feeling at the same time. Its as if I was subconsciously expecting to either not graduate, become an adult or to be alive. I remember laying in bed and thinking “I made it…??? huh? Why wouldn’t I have made it?” it was a weird thought. And the feeling of my childhood disappeared soon after.

    2- In 2011/2012 Me and and my BFF from high school move in together and the following year, two of our friends move in as well. Things were fine, but small weird things were happening. Noises from the attic space that only one person could hear at a time. Whispers in the house and I had a nasty nightmare. My BFF and I had weird experience that only I remember. I remember us being in the living room and hearing a voice in the kitchen and we just looked at each other and gave each other that Look. And I remember getting up and walking the house and checking all the doors and windows. Apparently she and our mutual friend had the same thing happen, so in hearing that I exclaim that “hey it happened again!” only to find out that my BFF and her remember it happening twice with THEM and that I wasn’t around. I was extremely confused. Because i clearly remember being in the living room with my friend (only us home), hearing the voice from the kitchen, the looks we gave each other and me walking the house to double check the locks. Both of them insisted I wasn’t there for any of it. Even tho I retold what happened and what was said and what I did and what we did afterwards. My friend remembers the whole thing differently than I do.

    3-Now in the present, I recently turned 26 earlier this month. On the day of my birthday, I got the same relief feeling from back when I finished HS. Only not as grand as back in 07, but I recognized the feeling. Had the feeling the whole day. Next day it was gone.

    4- Also, recently my boyfriend insists that I went with him to visit a friend at his new house. It was news to me since I still thought they lived in their precious place. Turns out his friend has been living in the new house for over a year. I don’t visit them since they are my bf friends and I have nothing in common with them. So the first time I go there he tells me he’s going to see X. I decide to make face since its been over a year since I last saw them. He drives in a new direction. I think he’s just taking some new back road that he’s never taken me through just for the drive. We end up in the town and I start wondering where exactly he’s going, since he drove us to the wrong part of town. So I ask him if were seeing X, he says yes and give me a weird look. He continues driving and several turns later we pull up at this house and he parks. I gave him a weird look and say ‘ I thought we were going to see X? who lives here?” he looked at me like I grew a second head and says “X lives here…Don’t you remember? I brought you here last time” I have never been more Confused in my life. I had never seen that house, and it turns out X moved there because he was evicted from his previous home, which i didn’t know either. So X comes out and my Bf tells him that I don’t remember his moving. X turns to me and says “Yeah you were here. We sat by the truck and talked.” My brain went into panic mode and started to look around for anything that might jog my memory. Nothing. Its a new place that i had never been to before and two people are telling me that i was there. I’m convinced that they hung out with my doppelganger. My bf still says that I went with him to that house.


  7. Just worth noting that the listed dates occur near or just after almost every “leap second”, which are unpredictable times during which a second is injected into our calendars/clocks in order to continue matching the actual earth’s trajectory. Here’s a list of leap seconds, so you can compare reported mandela effects to the times the leap seconds occur. Most are about in the same time periods, with the mandela effects occurring shortly after. Presumably the ‘shift’ happened on or near the leap second, with the effects being noted sometime after. Amusingly, leap seconds start in 1972, and mostly occurred around the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

    1972-1979 (Dec)
    1981-1983 (Jun)
    1985 (Jun)
    1987 (Dec)
    1989-1990 (Dec)
    1992-1995 (Jun, 95=Dec)
    1997-1998 (Jun/Dec)
    2005 (Dec)
    2008 (Dec)
    2012 (Jun)
    2015 (Jun)

    More specifically “Jun” refers to Jun 30th, and Dec refers to December 31st. Those are the days leap seconds are added. The year ranges refer to years where a leap second is added in each year. Jun 30th 2015 is the newest leap second that has not yet occurred. Please keep an eye out for Mandela effects around this time.


    1. Very cool information, shifter, thank you!

      I wouldn’t have mentioned it without this reference, and it’s not the end of June, but — last night — my husband and I were talking about a recent (days) shift. I wish I could recall what made me think of this a few days ago, and I am now looking at Ingo Swann’s theories related to an “amnesia” element in this kind of experience. Last night’s shift cue was small — he was musing that he was sure our (new-ish) license plate started with different letters. I actually got out of the car to see what he was talking about, and he was right. For me, one letter had changed. (I didn’t ask him how many letters changed for him. We’re that matter-of-fact about Mandela Effect, now.) And, it is possible I misremembered or — far less likely — some prankster in the neighborhood swapped license plates. (I know the third letter seems different to me, but I haven’t a clue whether any of the three numbers changed… I’m just not that interested in license plates.)

      But, with the date coincidence (sort of), I figured I’d mention the recent shift. And, since the cues have been (so far) small, I’m now wondering if some slides are incremental, until the full slide is completed.

      Interesting. Mostly, I’m delighted to have this added information for our studies. Thank you!



      1. Now this is interesting! For me at least most of the years I have listed before, line up pretty well with these. Keeping my eye on this. And CERN of course. Mike


      2. I had an interesting thing happen Saturday. Ever since I was a little kid I have collected watches, always been fascinated with time zones and time in general. I own a Casio Gshock GPW-1000, it’s not an ordinary Gshock , for anyone interested in specifics and quick internet search will bring some up. Anyway it uses GPS to adjust time and atomic clocks around the world should that fail. Saturday I was sitting in the yard very nice day here, for the heck of it thought I would sync with the satellites on my watch ,it does it automatically everyday, but you can manually do it whenever you want. Usually takes less than a minute. I timed it,13 minutes. Thought that was pretty odd, so looking through the manual it says , when adding leap seconds ( due to the extra data and information , whatever that might be) sync may take —-13 minutes. The date was June 6 th. in the manual it also states “on or around June 1st, and/or December 1st” , is when the leap second calibrations normally take place. Obviously the dates conflict with what shifter posted, and with what I could find on the Internet. Technical manual error? I don’t know, but this is a pretty high tech. watch so I doubt it. Anyway just seemed odd to me the coincidence and timing of Fiona, and shifters post. Mike


        1. Mike looking back at my records it appears that there may have been a shift on or right after 06/06/2015. My notes indicate a change/movement into shift on 06/09/2015. A couple of markers I wrote in my diary:
          1. Mind-gut is slightly active; this included both my spouse and I.
          2. Business phone call where person addressed me by my former name which I have never given or used in a decade or so.
          3. Had measurement of floor install for portion of house and installer pointed out something he had not seen in all of his years working in business (2001) and seemed amused. It measured out to be 35.5X 35.6. Adding up these numbers comes out to 711. I am finding significance of number 11. Conspiracy can say that 711 refers to event of 911 occuring in 2001 since Sept really means 7. Year 711 is also date of Spain Moorish invasion, something that I have looked into before with more thought than the “conspiracy theory”.

          I kept running into this kind of thing so I started a journal to record it because something is obviously vying for my attention.


        2. Your 13 minutes coincides with my 13 updates and 13 hour story that I posted somewhere else on the Mandelaeffect blog. Have you seen/read that post?

          It was basically saying how I slept for 13 hours without realizing it upon returning from Japan (I wasn’t that tired :). I ended up waking up what would be 4am in Tokyo although I was back in the U.S. where it was actually 3pm.

          At the time my laptop refused to let me link to the net and gave me error messages followed by 0’s. It was not until I ran the necessary 13 updates that it allowed me to regain access.


  8. My first one is December 7th 1984. My whole life shifted and went off track. Nothing external. But internal. I woke up feeling like everything had changed. Looking back I can see that I could have put my life back on track with the correct decisions, but at the time I made decisions the best I could.

    Those decisions took me further and further from who I was. Again, nothing crazy like drugs or alcohol. But I am in a life now that I barely recognize. I feel like the Talking Heads song “Once in a Lifetime” with the lyrics:

    And you may tell yourself
    This is not my beautiful house
    And you may tell yourself
    This is not my beautiful wife

    I have a “good” life, but deep down I feel this is not my life. It is very surreal.

    There have been others. 1997, 2001, 2008. 2010. But the big one was 1984.


  9. Anyone notice weird timeslip activity starting up around the start of April? I remember at the time joking that it was probably due to CERN starting back up (after all it happened around 24 hours later iirc) but after reading the comments about physicists wondering if it was related to their experiments I’m starting to wonder if there might be more to it.

    The other thing worth thinking about is that if these are real timeslips, the actual dates of the events might be irrelevant as the whole timeline could change now and affect several past dates.


    1. Good point, Matt, especially about the dates as we perceive them. And, my husband noticed something weirdly incongruous, early in April, but it was something related to his work. I’ll check with him and see if a slide or timeslip could have been involved. (I’ve been up to my eyebrows in work since around March, so I’m not sure I would have noticed anything, even if the shift was heralded with a siren and checkered flags.)


  10. Sometime between June 2014 (the last time I sent a card) & November 2014 (mom’s funeral) my parents’ wedding anniversary shifted 2 days later. I’m finding this especially disconcerting because I was always told their best friend got married the same day (more than 40 years ago), but her anniversary *hasn’t* changed. In fact, this friend just emailed me a few days ago to remind me about the anniversary and told me {original date} rather than {new date}. I also remember that my college graduation was the same day as their anniversary, but now it is 2 days before {new date}.


  11. Recently I have read something Interesting in one peruvian forum. I’m almost sure it is Mandela effect.

    If I recall, It’s about a girl that made a Telephone call to her MOM’ house. But when her sister (or her aunt?, I don’t remember very well) answered, she tell the voice was different. They started talking and here’s where the girl know something was odd: His father, who was death, was alive again!

    She told that after she received that información she hang up the phone, thinking that maybe she typed the wrong number or that it was a prank or something related. But she tried to call again to the same number, just to be told by the Telephone company that the number doesn’t exist !! She kept trying and after a few trys, she made contact again but this time with her family of this timestream.

    As I said I’m almost sure that she was part of the Mandela effect. But what made this interesting is that I think that she didn’t slipped to one just one timestream (that could explain with the Telephone company kept telling that the number doesn’t exist a few times until she finally made contact). Fionna I can give you the link or post here the original experience (although It’s in spanish) because I think the full experience is more rich in details.


    1. David, it is fine to post an excerpt (short part) of the text with a link. Many of our visitors speak Spanish or can use an online translator to read the story. Thanks!


  12. It started for me best guess 1973. I was 15. I lived in The USA in Wisconsin. Bob Keeshan died of a heart attack. He was captain kangaroo for those that remember. I was devastated because I watched his tv show as a child. I remember reading it in the paper.
    A few years later I read That he was speaking in Madison. That was my wtf moment. The first of many.
    Turns out he had a heart attack but this time survived and changed his diet. He eventually died of the same thing just many years later.


  13. The 1955 theoretical postulate of Hugh Everett-3 notwithstanding,things have been happening empirically starting the year ’77.Non-equilibrium thermodynamics empirically discovered by Ilya Progigine showed the imprints of teleology.Again in ’77 Sudarshan and Mishra empirically discovered the quantum zeno effect literally stopping the world.In ’84 Dan Shechtman empirically discovered quasi-crystals,the crystal impossible,resembling medieval Islamic mosaic,and was scoffed by Linus Pauling and expelled by the research team he was member of,vindicated by the 2011 nobel for his crystal,Shechtman symbolises the white queen who could think up 6 impossible things before breakfast when she was a child.Even if we take only the above lab proven and nobled discoveries, the practical potential for a covert government project is immense and who knows how far they have gone to twist the reality as we knew it,and if we are living in a simulation the programmers could be having a glee at the handiwork of their characters.


  14. Sex in the City and Interview with a Vampire are definite hits for me. I was thinking about the Interview with a Vampire problem weeks before reading this article. The artwork doesn’t look right to me, I remember more stylish, simple and bold colors on the artwork. And it was definitely w/A vampire not the. I noticed the Berenstein bears problem in the late 80’s. Regarding video games, I used to play a game called Bubble Bobble a lot for the NES. There was a 99 life cheat code BAACF that we used every time so we wouldn’t have to keep pressing continue. It doesn’t work for ANYONE anymore, yet its still listed as a cheat code on the web.


    1. This is what is blowing my brain up. How is it that I can remember berenstein and I was born in 92. I mean clear as day so does my little sister. How is it still going on if people noticed in the 80s. It’s almost like we really were on multiple timelines and mine just picked up to where yours was at.


  15. Fiona, Here’s the experience:
    “Hace una semana atras me paso algo que me dejó pensando mucho,eran como las 3 de la tarde y hacía dias que no llamaba a casa de mi mamá para saludarla,en ese momento tenía tiempo asi que decidí hacer la llamada y marque los números de su fijo que me los sé de memoria,sentía la primera vez que no sonaba,pense quizas no pago la cuenta y le cortaron,pero decidi insistir una vez mas y esta vez me contestó la voz de una mujer joven,una voz que jamas había oido(conosco bien la voz de mi mama y hermanas),entonces pensando que se trataba de un número equivocado solo pregunte:
    _”Se encuentra la señora María???” (voy a cambiar los nombres por obvias razones)
    La voz al otro lado me respondio:
    _”Si quien habla???”
    _”Su hija Luna” _y ella me dijo:
    _”Ah Luna como estas?,habla tu tia Elena,tiempo que no llamabas”…
    Yo estaba mas dudosa,tengo una tia llamada Elena pero tampoco esa era su voz,pense que quizas su voz estaba saliendo distorsionada,y dije:
    _”Tia hola dime estara mi mama? _y ella dijo:
    _”no ella ha salido hija,pero aqui esta Giovanna si quieres te la paso” _yo pense,si por favor Giovanna es el nombre de una de mis hermanas y pense que me aclararía el misterio,pero al ponerse ella al telefono su voz sonaba todavía aún mas distinta,totalmente desconocida para mi,me dijo (…)”

    Here’s the link with the full experience:

    As I said before, I’m almost sure that she was part of the Mandela effect (If her story is true, of course!). But the thing is if this event was real, that would mean she’d probably jumped from one timestream to another in just a couple of minutes !

    Maybe we are in fact jumping from one timestream to another constantly and we haven’t noticed this before.

    See ya!

    Ps: sorry for any grammar mistakes


  16. Fiona , with June 30th approaching I wonder if it might not be a good test to see if maybe the leap second “theory” might not correlate to some of these alternate memories. Strange memories happening on or around that date might be good to note. Just making people aware of it ,but not to look TOO hard. Not sure it matters , but thought I would put this in the mix also. That night is the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. They will be so close that they will appear as one to the naked eye. Doesn’t happen too often. Kind of neat regardless. Mike


  17. I was born in 1978. The first “shift” I’m really aware of happened sometime between fall 1999 to spring 2000. I was in college and had transferred schools, changed majors, and totally altered the course of my life (although I didn’t know it at the time). For a full decade after that, until right around summer of 2009, everything was just off with my life. Nothing I tried worked out: I did a year of law school, but could not complete it; I got married and divorced; I went through several jobs in a short amount of time; I had a house burn down; I got rear-ended by a drunk driver on my way home from work which totaled my car; and I made and lost several friends.

    Sometime in the summer of 2009, though, I started feeling like a major upheaval was taking place in my life. This lasted for several years. It has only been within the last 5-6 months that I feel this upheaval has ended. In these last few months, it almost feels like I have “found myself” again, as if I had been lost during previous times. What’s interesting about that is that the time of upheaval essentially “reset” my life, putting it back on course to where I once thought it would be, almost as though those ten years never happened.

    As for where I fall on the memories: I have no concrete memories of Mandela dying, but I just sort of know that it was in 1985 (I was only 7 then, so even if I had seen it on TV I wouldn’t likely have paid attention), and I have no memory of him again until 2013; the bears are “Berenstein” but the authors were always “Berenstain”, different from the bears; Shirley Temple Black died long ago, when I was a child; chartreuse was always yellow-green, with puce being a duller version of the same color, and fuchsia is the purple-pink everyone else is using to describe chartreuse; Interview With A Vampire and Sex In the City; and New Zealand was northeast of Australia, not southeast.

    On the rest, that I can think of, they are in my mind as currently in this timeline: dilemma, 50 states, vermilion is red, David Soul did not commit suicide, Billy Graham continued preaching throughout the years and only recently died, and Honduras had always been part of Central America.

    I’ve already posted on a few of the articles, but I plan to go back to some of the previous ones and add my thoughts on those in more detail. I also have a few that have not yet been mentioned that I may add to the “in confidence” article if I don’t see them show up anywhere else. 🙂


  18. Today, about 2 hours ago I noticed it. I’m seriously freaking out right now. Someone I know posted a video about the berenstein/berenstain bears. I know it was berenstein. I know it. I called my mom, dad, sister, grandma… Everyone remembers berenstein. But that’s just somehow not reality. I know I’m not crazy and I know yall must know how I feel right now. I’m just trying to find some answers on what’s causing this stuff? Why isn’t everyone getting affected? It’s like the whole worlds being mass drugged and it just doesn’t work on everyone…


  19. On reflection, now that I’m aware this is a thing, I would say 1988. Something changed that year, that I can’t put my finger on exactly. Two specific things I remember though is that it was incredibly hot that summer…I remember going outside and only being able to make one lap around the house on my bike before having to go in…and the taste of milk changed. Milk changing taste is a very distinct memory to me. My mom remembers it too, I loved drinking milk and then all of the sudden I didn’t. I haven’t drunk a glass of milk since I was 7. I grew up in the United States, in a Great Lake state.


  20. Ok I believe I’ve done it twice, once around 2011, and once more (this one I’m 100% sure about), was about 3/4 of the way through 2014, about the time I stopped seeing the portrait of Henry VIII with a turkey leg


  21. Hi everyone!

    I’m posting here again because something interesting happened to me a couple of days ago. While I was going downstairs I took a look to the clock that we have in the middle of the stairs and all of the sudden I looked the hour go from 11.35 o clock to 11.30 am !

    I don’t know what happened (my clock isn’t a digital one, is one of these that works with battery). Maybe my clock is crazy (although this is the first time I have witnessed doing something like this). Or maybe another shift happened a couple of days ago? What do you guys think?

    Btw, sorry for any grammar mistakes


  22. I was born in 1973, i had a reasonable childhood, But one thing that has always bothered me about 5 or 6 could be 7 years old my mum fostered two girls.. I cannot remember them at all.. Its always bothered me, that I have No memory of them, so that would about the late 70’s. I grew twelve inches in one year when i was 14, and had a “grand mal seizure” ended in hospital lots of brain scans, and nothing was found to be wrong i am now wondering if something didnt happen then, this was 1986/87, I know it was pre 1988 as my dad died that year.. the last time i felt anything made sense was 2004, but i cannot tell you WHY that date keeps jumping into my mind.. as far as i recall Nothing happened at all during that period. I have noticed a couple of times in the last few months a “blink” as if the world went black for what felt like a few seconds, then it came back , then a week after a second “blink” a sort of dark shadow passing, at first i dismissed it as my imagination but after reading this topic its making me rethink a lot of things.


  23. I keep a journal. January 11-14, 2015. I was on America’s east coast at the time. I can’t comment on most of else people claim to have experienced- I rarely read the news, the Berenst?in Bears weren’t part of my childhood. Chartreuse has always been yellow-green for me. NZ is north of Australia. I have never used drugs or alcohol. I was not under considerable stress during the time period described.


    1. Sorry, I was thinking of Papua New Guinea as being north of Australia. I knew there was a landmass, I just assumed it was New Zealand. I don’t know my geography that well.


  24. 2005, NDE. I probably should have died from internal bleeding, throughout my entire body, but I didn’t.

    I have found myself experiencing time out of order on various occasions. I do remember some famous person dying when I was convinced that they were already dead just within this past year. I can’t remember who it was, but I do remember telling a friend that this guy was already dead.


  25. I can tell you my whole story, because it’s still fresh in my mind.

    It was maybe a year or two ago (it’s 2015 autumn now), that I checked the New Zealand’s new place. I think I had watched the movie ‘Bad Taste’, and wanted to look at New Zealand with Google Street view and all, and see the coasts and beaches with Google Earth.

    I was convinced that New Zealand was northwest of Australia, and curved slightly, mimicking Australia’s NorthEast-edge’s shape nicely, and existed rather close to the mainland.

    I was mildly shocked to see that it was on the opposite side of Australia, southeast, and wasn’t shaped ‘nicely’ at all. But it was still relatively close to Australia, and Australia was still nicely shaped, and far away from all other landmasses, just a ‘tiny island in the middle of nowhere’ (I can explain the ‘tiny’ later, I know it was even then a large continent).

    I chalked it up to a wrong memory, but was puzzled for awhile, as to how I could have misremembered it that badly. It was like one of those memories that you knew you had put your spare key in a cookie jar in the middle, and then you find it in a flour jar on the left instead. So, no biggie, but a bit of a head-scratcher. I have been known to remember things hazily, or not remember them well, or even mistaken because of a slightly different memory — but never had I mis-remembered something THIS much.

    Oh well, that happens.

    So I thought. But then, just a couple of days ago, I was a bit tired and bored, and had nothing to do, trying to put a couple of hours into a coma (I couldn’t bring myself to kill them). So I started reading some conspiracy things – had nothing else to do that I could do, being that tired – and remembered this New Zealand thing.

    I started finding threads about that out of curiosity, and found some ‘Mandela-effect’ thread. My attitude at this point was that I am taking it as a possibility, but those people probably have just a memory problem, or are a bit wacko or just troll others, or something. There are all kinds, you know, and in the internet, you never know what kind of a being is on the other side of that piece of text you are reading.

    So basically, I was ready to take it into account, get involved with trying to come up with plausible explanations, but the whole ‘multiple universes’ theory repulsed me, as to me, there’s only one UNIverse, and all dimensions etc. are part of it.

    However, I have been interested in time travel before I was even told it was impossible. Even as a kid, I always dreamed about a time machine, and was wondering how such a machine could be built.

    And having had my own ‘New Zealand’ phenomenon, I felt intriqued, perhaps it wasn’t just a faulty memory, if someone else also remembers it in the northern west side.

    For reading this discussion, I also launched Google Earth, so I could look at things before taking part of the discussion. I had sort of a humorous attitude towards it, and was at this point completely ready to chalk it up to the ‘normal explanations’, bad memories, TV showing false information (about Mandela, etc.), and so on.

    But the shock that hit me when I saw Australia’s shape, that spike – and how it connects to LAND, and how far and south New Zealand was (even further than it was the previous time I looked), just .. can’t be explained.

    It was as if someone pulled a ‘reality rug’ from under me – my whole concept of what’s real and what’s not, was instantly shattered to billions of tiny pieces that flew through my very being like poisonous, painful little crystal shards or tiny swords, piercing my rationality full of holes.

    I am still living the aftermath of that shock-explosion.

    I still can’t explain that spike – and it feels like a bad joke, like “Hey, guys – come on, who put that spike there? Confess up!”..

    I rushed to get my oldest book that I still have, a pretty enormous Atlas from the early seventies. If that’s just a google mistake, then there’s no way the same spike exists in my old book.

    And for some sadist, this would have been like a perfect cherry on top of the ice cream – to finish the painful shock by confirming that reality is wrong. When I opened that book, it happened to open at Australia (which I thought only happens in movies – but then, Australia is featured in the book quite a lot).. and .. it’s like someone slapped me in the face and told me I’ve been the victim of a decades-long experiment, and nothing is what I thought it was.

    I felt like I had fallen into a Twilight Zone episode. It was unreal. It couldn’t be. The book from the seventies, that had my childhood scribblings on the first pages, agreed with the insane Google Earth map – Australia had a humongous spike there, too!

    The rest of the shape was almost all wrong, too. Only bits of the western and eastern sides seemed right to me, everything else was distorted. I tried telling my brain: “This IS what Australia looks like”, and every time my brain yelled back: “That is NOT Australia! I don’t know what it is, but it’s not Australia!”

    I have never been this conflicted about reality in my whole incarnation – at least hadn’t been in the previous timeline..

    I really didn’t like the rest of the things I found out .. Sex AND the City? Interview with THE Vampire? No! Those are wrong!

    Germany, how did you shrink so much? Poland? What, how can POLAND, the tiny, insignifigant, little country, that’s supposed to be almon-shaped and small, suddenly be like the biggest european countries? HOW?

    Why is Italy connected to Sicily? What the heck is MONGOLIA doing there, where CHINA is supposed to exist?

    Oddly, someone mentioned that Moon is brighter or bigger – and just two days ago, someone told me that they admired a really beautiful full moon .. I didn’t see it, and kicked myself because of it, but they went on and on about how big and beautiful it was, which I found a bit strange. But now that someone told me that also Moon has changed.. it makes perfect sense. This chinese individual also mentioned, how Mongolia is part of Chinese landscape. Boy, will they ever be shocked if they open a map now.. (I didn’t have heart to share my shock – I don’t want to shock anyone else with this, and besides, it’s a weird subject to bring up organically) I felt a bit like a rabbit in a car’s headlights, when Mongolia was mentioned, and didn’t know what to say.

    The more I study this and read people’s comments, the more things I notice that are just.. wrong. The more I use Google Earth, the more it bugs me how small Earth suddenly is, everything is so curved, can’t look at China as an almost ‘flat’ area anymore, like was possible previously. Now part of it disappears behind the curvature of the tiny planet, etc.

    The most maddening thing about this is that everything – and everyone – seems to otherwise have remained the same. The names of the people living in this building, the familiar people, the environment, the possessions, how technology works, mathematics, music .. everything just seems to work exactly the same.

    I am trying to compose a list of things I see as wrong, but I have to admit, I wouldn’t have remembered some of them without reading other people’s experiences, like Charles Schultz – it _DOES_ have a “T” in it, for crying out loud. “Schulz” would sound and look so wrong.

    It’s as wrong as ‘Charlie Bron’ would be.

    Jon Voight still alive? That .. whatever.. oh man.


    I can’t understand this.. I don’t know which bothers me more; that Earth has shrunk considerably, or that Australia is like some mutated freak monster that’s connected to another land mass, when previously, it looked so nice and harmonious, in the middle of nowhere, together with New Zealand. Now everything is all over the place.

    Italy is not supposed to be that bulky on the upper portion, nor is it supposed to look bent.

    Japan is like a banana now, and who pushed it so high up the north? I once learned Japan’s position on the globe, but then suddenly started having difficulties finding it, and had to re-learn it. I think it was approximately where Taiwan is now.

    Taiwan a separate island? WHAT?

    I can’t do this anymore.. there are so many chances, this is enough to drive someone mad. Seriously, something like this could very easily flip someone’s mind, it’s dangerous. In some way, it would actually be a relief to know that I am just bonkers, and not actually experiencing something this drastic in real life. Or that this is just a bad dream.

    I have had many dreams about this, trying to cope with it, and they have ended in a bit of a ominous note. Almost as if : “You haven’t seen anything yet”.

    If anyone ever finds a way to get back, please take me with you. I don’t want to live in this kind of a mutated world, where no one would even believe that I once lived on a bigger, more and better organized Earth.

    My only semi-rational (?) explanation is that it has something to do with Atlantis – that could be the key point, because such enormous cataclysms (though I never heard of ‘tiny cataclysms’) happened at the end of that particular civilization, culture and continent. Also, Mu existed simultaneously.

    What sank Mu and Atlantis, might have been partially deflected/redirected, so they sank different parts than previously, so some land rose, while some sank, but differently, than ‘originally’.

    Also, they used highly evolved energy techniques back then, together with superpowerful crystals and strong vibrations. They also had a higher and more elevated sense and understanding of spirituality (at least among the trained priest class).

    Atlantis is written to have had ‘earth bridges’ to all or most other continents as well. So fleeing to other continents didn’t even require a boat or anything flying (though they had Vimanas and such back then of course, even according to the ancient Veda books (though I don’t know what’s in the in this timeline))

    So if anyone wants to try to prove something with maps, perhaps maps from around 12000 years ago would suffice. Anything newer than that is no good.

    I wonder if there are any people from this timeline that have drifted over to our original timeline? How must they feel about this..? “Hey, Australia looks nicer now, and it’s separated from the other continents?” – “That’s bonkers, Australia has always been separated from other continents! What are you smoking?”..


    1. Permashocked, dont worry, look at it this way the 5 stages of grief.. we have all lost something very important to us. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. We have all gone through those stages. You are amongst friends here. I see it like this now, whats the next thing that will happen, its scary yes.. but to me its so much more exciting (and who is to say the next merging wont take us to an earth that is better) Heres a thought for you.. What if atlantis and Mu, do still exist and we just moved to a world where they were “erased”. and all we have left is memories by authors by thinkers at that time..

      We may have lost our homeworld but we have gained the multiverse.. We believe you permashocked,


  26. Forgot to mention the actual date;

    So, this started in different waves, it looks like, and I can’t be sure about when I was first shocked about the New Zealand (but everything else was ‘normal’ back then) – but biggest shock (so far) hit me 29th of September, 2015, at around 07:32 am or so.


  27. Just to add, for whatever it’s worth: the year 2010 was the ‘most life-changing’ year in my personal, recent history. It was the most ‘powerful’ year in a certain way (I can’t easily explain it), I felt the most energetic and there was a big change in my life, and I changed ‘internally’ a lot, although external circumstances didn’t seem to have changed.

    It was a very powerful year for me, it changed me in many ways, and gave me ‘internal treasures’ that I had no idea even existed before. It also ‘opened me up’ in some ways that are too esoteric to put to words, but which sent me to a rollercoaster of experiences that almost made me crazy from both pain and euphoria, until things finally balanced for the next year.

    So it’s sort of startling for me to read that 2010 was that kind of a major year for the Mandela-effect, too. Also, 2009 autumn is remarkable to me for other reasons.


  28. Sorry to write so many comments, but I am sure recent victims of this shock understand the need.

    I just thought of something, and I wanted to share, in case it might be valuable information (probably not).

    As far as 2010 goes, I described the experience a bit like this in my mind (and diary):

    “Nothing -seems- to have changed, everything looks the same, and this is logically the same place as always before. But it feels like I am in a completely different, new place.”

    I attributed this feeling and change to my internal changes and turbulences that happened that year – everything just suddenly seemed to be completely different to the point that I experienced being in a completely different location than before, -although- rationally I knew (and visually it looked like) that I hadn’t moved anywhere. It was an amazing and interesting sensation. I remember looking at walls and wondering ‘even the walls look like I have never seen them before’.

    Only now I realize what it might have meant .. 2010 being such a ‘strong’ number for Mandela-effect, and me having an experience of being in a completely different (but identical-looking and seeming) place — 1+1 = timeshift happened back then??

    This is also the year when my human relationships completely changed, some life-long people just vanished from my life, etc.

    For what it’s worth – this is starting to make more and more sense (as far as what happened to me in 2010), as much as it makes less and less sense at the same time (how could continents and countries change so drastically)..

    Also, only now I really realized that the chinese individual might be in for a huge shock soon, because they really probably did mean that Mongolia is just a part of China (I asked about best places in China, if I wanted to visit, and they listed all kinds of places, and mentioned how China is very diverse, having all kinds of beauty, and here, they mentioned ‘Mongolia’ and all).

    Oh gosh.. I hope they’re not going to be in for too big a shock, when they inevitably find out that Mongolia is an independent country. Or perhaps that’s what they meant all along. Hm.

    What an annoying experience this Mandela-effect is!


    1. Hi Permashocked. Although I don’t have any sense that any continents have changed for me (I live in New Zealand and Australia has always looked the way it does), I share your feeling that something major happened energetically in 2010. For me, that year was a huge shift in personal relationships, that may as well have been entering a parallel timeline, and like you I felt that something changed internally well before anything changed visibly in my life. So I’m intrigued that other people seem to share this 2010 nexus. Regards, Nate.


  29. Also, in my timeline there is both an ‘inner Mongolia’, part of China, and an ‘outer Mongolia’ which is a separate state. Your Chinese friend may have been referring to the first?


  30. I don’t know if this is important, but its something I experienced and would like to share regarding 9/11.

    In 2000 I was in college and hanging with friends. After walking around a shopping district for a while I saw a beautiful panorama photo of the NY skyline in a closed shop window. I stood there studying it for a moment and a little thought popped into my head, “That’s before it happened”. Before what happened? Was my next thought. Very weird, but I shook it off and forgot about. Then when 9/11 happened (about 8 months later) I instantly remembered that moment. It’s bothered me every since.

    I’ve had this happen in vague ways since. I’ll drive through an intersection and flinch because I get a strong feeling that an accident is going to happen (and then a few weeks later a bad one does). The last that has happened was a pedestrian. I kept thinking, ‘be cautious around the pedestrians’. All summer I was being overly cautious at cross walks, etc. Last month a pedestrian was hit a few blocks down from my home at an intersection I pass multiple times a day. I don’t know if this means anything, but there you go.


    1. Sue, while precognition isn’t really part of these conversations, you’ve raised an interesting point: What if “precognition” is really remembering from an alternate reality that’s running parallel to this one, but it’s ahead of us by a few weeks, months, or years? (And, what if we’ve been to multiple realities, each ahead of us by differing amounts of time? That would be really confusing… but make sense, if this is set up so we don’t figure out or accept the parallel reality concept very easily.)

      Also, I completely understand what you’re saying. On the 9th of September 2001, I was driving the length of America’s east coast, on my way to a business meeting in Florida.

      As I drove over a bridge where I could see the New York City skyline, I slowed down (annoying the driver behind me) because I had the oddest feeling that I should take a really good look at the cityscape. I actually checked the side of the road to see if I could legally pull over and take a photo. (I couldn’t.) I had the impression that the NYC skyline would never look that way again. It was very creepy, and was certainly a factor in how stunned I was when the Twin Towers were destroyed, two days later.

      I can’t say that it seemed as if something bad was about to happen. In fact, the strangest thing was the fact that I’d even consider slowing down or stopping at that point, to see NYC. That’s what shook me, prior to hearing about the Twin Towers tragedy. (I’m not a NYC person, and — making that drive — I’m always eager to get south of DC so I’m past the heaviest traffic areas.)

      So, I’m not sure if any of this means anything, either, but I do understand what you’re talking about. And I’m now wondering whether some people “see the future” more literally — perhaps having visited a parallel of it, already — and don’t realize it.


  31. I believe something happened in 2005. Without going in to too much needless personal detail, I had a “vision”, or visitation, a sense of an overwhelming force that spoke to me. The message was very clearly “This is the last chance for you (humanity), if you don’t stop now things will be irrecoverably altered and it’s beyond our means then, you’re on your own, set adrift on a fixed path you could have changed”. We were given some time to get the word out, to try to put this message to the consciousness as a whole. The world never felt more fragile to me than after that time. My personal feeling is that I don’t think it worked, whatever could have been prevented was not prevented, and now we buckle up for the ride whatever it may bring.

    If 2005 was the last chance, speculate that given a few years grace after the warning. The LHC at CERN was first turned on in 2008 – perhaps this is what the warning foretold? Or maybe not, maybe it is still to come and these are only the ripples.


  32. 2015 when I stumbled upon the Berenstein difference. I specifically remember asking my mother how to pronounce it and then commented that if it was pronounced ‘Stine’ it should be spelled that way and if it was “Steen” it should also be spelled that way and she brought up that it was the same as Frankenstein. I also asked like 5 people I know, older people and they all remember it the same.
    But any who – one fact that I haven’t seen that I swear happened and is freaking me out is the death of Bobbi Brown, Whitney Houston’s daughter. I had an argument with my mother the week she had died – well the week everyone else thinks she died (July 26th 2015) – when in my memory she had already died a year and a half ago. I don’t usually follow celebrity deaths unless I’m a huge fan of them or I know someone in my family who is, even when I come across them on the internet, but the year of 2013 in September my boyfriend had passed away in a car accident and I was lost among the internet for months to fill the void.
    I remember knowing that Whitney had passed away from drowning in a bathtub and watching the Glee episode commemorating her about 10 weeks later – which was the year before (2012). And that year after my boyfriend had passed away I had gone somewhat insane on conspiracy theories and remember sometime at the end of the year there was one about Whitney’s death and how Bobbi had died the same way as her. I specifically remember that it had been October 2013, before Paul Walkers death, because I was living in my apartment when I found out about it and moved to my house in December of 2014. I stopped looking into conspiracy theories around the middle of 2014 because I entered a new relationship and was trying to heal myself mentally, until about a month ago when I thought I’d randomly check shit out.
    So I made a comment to my mother in the car a few days after July 26th about how they had died the same way by drowning, we were talking about deaths the same year as my boyfriend’s death, like Cory Monteith and Paul Walker, and she was like ‘no, she was in a coma, she just died a few days ago.’ And I was like…. ‘no, I’m pretty sure she died about a year or so after her mom, in 2013, she didn’t go into a coma or anything, she just died’. And she was like ‘no, she want into a coma.’ And I was like ‘So she was in a coma for 2 years?’ And my mother told me she had almost drown in Jan 2015 but was in a coma until July when she died. I also remember talking to my sister that year about it because we were discussing differences in conspiracy theories we had come across and she was adamant about the Whitney Houston one. I don’t know. So anyway. In my memory, Bobbi Brown died drowning in a bathtub in October of 2013, but everything else says she died July 2015.
    Also, geography changes, I do remember Japan being south more, like almost completely beneath Korea… but every country has a different map, there are many different types of maps, some have different continents looking larger than others and they have also changed over the years. Some are more accurate than others or are based on different things so I wouldn’t get too distraught over geological changes… inconsistencies are to be expected over a period of 30 odd years.
    And I’ve always felt more spiritually connected to ‘something’ my entire life. I’ve always had instances of deja vu. Not as much between the years of 2011-2014, I feel like I was walking through a fog during those years. I used to have chronic insomnia between 2001-2005 but it stopped shortly after my father passed away in December of 2005. During those years though I was scared of sleep because most of my dreams would come true and I was frightened of the chaos and disasters and how they would usually come true. I almost always remembered my dreams every night. I dreamt about a giant hurricane and a week and a half later Katrina hit. I dreamt about a train de-railment it was sometime in the beginning of 2002 and I remember freaking out at my mom because a bunch of children die in my dream – 2 days later, I hear about a train crash in Africa where like 15 children died, I dreamt about a giant tidal wave only days before the 2004 Tsunami. I started smoking marijuana in 2006 and I think it helped combat my dreams because I didn’t start having them again until 2014 when I quit smoking it. Most of the dreams are only little things and not major events, and I never know specifics, but its very unnerving.
    It was also during 1999 that I stopped sensing other presences. As a child I thought they were something like spirits or ghosts. Strange things would happen around me, locked doors flinging themselves open, television sets fritzing around me – I could never have a wrist watch because time would always stop on me (it never mattered if it was digital or otherwise and I went through multiple watches until I gave up).
    Lately things have felt more real but now I feel like I’ve lost multiple years, like 10 years… and I even have a child, I had him in 2010. I remember my timeline, but it feels like the 10 years were a lapse of some sort, like everything was on hold. Also, I’m only 25 so it’s not just people in their 30’s or 40’s or older going through this weird feeling.
    Sorry for the long winded post.


  33. wow this tuff is very strange to say the least. I only learned of this a couple of days ago but have been joking with a friend of mine since September 2014 that we slipped into another dimension. in August of that year we went on a 7 day backpacking trip into the Olympic mountains in Washington state. on the 3rd night we were caught in the most interesting electrical storm on the high pass. lightening right over our heads. you could feel the electricity in the air. after it passed we continued on our way and completed the trip on time. I couldn’t help but sense something was not right though. since our return its as if life just went haywire. my wife was not the person she was when I left she had actually left me for another which was completely out of character, my daughter had changed so drastically I was kinda shocked. my career failed due to events I had no idea had happened and my parents who were the most staunch strong Christians no longer were in church and both had changed so much it was shocking. basically life in an instant had become the exact opposite of what it was the day we left on this trip. this past year has been a head scratching series of events that just make no sense to me. I do not feel im where I should be. my friend and I have joked that we died in that storm and this is the alternate world we came too. his life also drastically change and not for the good either. we also speculated that maybe we passed into another plane of existence after that storm. then I came across this. is it possible im no longer in the reality I always knew? that we crossed some plane? did that electrical storm somehow tear the fabric of space and time? nothing makes sense anymore.


    1. Well AJ, welcome to our world. hope you can make sense of things a little better.. you will find a community here that wont dismiss your feelings we all have had it some more than others.. but we have all felt the loss of our home world.


  34. Hi all. Just recently stumbled upon this phenomenon within the past few weeks or less. The Berenstein Bear Dilemma (Again, Which I’ve just stumped upon) directed me here. Anyway, one weird thing and unusually frequent thing is that happens to me is I happen to glance at the clock at 3:22, VERY often, perhaps even every other day or so. I look at the clock many times throughout the day like most people, but it’s that strange gloomy feeling, and again I constantly happen to look at the clock at 3:22am or 3:22pm. This number is significant to me because of the conspiracy regarding the Yale society of Skull and Bones 322, and the blatant satanism/numerology regarding our scumbag government and media/music.

    Also, it was “Mirror, Mirror on the wall.”

    it was “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood”

    I’m pretty sure JCPenny was never
    JCPenney…until now

    Chick-Fil-A <—– I NEVER remember it looking that way.

    I don't drive and know NOTHING about cars, but I feel The Volvo car logo/emblem never had that arrow (the Male symbol) — by the way not my discovery.


  35. And also, I posted the above comment last night, (it’s the next morning) I happen to look up before going to bed, it was 3:22am


  36. A big thank you Fiona for this incredible website! I’m goggly eyed from reading every comment in this thread but feeling so reassured that I’m not nuts! I’m 48 and I remember Mandela dying in prison in the 80s too. Saw the Uk coverage with my dad who is deceased so can’t verify with him but I remember being very confused when he was later released from prison. I also seem to remember Lady Di making his funeral and the to do about book rights and his wife Winne. I also remember her becoming President! Ghaddafi not being dead after all threw me too I recall and then I had to shrug that off too. I also recall David Soul being tragically taken way to soon (late 70s) and being very saddened as I’d a crush on him. New Zealand was a clincher as I’d deliberately located it on a map in the late 80s when I was considering emigrating there at the time. North East of Australia definitely and while I’m at it Australia was not stuck up against Papua New Guinea like that! It was much further south. As for the Tiananmen square atrocity well I don’t know what to say except I am hearing that the boy did not die here for the first time. That’s good news but mind blowing at the same time. The “new” 1989 CNN footage on Youtube is real but I’m not surprised it’s provoking comments like “I thought he died?”. Much less important is Snow White…sorry but you will never get me to concede that the wicked step mother said anything other than mirror mirror on the wall. Thank God your site is there to reassure! Btw I’d a NDE at age 10 when I almost drowned.


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