Nelson Mandela Died in Prison?

Original Mandela Effect articleAccording to some people, Nelson Mandela died in prison, long before his loss on December 5th, 2013.

That’s where the name of this phenomenon – and my original Mandela Effect website – came from.

I’m the person who first popularized that phrase, and here’s what I said, back in 2009, slightly updated with newer information.

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I thought Nelson Mandela died in prison.  I thought I remembered it clearly, complete with news clips of his funeral, the mourning in South Africa, some rioting in cities, and the heartfelt speech by his widow.

Then, I found out he was still alive.

My reaction was sensible, “Oh, I must have misunderstood something on the news.”

I didn’t think about it again for many years, until – in the VIP suite at Dragon*Con – “Shadowe,” a member of the event’s Security team casually mentioned that other people “remembered” when Nelson Mandela died in prison.

That caught my attention in a hurry.

One thing led to another, and I discovered a large community of people who remember the same Mandela history that I recall.

Others have similar “false” memories.

Mandela Effect: Billy Graham, too?

One of the next earliest conversations was about the death of Billy Graham.  (He was alive at the time people started reporting that.)

Some claimed that people were confused, and actually recall Mr. Graham’s retirement announcement, or perhaps the televised funeral of Mr. Graham’s wife.

Those who clearly remember the announcement and funeral coverage… they disagree heartily. (Billy Graham died in Feb 2018, long after his funeral was discussed on the Mandela Effect website.)

However, it’s not just deaths.

People have told me about a variety of odd conflicts between their vivid memories and the world they’re currently living in.

The “vanished” Star Trek episode… that never existed

During Dragon*Con 2010, someone insisted that he remembered a Star Trek episode that – according to one star of the show – was never even filmed.

The person who remembered the alternate episode wasn’t weird or wild-eyed… he was a very normal person, and only referenced the episode as part of a routine conversation.

I was there when he heard that the episode never existed.  He was stunned, and quickly tried to find a logical explanation for his “faulty” memory.

Berenstein Bears, “Like, I am your father,” and more

And then, when people discovered that there never were any “Berenstein Bears” books, and no movie included the line, “Luke, I am your father” … the Mandela Effect went viral.

These aren’t simple errors in memory; they seem to be fully-constructed incidents (or sequential events) from the past.  To many of us, these seem to exceed the normal range of forgetfulness.

Even stranger, other people seem to have identical memories.

But what’s going on?  And what’s causing it?

My favorite sci-fi explanations include the possibility of parallel realities, quantum science, real-life “Sliders” experiences, and alternate history.

But, of course, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the Mandela Effect. Some could be faulty memories. Some could be errors in news reports, and online pranks.

But others…?

Nobody knows, yet.

If you believed that Nelson Mandela died in prison – long before his passing (in this timestream) on 5 December 2013 –  or you have similar memories of a “different” past, you’re not alone.

It’s called the Mandela Effect, and you’ll find many fascinating, related reports, if you look for them.

This article – but not the related comments (below) – is available for you to share with others, under a CC-BY-NC-ND license.

Author: Fiona Broome

Best-selling author and paranormal researcher. Fiona has written or contributed to over 25 books, and published over a thousand articles about ghosts and haunted places. She specializes in haunted sites in the U.S., the U.K., and Ireland. And, of course, there's the Mandela Effect...

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  1. In September or October last year, I was driving home from work and vividly recall hearing Ravi Shankar had passed away. I’m a big fan of The Beatles and Ravi was a huge influence on them (George Harrison in particular) so it impacted me enough to talk to my parents about it on the phone that day. They made the typical comments about someone famous when they die, but didn’t confirm or refute what I though to be the truth.

    A few weeks had gone by and I mentioned it in passing to my coworkers about it and after looking it up online, nothing could be found about his death. It was frustrating to discover the truth. Even more bizarre was that about a month or so after that realization, Ravi Shankar died on this timeline in December.

    I wonder if anyone else heard the news reports about his death earlier than when it actually happened? It would have to be a specific memory of having heard the death report and learning he was still alive before his actual death.


  2. I think a future shift has happened this week 10/14/2013, wrapped around the U.S. budget battle. Something has changed.


  3. I find all this truly fantastic. As a child ( I’m now 49) I had lots of experiences that differed from what my family remembers even though they were “there”. Most were mundane things, like what we had for dinner the night before; pizza tonight? We had it last night…

    One day I saw Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Lathe of Heaven on PBS and I had a moment of complete clarity. I was convinced that something like that was in fact happening to me, but on a much reduced level. For those of you who are not familiar with the movie, or book, it is about a man who dreams effectively. He awakes from the dream and finds reality has changed, but he is the only one who remembers the old version. They remade the movie in the 1990’s I believe because the original was tied to a contract that limited the times it could be broadcast. That contract is void now and it is available on DVD.

    Anyway, I’m happy to have found this website and will stop back when I have more time.


  4. When was the website redesigned?
    I remember checking up on it a couple of weeks ago and it was the old one.


    1. Gurluas, don’t worry. It’s not a website from an alternate universe! *LOL*

      Seriously, I redesigned the site this past week, and it went live about two days ago.

      I’ll continue to add new articles until I have one post for every major memory that’s reported. Once the original Nelson Mandela article exceeded 200 comments or so, it was too long for most people to read without missing important additions. So, all of those posts are going into articles — one per topic — as time permits. It’s a big project, but I’m pleased with the progress, so far.



      1. Indeed, you should add a new topic though, to collect new memories non-discreetly. The major memories link can no longer have comments, and so far everyone just plopped the new experiences here.

        Which is why it became clogged.


        1. Gurluas, Thanks for the suggestion. The “major memories” page could have comments until I changed that, this past week, with the site redesign. (If there were times when it couldn’t, that was most likely a database issue.)

          The new WP theme gives me the option of not permitting comments at any page (as opposed to posts, or articles), and I chose that to keep the site more focused. I’ll add an “add your memory suggestions here” post, with links from the sidebar. Good suggestion.

          Update: I decided that, with so few actual Pages, it’s simplest to change the global setting and allow comments (or not), manually and page-by-page, at the dashboard.

          So, the ability to comment at the Major Memories page has been restored.

          Thanks for pointing out the problem.

          In haste,


  5. So this may not be exactly what you are looking for but, it happened

    or not…

    There was this one girl, how terribly many stories that begin that way end up and this was no different….

    I dunno what it was but I was into her for a long time and unusually. I was unable to even attempt getting with her….but she was always on my mind, and still kind of is all these years later, I don’t think what I would say or do if we met, I just have her on my mind a lot, kind of in a static unchanging way. I should have got together with her way back when but thats gone now…anyway…

    During the time we were in contact, I was over at her house, well, a group of us were and she at that time was at university, it was like a student house and there was a houseful of people all in all the rooms, and we were getting ready for a night out…

    I was in her room with loads of other people and someone was messing around on the decks, I decided I needed to slip out to the bathroom,

    I kind of have 2 memories of what happened and given the context neither make any real sense:

    In one as I walk into the bathroom she is rushing towards the door laughingly going “ah” just in her underwear bottoms,

    and in the other (because the two things although they feel to me as they happened in the same moment, which happened so fast couldn’t happen as a sequence) She was in the middle of the room but totally naked, her hands were covering her womanhood, but when she realised it was/saw me, she smiled and looked at me, like as your longterm girlfriend or wife could stand in front of you, her hands dropped to her side and we had eye contact, and it was like we had been there a thousand times, like I’d woken up next to her everyday for years

    in that one instantaneous moment, which seems to have been 2 none sequencial events, happening at the same time (crazy I know haha) I kind of said “oh sorry” to the first version and slipped back out and went back in the room (the hallway was totally empty for some reason, leaving me alone on entering and leaving even though there was a houseful)

    But why would she have the door unlocked with everyone round?

    I can remember her standing there in that moment to this day.

    I went back into her room where lots of people were, and sat down, now ,when she came back in I said “sorry” and she said it was OK, but I also remember a different conversation where I asked why she left the door unlocked, she said “I can’t lock it” like you would to someone who was closer than we were

    But, you can lock that door….

    A few years later I decided to get some feedback as is my custom in success and failure, and that moment came up, and she said “I don’t remember that” I was like what? Of course someone remembers someone walking in on them in the bathroom, and surely remembers talking about it afterwards, she’s shy in some way and she would have/should have, but she isn’t lying, she doesn’t seem to have remembered it, to the point of it not having happened for her if you ask me.

    I’ll be straight up about it, I’ve put it around all over many a town, like I haven’t gone short, and she is a very nice girl and to me she is beautiful, but it makes no sense for me to crush on her so hard, and to think of her, or even have her cross my mind all this time later, I have severed all contact with her. Under the normal run of things we would have got together sooner than that even but I had a lot of stuff going on and took a wrong turn somehow….anyway it is what it is and that’s the story.

    Very easy to explain away from a third party point of view, but if I’ve really conveyed what is going on here, you’d see what I meant, thing is she was always into this sort of caper and I should tell her it all lol, but then she’d only think I was crazier than she probably already does lol


    1. Matt, your memory fits the profile of so many reports at this website.

      One thing that distinguishes them is the context. It’s not just that Mandela died or the school looked different now or the girl was in an embarrassing situation.

      It’s the equal vividness of the entire event… the things that people remember from when it happened.

      In the case of Mandela’s death, it’s not, “Oh, how odd, I thought he’d died in prison.” It’s that he died, and there were demonstrations, and his widow (and her long-time “bodyguard”) were prominent — and on the TV — talking about Mandela’s life and his vision for South Africa, and so on.

      Likewise, it’s not just that Billy Graham died — and, when people point out that his wife died, it was an easy mix-up — but Billy Graham’s funeral pre-empted regular TV programming for three days, and his son spoke to a huge crowd at a massive memorial event, etc.

      Your story of the girl has equal weight with others being in the house, the night out, people messing around on the decks, and so on.

      The dual memory is especially compelling. Personally, I don’t think I have any prominent memories like that, but yours actually give further support to the theory that we’re dealing with parallel realities.

      It also opens the door (no pun intended) to the idea that we may be living in multiple realities, simultaneously (as much as time makes any sense, anyway), and how much we’re aware of the alternates isn’t necessarily on track with how we explain (to ourselves and others) fleeting glimpses of them.

      It’s been a very odd week for me, and your experiences fit uncomfortably well with some theories I’m considering… ideas others have presented with a different focus. They’re things I’d label “crazy as a loon,” except they fit with the Mandela Effect, and explain some other things I can’t put into nice, tidy contexts.

      So, your memories — both of them — regarding that girl… they make sense. And, even if this hadn’t been a very odd week, your emphasis on context is what gives your experiences credibility. I hear from all kinds of people who want to tell me about their memories. Many of them are just throwing an event into the conversation. They don’t include things like “and we were getting ready for a night out, and people were messing around on the decks.” Others are telling me something that has that ramble-ramble quality of a dream, retold. The latter isn’t cohesive.

      I’m not sure how much anyone can fake the contextual quality, but the words people use and the way they describe what was going on around the confusing memory… that’s what I look for.

      In your case, it supports the idea that you’re recalling memories from parallel realities.

      If someone from my past told me what you did, but about me, I might be rather uncomfortable due to the nature of the memory. As a woman, it would be a little creepy if someone’s memories of me are so… well… revealing (and perhaps on many levels). Even though alternate memories seem true, there would still be that “uh-oh, scene from horror flick is unfolding here.”

      So, I don’t think it’s a good idea to share the memories with the girl, even if she were entirely in-tune with the Mandela Effect concepts.

      However, I can assure you that you’re talking in terms that seem entirely credible to me. I’m not sure that’s helpful, but there it is, and I really appreciate the time you took to talk about this, because each report helps me understand this a little better.



  6. There was just an atomic bomb thrown, hiroshima, the other one never was thrown in my timeline.
    the guy in the china square plaza (tankman) was crushed by the tanks, it was some pics leaked in some newspapers.
    Australia was more rounded and in the middle of the nowhere surrounded by water, just new zeland near and in the other side where is now.
    Also dates of WW2 are changed, the finishing.

    i am serious about these above, and i have stuning memories of them.


  7. I think it might actually be something to this “Mandela Affect”!!! There is a movie called “South Central” (filmed in 1992)… In this movie, there is a scene with a guy named Ray Ray talking to this little kid named J-Roc… EVERYONE who has seen this movie a million times when they were younger (including me), remembers the kid saying the words “Sho ya right, Ray Ray!”… An entire generation perhaps! So much so until there’s even songs about it! Well… I’ve recently (about a year ago) found the Youtube clip and those words NEVER come out of the actor’s mouth.. Yet we all still remember it exactly the same! I’m gonna attach the link… See me in the comments (1year ago but its right there) and the other comments as well……. That’s some freaky ish man…


  8. I remember Nelson Mandela passing in the past. I was so shocked years later after not hearing his name mentioned again until many years later, to hear that he was alive per some news blurb on the national evening news. What I DO remember is that the funeral events went on for at two weeks. On the last day his coffin was carried out into and down the street. It was draped in yellow flowers, like a giant yellow casket topper floral spray that draped down the sides. During that at two week stretch, that is about all you heard on TV and it was getting really old.

    I often thru the years have wondered how events were altered. I strongly think either (1) had he died in that past time frame, the events of the world would have been really bad due to it and those of the future altered history, (2) possibly I jumped dimensions or (3) although I can’t remember the exact year but can pinpoint it to within a four year time frame, could Elvis have stepped in and ‘took’ the event? What ever, it happened and the event was altered! Researching my past memory in the past, that memory / that event happened while he was in jail and I believe it was when he was moved (per current history).


    1. Donna,

      What wonderful comments! Thank you!

      (And I love the Elvis comment. Actually, he was the first one I thought of when — in recent news — relatives raised the possibility of Andy Kaufman’s death being a hoax. See Andy Kaufman’s brother says he is victim of hoax. I don’t think that story is over, yet.)

      Where my memories leave off, at the time of Nelson Mandela’s earlier death, there was speculation that things would get very bad in South Africa.

      Going way out on a limb, maybe a large number of us triggered a “slide” because we knew we didn’t want to remain in a timestream that was about to get ugly.



  9. I live in South Africa and we got to see the original series “V” quite a bit later than the rest of the world. We only got to see the first episodes around 1987/1988, but since 1984 I remembered the series, the actors, the theme and even the plot. I even recalled ad spots on the TV for the series.
    I also remember watching the movie “The professional”, which we rented from a video store, way before the movie was even released. My family are forever telling me I’m lying and/or crazy if I tell them I remember something that has not happened yet or have not chance of happening. I remember meeting people, but those same people does not know me if we meet up later again (for them it’s the first time).
    I can’t say that I clearly remember the Mandela dying, but I do remember when he got released from prison I was surprised as I did not know he was still alive.


  10. I just feel compelled to leave a message that notes that Nelson Mandela died today, December 5, 2013. I believe everyone who says he died in prison by the way. I’m not challenging the experience of the Sliders. Just wanted to note the day of his second death, and also check in and see if the Sliders experienced his death on this day the way I did. This blog is amazing.


    1. lda,

      I have some conflicted feelings about this, at the moment.

      On one hand, I’m so sorry for the loss of a man who meant so much to so many people.

      On the other, I am watching the news coverage to see if any of it echoes my own memories. (So far, it’s not.)

      Thanks for the compliments on this site. It started as a way to see who else remembers these odd things, and it’s become a labor of love, in a way. The topic keeps expanding as more memories emerge and are supported by identical recollections. It’s fascinating.

      Thanks again.



      1. Indeed, it’s a sad occasion. Although with today’s technological advancements there is no way a news report would be the same as in the eighties.


        1. Gurluas, that’s a good point about technology.

          Though I’m sad at the passing of such a noted world figure, I’m also watching to see who speaks, when they speak, the physical surroundings — including what they’re wearing, and so on, to see if any of it matches my own memories.

          So far — for me, anyway — everything is different. The cultural context and era are, of course, going to be very different. I’m just wondering if any “past” (alternate history) events are going to create a resonance in this timestream, so we see variations of any of our respective memories.

          I may post an article for those kinds of comments. At the moment, I’d feel a little like a vulture, seizing upon the headlines in such a dispassionate, analytic way. However, it’s an opportunity to see how current events (in this timestream) resonate with our past, alternate memories, and which highlight the differences between the “then” memories, and now.



  11. I’ve found myself here having been randomly clicking links in forum posts about Nelson Mandela’s death… and I am one of those people who has had a bit of a “holy crap!” moment reading through the comments.

    I thought Billy Graham was dead, and have been caught out twice when I’ve seen reference to him being alive and been surprised as it contradicted memories of hearing of his death. I recently saw a picture of Billy Graham and was reminded of that – I wasn’t surprised he was alive but I remembered my own silliness in thinking he was dead. Maybe I wasn’t so silly.

    I saw an episode of Quincy repeated on the telly recently. I don’t normally watch it these days as during my student days in the 1990s it was being repeated on the BBC at lunchtimes and I saw them all then. But I decided on impulse to see what episode it was and I was really pleased to discover that it was the one about the girl who was into punk and her boyfriend got stabbed at a club. I was really pleased and decided to watch it because I remembered this episode as being the one where there was some really lazy writing – they wanted to get the fingerprints of everyone in the club and didn’t know how to do it. They just cut to a scene where Quincy is standing behind a table in the club and the cop says to him “I don’t know how you did it, Quincy” and he’s being all modest, no explanation given. so I was really looking forward to seeing this. What actually happened in the episode was that the cop and Quincy are having a discussion about needing to get the prints and the cop says the owner is scared of being closed down so they’ll just put pressure on him that way. It wasn’t Quincy that got the prints, and there was no scene with the table, and the cop’s saying about the owner now wanting to be closed down easily explains how they got the prints.

    How did I so terribly misremember the episode, which I have mentioned to people over the years as an example of how both brilliant and terrible a show it was? Watching Quincy was something many students at my uni did, as it was the joke that we got up just in time to watch it! No-one has ever challenged my remembering of the episode and I’m sure at least one other person has remembered that bit too.

    Is anyone here enough of a Quincy fan to recognise the scene as being from another episode and I’ve just got them mised up?

    Another similar thing is that my other and I have very different memories of the brand of water we drank when we lived in Hong Kong in the 1980s. She didn’t even think the brand I remembered existed. (It does). So I’m thinking I’m “right” on that one, but perhaps kids are right when they think their parents are from another dimension! 🙂

    Also I remember thinking there was 52 states of the US right up until I started doing pub quizzes! I remember the “fact” I “knew” clearly – there’s 50 states on the flag but Hawaii and Alaska were added since they designed the flag.

    The most scary thing though – I have been with my partner for several years now. We were drunkenly reminiscing to a chum about how we met, and agreed that I had basically collared him at the pub because I recognised him and the person I had meant to be meeting hadn’t turned up. I knew who he was because he was in a local band I had seen a couple of times and liked, but I felt confident that he wouldn’t mind me grabbing him and buying him a drink because I had seen him at my ex’s birthday party a few months prior and thought he would at least vaguely recognise me as someone who was a friend-of-a-friend.

    Turns out he wasn’t at that party at all.


  12. Hi. For me a couple of events in history have changed. Yesterday I found out the US had a second war of Independence in 1812. In my timeline we did not. There was the first war and nothing else. There was a war in 1812 between the US and the Spanish. The challenger exploded in 1983 not 1986. The Berlin Wall came down in the 90’s. And the Golden Gate bridge was actually gold not this dismal orange color it is now. Does anyone else remember a gold bridge and only 1 war?

    I’m happy I found your site; and all of this is exciting to me. Because it explains a lot of my life. Where I remembered something happening, but no one else did. Or people completely changing personalities. I used to believe they just became bitter, or self-centered. But since realizing this is not my reality, I understand they aren’t the same people I knew.

    I haven’t had a NDE, but I’ve always felt like an outsider. With friends and even with my family. They are so different from me. When I was younger I used to think and hope I was adopted. And now as an adult, I am always searching for people like myself. And I wonder if others feel this too? Like outsiders?


    1. Jasmine K,

      Thanks for your comments!

      The Golden Gate Bridge color… your comment took me by surprise. I thought it had always been gold.

      Oh, I’ve seen the occasional photo of it with orange paint. I’d assumed those photos were taken while they were repainting it. I figured the orange was a primer or something.

      I used to live a couple of hours from the bridge, and I’ve been across it many times. I actually stopped to look it up, online. Wow. I was so sure it had been gold and shiny, when I’d cross it on sunny days. Apparently not in this timestream!

      The War of 1812 issue is one I’d filed away when I visited a fort in Canada, and the tour guide talked about a world history completely different from what I’d learned. I’ve been meaning to look into it — not sure if it was a PR issue or a Mandela Effect episode — but it hasn’t been a high priority. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m going to take another look at early 19th century history. (I’m a big fan of Regency novels and Jane Austen, so I’d thought I was well-read in world headlines during that general time period. However, the history I knew had just one War of 1812. Very odd.)

      Anything that makes us feel “different” — in a way that’s uncomfortable because our realities don’t match others’ — is going to make us feel like we’re outside the norm. That’s sad, because I suspect many people experience this reality shift and don’t have an explanation, except to think they’re weird or wrong or something.

      So, I’m glad you found this website. Once the “differences” aren’t so difficult or anything personal, it’s a lot easier to cope with things that don’t fit our memories, or make sense with them.

      I’m convinced that quantum studies will explain this, in time. (No pun intended.) We can see glimmers of answers there, but it’s not fully explained, yet.



      1. I was also certain there was only one war in 1812.
        I remember this because I have some Canadian friends that bragged about burning the White House, so I looked up that entire year on Wiki. Only one war for the US.

        As for the Golden Gate bridge, It’s a missed opportunity not painting it Gold. I can easily see another universe taking that initiative.


  13. I remember news reports of Nelson Mandela being killed in prison. Based on where I remember living at the time, I would have said that it was in the year 1979 or 1980. I also do NOT remember Nelson Mandela being elected President of South Africa. I recall a religious figure being elected after the end of Apartheid. I don’t think I heard of Mandela again until I heard of him being talked about as former President of South Africa. This makes me wonder if I was living in the alternative time line until the late 1990s.


  14. Except for love nothing remains forever –
    I hear the whisper from source .
    People say that love shouldn’t be longing
    I hunger and crave like a predator –
    but truth is I don’t need not long for you ,
    You’ve been missing all my life ,
    I don’t need to detach –
    I’m already detached from you .
    I already know how to live without .
    I have done it since i was born into this dream ,
    You were always there a lucid dream without a form,
    Alive in a parallel universe ,
    Enjoying the journey ,now ,
    I want to reach my final destination ,
    To the safety of dry land –
    A paradise island where we are the island –
    And life comes alive on us .
    – to explore and be discovered –
    In this dream every day beautiful ❤

    A poem i wrote!
    I literally feel myself slip into new realities , It feels a bit like when you go down very fast on a roller coaster and the effects of gravity , and ive come to realise that these slips occurr when i reach a moment in reality that is the direct result of a previous daydream or creation im my mind that i have projected into the future, of how id like things to be in the future. That projection may have happened much earlier on in my timeline, like years , but when the dream or the projection actually become real in that split second of my conciousnees recognising that its created this reality , i get this weird slip / slide and then a feeling of "oh good , i am where i am supposed to be "
    I can toatally connect to the way NDE survivor says they feel , i had a nde , and afterwards i suffered from post traumatic shock disorder for many years , you may want to look up the symtoms and get some help and support with that . Since my experience a lot changed , inwardly and outwardly , in the way i perceive the world and reality to the way i feel about myself and others , many new dimensions and realities opened up to me .
    Loved reading this thread !!!


  15. I have sensed for sometime that something is not quite right, singularity is the concept of God and his transcendence of time. The idea that all of time occured in a single moment and now we live in the perception of that dispersion. We live in an age where all things are neatly catalouged and documented so that now instead of thinking of it as a brain fluff we have a point of reference to go back to and a forum to reach out to others who may have seen or experienced the same thing. The more we accecpt this to be true and beleive it to be reality it becomes reality. Is there a mass conspiracy? I think not! We are coming fill circle in time to a point where we realize time as we know it does not exist, nor does the reality around us exist ! I beleive this to be a crucial point in mankinds perception of reality. I have thought on these types of things for years and have been baffled by alot of it and I still have no more answers than when i began. however a discussion of these things and a collective thought on these things will help us all to come to a better understanding. Quantum mechanics and Quantum theory does the best at explaining some of this.


  16. Heres another one, the other morning there was a tragic train accident in the bronx around 7am my time, i was asleep at that time and in my dream i vividly remember a train crashing and the feeling of impending doom. I awoke and related to my wife the dream of a train crashing and shruggred it off. at lunch time that day I hear on the radio about the acutal accident. For alot of people this scares them. for me it excites me to know that we can tap into this yet its going to take much more insight to nail this down.


  17. Hi everyone. I have to say I am very relieved that I am not crazy. 🙂 Thank goodness for the internet where the odds are in your favor to find someone to corroborate most anything.
    I had the clear memory of Mandela dying when I was a kid in the 80’s. I also have the memory of going to the school library to look for books about him after I heard the news.

    I never thought about it much afterwards. In 1990, I was about 15 or so, his release only made me think that maybe I had the people confused. (I find it interesting that he divorced his wife soon after release.)
    But when he started his presidential acts I was in a cloud of confusion. I remembered my memory and I was just confused. This guy is already dead; I’m sure of it.

    Even though my childhood memory is not what it used to be, my memory of my confusion still is. I am aware of all the conspiracy possibilities that this could be… an alien replacement, a clone,…a flux in the matrix, etc. I feel that the most important thing about all this; is that it is possible for some people to not be affected by the ruses and tricks that may go on; and that people can find each other to confirm some truth. Then again, it all may be an illusion, so I take nothing too seriously anyway.

    Believe your own truth, even if noone else does! Not everyone can be hypnotized. Love to all.


  18. I have a question. Does anyone know of any good resources related to dimensional shifts and separations? Thanks.


    1. Tasha, I’m not sure what you’re looking for. Maybe other readers can be more helpful. I rely on resources related to quantum studies, especially the work of Fred Alan Wolf. (See my other articles at this site.)

      If you tell me the context you’re looking for, I may have better resources.



  19. To Fiona.
    I would really like to thank you for this site. I think there is something monumental about this. I don’t know what it is yet but it is big.
    It is really interesting that you would think to identify this phenomena as “The Mandela Effect”. And then when he dies this time, it brings this experience or effect back into our minds.
    It feels like another shift in consciousness. A change of some kind.

    Numerology Note: The number “5” is the number of change.
    The death occurred on 12/5/2013. A “5” day.
    1+2+5+2+0+1+3 = 14 = 5
    A “5” full date.


  20. Okay. After reading the comments, I have thought of different theories. Time Travel, destiny, creation, etc.

    One thing that popped in my head was the concept of changing the past to affect the future. If something in the past is changed, then the present and future are changed to “match”. From my perspective, this “matching” would also have to occur if something in the present is changed. Meaning, once the change has occurred in the present, everything in the past that would make it now possible, would also have to change to match.

    This “matching”, if true, would indeed be a universal law. All events relative to a certain timeline of causes and effects must be exact to produce the end result.

    For example, if today, a person somehow changes the outside of their house from a green color to blue, then all circumstances that led to the green color, would now be changed to lead to the blue color. i.e. The day the decision was made, the event(s) that influenced that decision, the company that produced the paint, the day that the paint was purchased, and so on.

    In regards to changing the present, one would have to consider how that could happen. Well, the other part of this theory is just as hokey. It is possible that there are people who have the ability to change, create, and manipulate matter/reality with their minds. Call it law of attraction, magic, alchemy, rituals, witchcraft, Illuminati; whatever you like. If we did have the power to create our reality and change the impossible into the possible,… then the universe’s “Law of Matching” would follow suit with a kind of ripple effect to put everything in its proper place for the change to happen.

    Lastly, if the universe does correspond to rearrange all factors of the new change, it would also have to protect the factors that led to or influenced the decision to make the change. Those protected factors could be objects as well as people. It would affect people in one of two ways: 1)they would be unaware of any change or 2)they would be outside of the ripple effect and would be aware of the change.

    The only reason why the universe would protect or exclude a person from that ripple effect is if that person somehow was an influence to the initial change event. He or she would have to be unchanged in order for the person that created the new reality to still arrive at the decision to make the change.

    The example for this: On Wednesday, Tom has decided to change his reality from being bald-headed to a full head of hair. On the previous day, Tuesday, his girlfriend, Nancy, criticized his baldness and in effect influenced Tom to make the change. If we were to go back to Tuesday(after the change), to everyone else, Tom has a full head of hair and has always had a full head of hair. Not Nancy. On her Tuesday, Tom is still bald. And today, Wednesday, she is saying “wth?”

    I guess with this theory, a time traveler is more of a time changer. Inception in reverse. If one could figure out what to change in the present that would require a desired change in the past, it wouldn’t even be necessary to travel there. No worries about getting back to the correct present dimension either, since you never left. I’m sure Sam (Quantum Leap) would have preferred this method. 🙂

    So if you were kept out of the loop of a time changing event then maybe you were in some way involved in what initiated that change. Hmm.

    I’m just brainstorming. It’s a hobby.


  21. Here is a brief account of one person, who has a memory of Mandela dying in prison in the 80’s: (THIS IS NOT MY MEMORY)

    “i remember in 2nd grade (im currently 32) making african flags at school and putting them in the hallway and my teacher was from s africa so she took it really hard and we had a fund drive at school to fly her home, we made t shirts with his prison number on it and wore them when she arrived back. gosh am i crazy. this is freaky, i have an excellent memory i am not crazy, or am i…”

    After reading this, I’m wondering if this person has any old photos of him and his classmates wearing those t-shirts or any photos of the african flags that were put up in the school. The point I am trying to make is this; can physical artifacts from an alternate reality (if one exists) be transfered to another reality. Is it breaking some kind of universal law, I wonder?


    1. I believe material can indeed cross over. We often hear of people mysteriously vanishing, no body, no sign of them is ever found. Many of these would be natural events, such as a kidnapping or something like that, but some may also be people crossing over.

      The opposite is probably also happening. History is full of Cryptids, I.E weird beings that we cannot explain. The Chupacabra, Yeti, Big foot, sightings of Mammoths in Sibiria, etc.

      And more mundane things, such as items you own vanishing and items you’ve never seen before popping up amongst your belongings.


  22. It is 12/9/2013, I just read all the posts on this page, and I am freaked out.

    I remember that Mandela died in prison in the 1980s, and didn’t get to live in the house built for him. Some commentators felt that his wife faked her grief at his funeral, and her performance was a little over the top to me even though I was young, less than 15 (as she walked up to the podium, she half-collapsed, it was as if someone was doing a bad acting job). Afterwards, there were all kinds of legal battles over his story.

    I remember that Billy Graham died, and an image of his funeral, a white cloth covered coffin and lots of blue, powdery blue and darker blue behind it.

    Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney died in the 90s, I was really sad. Carol Burnett died of a blood disease, and I was heartbroken. Then I just heard an interview with her last week.

    Owen Wilson died, of a drug overdose or suicide?

    I was taught that there are 52 states, and I remember being embarrassed that I had it wrong.

    New Zealand looks different than I remember it.

    The tank rolled right over the man in Tiananmen square and killed him. I was holding my breath, watching on tv in real time, and was completely shocked, my mom was too. We knew the tank would stop with the whole world watching, and then it didn’t, there was a bloody mess and I was horrified. I remember thinking it was the first time I witnessed a death.

    I just asked my husband about all of this, he remembers 52 states, the deaths of Billy Graham, Mickey Rooney and Dick Van Dyke plus New Zealand’s difference, but not the rest.

    None of this was conscious, exactly, but I know it all to be true. My husband had the same reaction to to the deaths, “That’s crazy. They aren’t alive.”

    The “time-stream” or multi-verses theories interesting, but so many of us have the same memories, like we all experienced the same events, so it would only be one main other time-stream.

    Some “Men In Black” scenario would make sense because there are so many shared memories here. I can imagine someone enjoying the power of having people experience the same events over and over. Thank you so much for putting this together, Fiona. It is so bizarre. I am unable to load any other part of this site today, it must be popular!


    1. Perhaps, or it may be more of a case that some universes are truly parallel to ours.
      I.E a dimension of space separates the two universes. Think the Blue/Red universe of Fringe.

      In Fringe, there are many universes, infinite, but some are connected and thus have more common contact than the others. It’s possible that it’s a single universe where Mandela died in the eighties that we are connected to. And other universes where he died in the nineties and so on are more distant but we can still perceive them.


  23. I think people might be thinking of Oral Roberts not Billy Graham?

    Oral Roberts died on December 15, 2009[66][67] at the age of 91. He had been “semi-retired” and living in Newport Beach, California.


    1. Clayton,

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’m sure you’re trying to be helpful.

      However, like many others, I remember the Billy Graham funeral very clearly. The amount of time dedicated to it seemed a little excessive to me, but not outrageously so. As I currently recall it, the funeral pre-empted regular TV network programming for two or three days, nearly all day.

      I like Billy Graham. When I’ve heard him talk (on TV), his speeches have been generic, fairly uplifting, and close to non-denominational. We need positive messages to offset the sensationalized media headlines. (Ref:,0,5260119.story#axzz2nA6tzi7X )

      Had it been Oral Roberts, I would recall it differently. I’d have thought, “Oh dear heaven, the man was well-liked and respected by a large number of people, but pre-empting all regular network programming for a full day…? No. CBN, maybe. ABC, NBC, and CBS, nearly all day, for two+ days…? That’s excessive.”

      So, at least in my case, I’m not confusing Billy Graham and Oral Roberts.



  24. Some points to ponder:

    1. CERN creating black holes.

    2. Most of the internet is now first going through the NSA Spy Center which uses QUANTUM computers.

    3. Could it be that between CERN, Quantum Computers and BLACK PROJECTS that some people are playing with time and/or have created a time machine to alter past events. Why would they do this? If you wanted to take over the world, every time something occurred that made this impossible, one would simply travel back in time to change things so that it is possible.

    If #3 is correct, then I think there will be some DIVINE intervention soon. Mankind is playing with things that they should not be, at least not at our present spiritual position. Remember the Norway Spiral?


    1. Farmer_General, your points are chilling.

      I really wish I could disagree with you, but I can’t. (Well, I am — somewhat whimsically — curious about the people who insist that aliens are going to intervene in the mess we’ve created here, and the Vatican are preparing for their arrival. But that’s another topic for another day.)

      I’m not sure why it didn’t cross my mind that CERN could be part of this. I was thinking the whole thing was perfectly natural, and “sliding” has been going on since forever.

      This is definitely food for thought!



      1. I very much doubt CERN is behind this. The experiments they make happens constantly in nature right here on Earth. They don’t create unnatural forces.

        Although Micro Black holes are still a very real possibility.
        According to some theories, Ball lightning is actually a micro singularity.


        1. Gurluas,

          I agree that CERN isn’t likely to be involved in MIB-related activity. (It’s not impossible, just extremely unlikely.)

          However, I believe that some kinds of physical (environmental) alterations could influence the membrane, and therefore increase the “sliding” effect. Maybe. I’m just guessing.

          At this point, we don’t fully understand multiverse components, much less how boundaries are established and — perhaps — crossed. For all we know, increased mobile phone transmissions is a factor in either these events or our awareness of them, or both.

          You’ve made an interesting point about ball lightning theories. The topic is very controversial. Many theories that fit within some aspects of quantum physics, but not others. (Ref: ) Fascinating!

          I’m working on a book on a different topic, but there’s some overlap in data. Since the book focuses on a paranormal phenomenon, it may not relate to alternate memories, but it might indicate how often people are aware of “openings” between universes. I’m hoping to complete that book in January or February, and I’ll discuss it more, then. However, the topic seems only vaguely connected.

          Somewhat related — and I may bring this into my book — are the reports of multiple suns at one time. For example, three suns reported in 1137 CE in Ireland and perhaps the UK. Two in the sky over England in 1164. Five moons over England in 1200. Three suns in 1282, and so on. (See: )

          Some of these could be attributed to comets, Northern Lights, or fireballs. Some could even be attributed to outbreaks of “days of St. Anthony’s fire,” for all we know. It’s difficult to tell.

          However, might some cases be a glimpse into an alternate reality, in which a different Earth has more than one sun or moon…? That’s going far out on a limb, but I like to raise these questions in case they deserve more than fleeting, whimsical attention.



  25. I left a post on the Tank Boy page, because that one is the most shockingly different memory to me, even though a lot of these “alternative histories” sort of sound right, if you know what I mean. I have just read every single comment on this website because I am so fascinated by all of this. I found myself doing some internet research on a variety of topics and just read as of this date, December 13, 2013, that Billy Graham is very ill and on his death bed. (Again possibly?)

    I find it interesting that Nelson Mandela died (again for some of us) very recently and now Billy Graham will be shortly behind. These seem to be the two most common, vividly remembered famous deaths and it is kind of bizarre if they both pass away in the same month, especially after this topic has become so interesting to me, personally.

    In another little tidbit, I worked at a video store for five years and remember many incidents where my customers swore they had already seen a brand new release. I would say they had seen it on the internet maybe or were remembering a trailer, but sometimes they would be totally confused. I can’t remember any specific titles because I always thought they were mistaken, but now I wonder if maybe they were right in another universe…

    As for a previously unmentioned effect, it always seemed so minor, that I have never told anyone. I saw the movie, Thumbelina, in the theater when I was a kid (probably because there was an Animaniacs short before it!) and very vividly remember a scene where the animation turned into a live action scene featuring Barry Manilow. I remember being confused and thinking it didn’t belong in the movie at all. My stepmother is a huge Barry Manilow fan and she asked me about the movie and I remember telling her he was in it and I liked the songs, but didn’t get why he was in it. I wasn’t that young, I knew who Barry Manilow was. The first time I saw the movie on VHS, I thought they removed the scene because it didn’t make sense. I bought it on DVD many years later, thinking it would have the whole “original” version just so I could see what a weird scene it was. Nothing to be found. The song, Let Me Be Your Wings, is still there, still written by Barry Manilow. I can’t even find a music video or anything to explain what I saw. I don’t know, it’s just a lingering memory that bothers me almost 20 years later.

    Thanks again for this website, I will be checking back in frequently.


  26. I have the memory of Owen Wilson killing himself. I remember also having the thoughts of why he did it. Was he dissatisfied with his performances? Did he dislike his nose? And thought about how funny and positive his characters were.

    I also have had the experience of already seeing movies.
    Two movies that I am sure of are Avatar and one of the Spider-man movies.

    Just including memories to solidify that this is really happening.


  27. Kate,

    I appreciate your comment, but you may be missing the point of this website. Most of us already know the “facts” as presented in this timestream. That includes the this-timeline fact that Nelson Mandela did not die in prison; as of early December 2013, Billy Graham was still alive; and the United States is composed of 50 states and uses a flag with 50 stars.

    In fact, the American flag has been redesigned many times since the Betsy Ross version. That’s common knowledge and something we generally don’t dispute. After all, it’s not as if the United States sprang up in 1776 with a full set of 48 or 50 or 52 states.

    The question about the states is how many there were in the timestreams where some readers received their educations. We’re sorting that from simple educational errors, and seeing how closely the 51 and 52 states memories match each other, respectively. That may help us better understand the different timestreams and where these alternate memories come from.

    Meanwhile, since your site link looked suspiciously like an attempt at a backlink, I’ve removed it. Ordinarily, that kind of thing will be sent directly to the spam folder. This website will not be used for backlinking. However, I’m giving your comment the benefit of the doubt, in case you were sincere and added your link as a “what the heck, it’s a backlink, too,” afterthought.

    Fiona Broome


  28. This comment is addressed to Myron:

    Dec 05, 2013 @ 20:45:49

    I think it might actually be something to this “Mandela Affect”!!! There is a movie called “South Central” (filmed in 1992)… In this movie, there is a scene with a guy named Ray Ray talking to this little kid named J-Roc… EVERYONE who has seen this movie a million times when they were younger (including me), remembers the kid saying the words “Sho ya right, Ray Ray!”…

    I think that you could possibly be confusing that phrase/line with songs and a phrase that was created by the film itself, shortly after its release (so the phrase is forever associated with the film). Just offereing a possible explanation.


  29. Someone mentioned being surprised that “Ken Wilber” or “Wilbur” is still alive. Sorry to say I didn’t even know who he was, but it reminded me of “Ken Berry” of “Mayberry, R.F.D.” fame. I recall him dying a few years ago. (From 5-10 years ago, maybe.) I went to and was stunned to see he is still alive!! I am most certainly not getting him mixed up with John Ritter (loss of a genius physical comedian, and apparently a very nice guy, btw), who died very suddenly on the set in 2003 – or with anyone else. I absolutely thought Ken Berry had died, remember watching stuff about it on TV and how I felt at the time.
    I (just now) tried to tell myself maybe I was just remembering wheh he was being divorced for his womanizing (that was a bit of a shock) – or that he was retiring from the biz… But NO. That is not the case. I clearly remember that he passed away, and all these intervening years I considered him to be no longer with us. Does anyone else have this memory of Ken Berry?
    Just for the record, my memories of Mandela and Billy Graham (pastor to the presidents, you know!) are sort of unclear. In my timeline, NZ has always been a beautiful country SE of Australia. I am in the US, but worked on a little project in school re: NZ, years ago.


    1. Absolutely remember Ken Berry being announced dead. Absolutely 100%. Berenstein/stain had me spooked But I get that I just remembered it wrong but I would have bet you money that Ken Berry was dead.


      1. John, if you’re sure you remembered the Berenstein Bears’ name wrong, that’s fine. If you’re still uncertain, see the article at this site about that exact topic. You’re not alone if you think it might have been Berenstein, not Berenstain.


  30. First I would like to say this website is wonderful. I spent all night last night reading the entire site like a book.

    It’s great to see that so many are aware enough to notice these experiences now. I have had several myself over the course of my own life and still do. Personally I believe that these experiences are becoming so prevalent now due to the shift in cosmic consciousness.

    In my own experiences, I do not remember Nelson Mandela dying in the 80’s nor do I remember Billy Graham’s funeral in any TL I’ve been in so far. I do however remember Tank Man being killed(although I thought he was shot) and always knew that(along with the other student deaths) is what made The TS incident such a major event. My husband remembers him Tank Man being run over and my mother recalls only hearing of Billy Graham’s death.

    I also remember hearing about the deaths of Peter O’Toole, Jane Goodall, Dom Deluise(prior to 2009), Olivia De Havilland, and a few others years ago. I know I learned many years ago, say when I was a child in the 90’s, that Jane Goodall was mauled to death by one of her gorillas, it prompted me to do a search on Google a few years back and I was a bit surprised to see she was alive. I can even recall a teacher mentioning in hight school in the early 2000’s that she was dead.

    When I was around 7 or 8 years old I can also remember vividly conversing with two adults I knew about crossing the street. I was always taught(as most of us were in this TL) to cross on Green, these two ladies however told me to never cross on Green but on Red!!! and I remember being dumbfounded as heck because they were so certain as was I.

    The US in my TL has always had 50 states but I never remember Australia having a Gulf(Gulf of Carpentaria) but being more round entirely, totally surrounded by water and no where near as close to SE Asia as it is now; and I’ve always been a Geography buff. As a matter of fact I’d never heard of the Gulf of Carpentaria until I did a search on Google last night!!! I also recall New Zealand being a bit further Southeast than it is now.

    I also remember the “missing” Star Trek Voyager episode with Chakotay being killed, then returning a week or so later like nothing happened; this was a midseason episode, not to be confused with the series finale “Endgame”.

    For me I doubt none of these occurrences I attribute it all to shifting consciousness on a planetary scale and a cosmic scale and these experiences are going to become far more common and discussed in the next several years. If one believes or is familiar with the Holographic Universe/Computer Simulation Theory then all of this makes perfect sense.

    On a side note: Look into Project Camelot and their info on Project Looking Glass and Time Travel Experiments. According to them and several others, The Looking Glass was/is technology that was used to see future events, and certain “black budget” organizations(along with certain other intergalactic beings) would manipulate the timeline. From what I understand, they manipulated the timeline so much, higher galactic forces got tired of it and put an end to it. Therefore no events past 2012 could be seen.

    -I’ve also heard the there was a TL shift in 1966 to avert some sort of global disaster and then another in 1970 or ’71 which threw off several of Nostradamus’s predictions. Some believe that the 1966 TL shift is why some people remember Paul McCartney being killed in an accident only to appear later on…looking very different, although some attribute his difference in appearance to replacement.

    Our experiences are attributed all of the above factors I feel.

    Best Wishes


      1. Being a Voyager fan I am interested in the episode where Chakotay died…Maybe in that reality they decided to replace him instead of Kes?


        1. Gurluas,

          I happened to be near Robert Beltran’s “Walk of Fame” table at Dragon*Con when the couple approached him with the question about Chakotay’s death and unexplained return. They didn’t give a whole lot of information, but I got the idea there was a lapse of about five episodes before Chakotay returned, as if nothing had happened.

          Beltran replied that the show had never filmed anything like that, not even as an alternate ending to a storyline. As far as he knew, nothing along those lines had ever been written, either.

          When I spoke with Beltran later, he said he’d never heard that kind of question before, so he had no insights at all. I explained a little about Mandela Effect to him, and he seemed interested, but I had to dash to one of my own speaking gigs. He stopped me in the hallway later, to chat more. (I’ll admit that I was impressed. I’ve worked with lots of people from the original Star Trek series, so I’m not sure why I was so starry-eyed, but there it is.) Unfortunately, I was (once again) on my way to a scheduled panel, and I haven’t talked with him since then.

          I should probably create an article about this, because the couple who’d asked about that version of the show… they were very well-grounded people. (Dragon*Con attracts plenty who aren’t… in very fun ways, of course.) Since that particular couple recalled Chakotay’s death — and both were absolutely certain of the episode where he died — I’m sure others do, too. It seems pretty rare for someone to have one of these celebrity-related memories, unless others have that same memory, even if we allow for some well-meaning “me, too” input.

          What really interests me is: They described episodes between Chakotay’s death and his return to the show. So, either both people (husband & wife) were in an alternate reality for at least a month (starting with the episode where Chakotay died, plus at least three or four episodes without him), or they “slid” for the episode where he was killed and… I don’t know, were there any sequential episodes where Chakotay was missing for other (scripted) reasons? (I’m wondering if they “slid” and saw the episode in which Chakotay died, and then slid back into their home universe at another, unrelated point where — in our current timestream — Chakotay wasn’t featured for a few weeks.)

          That might contribute to an understanding of the duration of slides.

          My recollection of Nelson Mandela’s funeral involved days. The same is true for the times I turned on the TV, saw that they were still covering Billy Graham’s death, and I turned off the TV, immediately.

          So, for those particular “slides,” I was in a different reality for days or longer.

          The Chakotay incident seems to involve weeks. The more information we can gather about extended events like that, the more clues we’ll have regarding the duration of some (not necessarily all) “slides.”



          1. Chakotay may have been missing for a few episodes, but definitely not five in sequence. It would be interesting to find out when in the series this exactly happened.

            Robert Beltran was an outspoken critic of where his character and the show was going.


            It’s very possible that in some other reality he insulted some executive and he decided to end Chakotay’s run early. A bit similar to what happened to the Professor on Sliders.


  31. Here is a link from an article originally written in 2005 that clearly refers to the now “Ghost Hunters” as T.A.P.S

    Although I’ve never really watched the show, I remember when it called T.A.P.S because I’ve always watched Sci-fi now SyFy network.


  32. Hi, today I noticed another change. I was reading an article about Mussolini and went to look him up. The man in the photos is not the same man from my timeline. His face has completely changed. When I saw his photos, I said “who is that?” So I looked up others like Stalin. Their photos show the same men, but his is different. He looks nothing like the Mussolini I learned about. And also learned that Louie Anderson is alive again. I remember him dying and his tv show being cancelled because of his death. Now it seems the show went off the air, but he is still alive.


    1. jasmine K,

      Thanks for those updates. I’ll add them to the list of Major Memories and see if anyone else has similar alternate memories.



    2. I remember distinctly that Billy Graham died long ago, as well as Ernest Borgnine… I am 50 years old, and in “my” timeline, there were always 50 states (Puerto Rico & Washington DC not being states)…. I also KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that the childrens books were the “Berenstein” Bears, not the “Berenstain” Bears. I am a readaholic, and have been since I was 4 years old. I read every single word, just as I have done with these comments! ALL the time, I was reading BERENSTEIN, and our next-door neighbor was Mr. Steinman (pronounced “STINE”) so I asked my grandmother if it was pronounced Beren-STINE or Beren-STEEN. She said it was pronounced “Bern-Steen” Bears, different than Mr. Steinman’s name… I would never have asked her how to pronounce it, if it had been spelled “Berenstain”! I have also had dreams that were so realistic and seemed like I was living that life for at least a few weeks, then wake up and it’s only been a couple of hours…


  33. Hi everyone, I think what most of you guys posted have some relevance. I remember when I was in the fourth grade and the teacher was getting ready to give us a spelling test and I told her that we had already taken it. I knew we had taken the test but nobody believed me. I remembered the words verbatim and my score which was a 100. It wasn’t a feeling like Deja Vu or anything but I had actually taken the test. I thought the teacher was playing a joke on me. ANyway, the concept of time is really complex. There are man-made devices that can alter time. Check out interviews by Al Bielek, who says that he was part of the Philadelphia Experiment, who then later worked at Montauk where the Navy had covert projects and time travel. He said that they actually went back in time to alter the results of the war between the south and the yankees and he ran into an old woman that remembers vividly that the other side won. To understand these things listen to or read his interviews. He served the Navy in the forties and was working on The Philadelphia Experiment but was age-regressed by the Navy into a later timeline. His story (no pun intended on history) is very interesting. He said time isn’t linear. In regards to Mandela just recently in June, I remember being on social network and Nelson Mandela was a trending topic because he had passed away but when he “died” in December I was like hold up wait didnt he pass in June. I remember seeing celebrities sending condolences to the family and everything, and what makes that even weird that has nothing to do with time, the guy standing behind Obama that was doing sign language for the deaf people was faking the whole time. Its strange. Back to Al Bielek, he said that the government stopped messing with certain timelines because it has serious implications. He said that after he got out of the Navy, he started his own company in Cali but the people at Montauk was pulling him to their timeline to work, which he worked like six or seven years but was sent back to his timeline and didn’t miss a beat. Very Complicated and strange. Also research a Dr. John von Neuman who was also involved. On Wikipedia it says he died in 1957 but according to Bielek and others he died much later than that like in 2000. Al Bielek was able to recover memories from both timelines, and he attended Harvard on both timeline but his records were wiped clean.


    1. Time was never linear, we experience time linear but it simply isn’t.
      Imagine a giant spider web, that represents time.
      We can only walk on one strand of the web, but theres an infinite amount of strands all over us, intersecting with ours, being spun from ours, and leading into ours.


    1. I like the metaphor of the spider web! I’m someone who needs visuals to help understand some concepts.


  34. I’m going to talk about something happend in China.About 10 years ago,I heard about a piece of news that a famous comedian named Li Qi died because of heart attack.I can still remember what I saw on TV and what I thought at that moment(He was very healthy at that time so that I could hardly believe the news).However, I saw him on the Internet 2 weeks ago.He is still alive and I was shocked by this fact.I asked my friends if they remember the comedian died long before,but they do not remember it at all.


  35. Over the past few days, people have been talking about Jay Leno and him stepping down from the Tonight Show…..I could have sworn Jay Leno had actually already retired a few years ago and someone else had taken his place???? I researched it and it said that he was supposed to retire in 2004 then his contract was extended to 2009 which was then extended to 2014. I remember him retiring sometime around then and a huge deal was made about it them just as it is being made now, and no I’m not confusing him with Conan O’Brian who ended his term on the Late Show that same year.


  36. Okay I see Fiona. I do remember Conan replacing him now, but I do not remember Conan leaving and Leno coming back. I had no idea Leno had come back and was still doing the Tonight Show until his retirement was announced again last week.


    1. T, I think there was a lot of “err… umm…” embarrassment when Leno had to take back the show. So, it didn’t get as much press as it might have, under different circumstances.


  37. First I want to declare I’m from a non-English speaking country (China) so please excuse my poor expression.
    OK, my experience is not exactly knowing some died and then didn’t, it was one Metallica track Master of Puppets from the album which is of the same name.
    In 1999 was my first time listened to the song and I am so amazed by it that I listened to it again and again that I’m very sure I remember almost each note of this track especially the solo part. BTW it was a cassette I bought from a local audio store. Afterwards, for a long time my attention went to Megadeth and Guns N’Roses and any other bands. From 2006 during my university education in Australia, one day I felt like listening to the classic Master of Puppets so I started to listen to it on-line, but the starting of the solo part was different to what I firstly listened in 1999, I thought it might be another version, but I prefer much the “original” version I heard so I searched and listened over and over again but none of them matched, they’re all the same solo even the live versions follow the same way to the “album version” which is different to what I heard in 1999. Then I spent a lot of time in searching the version I heard but it was totally fruitless not even a clue. I also tried asked many other heavy metal fans but none of them heard of another version during recent years from time to time.
    So to me this case is that the Master of Puppet track I listened to for countless times seems had never been existed, though the cassette was lost bu I still clearly remember how to hum the solo.
    That was my story.


  38. Astral projection is the precursor to obe and despite a plethora of literature,this arcane science of occult has never redeemed itself in any practical or tangible manner.Missing things disappearing and appearing is a phenomena of glitched brain as exploited in the victorian parlour game of ‘hunt the thimble’ and the funny thing is that victorian era was really the start of materialistic era when all kinds of knick knack cluttered the house and subsequently the brain,D.H.Lawrence really hated this turn of mindset.Some really talented persons will find it very convenient to go missing from their frustrating place of living while others not so endowed do well with the last journey funded by the minions of state machinery.Mandela effect is going well enough and will continue to do so without a deluge from ATS or Reddit,some of the really persistent anomalies will reach here anyway.


  39. I remember vaguely about Nelson Mandela dying before 2013. When I saw the news about him dying back in December,I thought to myself,”He was alive all this time?” This “Alive Again Phenomenon” could be happening more and more. Maybe it is an awakening for mankind about what reality is actually. Almost everyone believes in the afterlife and that people never really die,and that they live on in the spirit world or that’s what it has been called for many centuries. People who have deceased loved ones believe they will reunite in this after life. This is what I and most others have believed. But lately,I have been pondering, what if people can come back and be alive again here on earth? Maybe it doesn’t matter if they have been gone for many years and of course,don’t have a body. We are made of matter. If consciousness creates matter,then perhaps people that have died can come back. It sounds crazy and wacky,but this somehow makes sense when you think of it in quantum terms. Think about it. There are so many questions and so little answers. Death is an illusion. Time is circular or does not exist. The Bible says that Jesus will return. Jehovah Witness religion says that the dead can be alive again-here on earth. I’ve always wondered about those things and more. It’s definitely something to ponder about.


  40. Hello,Fiona,

    I am very excited about and happily awaiting your upcoming book,”The Mandela Effect”. When do you think it will be ready for publishing?


    1. Raquel,

      Thanks for asking! The book was planned (and started) years ago, when I thought the only alternate memory was about Nelson Mandela. Now, as this expands… I haven’t a clue. I’d like to have something in print by the end of 2014, covering the basics. Fingers crossed, I’ll make that happen!



  41. Hi,Fiona,
    Thanks so much for your reply! It is definitely ground-breaking subject matter and probably as expansive as the universe itself!


  42. Thank you for publishing this – I, too, remember a Mandela funeral perhaps 25 years ago. I remember hearing about it after school on the radio, and chiding my friend Ellen for saying “who the heck is Nelson Mandiville?”

    A couple of other things that stand out in my mind – and people say that I’m “wrong” about these events – the death of Mikhail Gorbachev (approximately in 2002), and an atomic bomb explosion in Charleston, South Carolina – I remember watching a live broadcast of the event sometime in the early 1980s (I had a friend who lived there and was worried about him). I had lost his phone number but he called me several months later and said “what? There was no nuclear explosion here -” – another unexplained mystery.


    1. Garic,

      That TV movie may explain what Allison saw. It seems a reasonable explanation… maybe. That’s up to Allison to decide, based on the context of her memories.

      However, the generalization that “It has been scientifically shown that memories are notoriously faulty and selective” is a flawed generalization. While some memories are faulty and selective, if you think that explains all (or even most) Mandela Effect memories, either you’re fooling yourself or you’re a troll.

      Enjoy the illusion, if that suits you, but don’t expect the rest of us to take your oversimplifications at face value.

      Much quoted false memories research dates back to the 1980s when child abuse claims were trending along with cult backlash. In the decades since then, flaws have been revealed, from fuzzy-trace theory, to embarrassing efforts by some “false memory” proponents hawking their theories as weight-loss methods.

      While some people may recall things that never happened in any universe they were in, it’s a mistake to use this universe’s “scientific” studies to establish rules for all realities.

      The fact is, we don’t really understand memory — or parallel realities — well enough to draw solid conclusions… yet.

      Fiona Broome


      1. Garic,

        Yes, that is troll-like, but I’ll reply anyway.

        I’ve never feigned ignorance of studies of false memories. In fact, I attended one of the last real Cult Awareness Network conferences, held in Los Angeles in 1992, partly for the purpose of hearing experts speak about false memories and the myriad causes and contexts for them. So, I don’t need footnotes on the topic, and I’m not “hand-waving away the evidence.”

        In general, I assume that most — if not all — readers have already examined their memories in the context of misremembering. The memories presented here are not in the same category as not recalling your third-grade teacher’s name, or discovering four or five classmates in your yearbook whom you don’t remember, but they look vaguely familiar.

        Memories can be flawed. We know that.

        “Mandela Effect” memories tend to be detailed, covering long periods of time, and — more importantly — things people have double- and triple-checked, looking for a reasonable explanation. They’re memories that, when contradicted by apparent history, make the person say, “Wait… what?” and then go looking for how he or she had been confused.

        Omitting in-depth coverage of false memories from this website is no more an oversight than leaving a discussion of color blindness out of a site for and about Neo-Impressionist artists.

        Relevant…? Maybe, but this website doesn’t try to be all things to all people. If I cover false memories, someone will ask why I don’t also discuss hallucinations. If I add them, someone will ask about memories formed in a semi-awake state, or during Ambien-type activity. The list could go on and on.

        This site isn’t here to diagnose anything. It’s for the exchange of ideas and alternate memories by those who have them.

        Once people come to terms with the possibility that these memories are real, and they’re further evidence of theories raised by some physicists, life actually becomes simpler. It’s no longer a case of “my memory is right, therefore yours must be wrong.” Now, we can agree that both memories may be right… they just happened in different past realities, and within the curious — sometimes baffling — constructs of time and space.

        This subject is intriguing, even fascinating, once the coercive elements are removed. My memories being different than yours — or the memories of the majority of people in this particular timestream — has all the appeal of traveling to learn about different cultures.

        In Western countries, white is often a color of celebration, such as weddings. In some Asian countries, white is used for mourning. That doesn’t make either culture wrong… just different. Maybe surprising, at times.

        Likewise, I’m intrigued when someone remembers something different from how I do. The mystery grows (in a good way) when — in open and hidden comments at this site, and in email — people seem to share absolutely identical memories. I don’t mean a single event that held their interest for ten minutes or even an hour; I mean memories that cover days, weeks, months, or sometimes years.

        Removing “right” and “wrong” from this topic is key to exploring it. Whether you ignore the 800-pound gorilla or label him a delusion, if evidence suggests he might actually be there… well, he might be real, after all.

        Your reality might be rife with false memories. That’s fine. If anything, I feel sorry for anyone looking at life (and memories) through that filter.

        My reality is filled with interesting memories… sometimes, they’re memories that don’t corroborate popular versions of history. I’m at the point where, with enough collateral evidence (ruling out the “me, too” factor), I’m interested in the patterns of these memories: Age, location, context, personal history, and so on. I look forward to having time to study this subject in more depth.

        We’re already familiar with the easy explanations like false memories or “you’re just confused.” We’ve been down that path, as individuals, and in some previous discussions at this site.

        The Earth is not the center of the Universe, and the Sun doesn’t rotate around us, despite centuries of beliefs and apparent evidence to the contrary. The Earth isn’t flat, either, though people seemed certain Columbus and fellow explorers were sure to fall off the edge.

        In addition to Mandela Effect, I’m willing to consider the Expanding Earth Theory and a wide range of other theories that don’t fit “everyone knows” ideas.

        In other words: discoveries are rarely made during lockstep adherence to past beliefs. At some point, we have to step off the well-worn path.

        False memories — individual ones, or those deliberately implanted by organizations with their own agendas — may be the answer for some alternate memories. For the rest, the Mandela Effect may be among the better matches.



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  44. Hi,

    I just discovered this site today and have spent the last 4 hours reading this page so I apologise if this has been mentioned anywhere else.
    I was born in 1994 in Australia, so I’m too young to have memories of a possible Mandela funeral and I don’t know who billy graham is, but for at least the last 10 years my mother has always been convinced that Freddie Prinze Jr died in a car accident. I actually rang her to confirm her memory of this before I made this comment and she’s certain he died not long after his marriage to Sarah Michelle Gellar. I have also always believed that Dick Van Dyke had passed away before I was born, but discovered that’s not true after reading everything here.
    Thank you 🙂


  45. I would also like to add that I always thought Tankboy was run over, and I remember watching it in class at school, my boyfriend and I both always thought there was 52 US states, and I always believed WW2 ended in 1947


  46. I went to a book signing of a former quantum physicist, Cynthia Sue Larson who documents such stories to show parallel realities exists and when someone changes their perception about something, then they change their frequency and quantum jump into a reality that matches their new frequency thus avoiding the outcomes of the former reality. Her site is:

    To explain her point, she asked the audience if they remembered that Nelson Mandela died in jail and a couple people including two of my friends raised their hands. I looked at them all and said he is still alive. I pulled up my phone and showed a recent article of Mandela doing a most recent political meeting. Cynthia explained her point was just made and yes, Nelson Mandela is alive, but when people “jump”, most of the reality is the same, but a couple of small anomalies occur that people don’t pay attention to or ignore as part of memory lapse in order to not look crazy to others. Yet, when multiple people who don’t know each other and corroborate the same thing, then it’s documented cases of “jumpers” and falls into what ancient esoteric beliefs have been saying all along about the matrix that quantum physics is exploring. My same friend showed me two different school syllabuses that had an extra homework assignment that the other one did not and 3 other’s in her class had the same, which baffled the professor as he never sent out an updated syllabus and was perplexed to this other one his students were showing as that’s his material. Recently, I was perplexed when I saw on Easter that Billy Graham is still alive at like 90+ yrs old, when I distinctively remember reading an article about his life and death on TIME at Bartell Drugs. Other anomalies occur as well for me and many of my enlightened/spiritual friends including people we know who we remember passed away. Cynthia really helps answer questions directly. It seems from the stories that there are two ways to jump into a new reality. The 1st is the religious concept of dying and resurrecting into a new reality, which would explain why other’s remembering someone who died and is still alive like Mandela. The other is by quantum jumping through consciousness rising. In esoteric theory, the timelines are blending, but eventually when the higher frequencial reality gets too great for bleed through, then it will break off and each timeline exists independent and thus people stuck in one will run out its course and those on the other runs its course. There are also parallel versions of people in each reality and in some cases, some people don’t exist and most people don’t remember them unless you’re a “jumper”. So if you’re a “jumper”, then the best advice is to just observe and go with the flow and document as much as you can. Some people are self-aware of their multi-dimensional self and others are not. The thing is that, those who are self-aware also trigger and raise the frequency of other’s they interact with and start talking to each other to corroborate each other’s experiences as they wait for more people to wake up from within the matrix and by doing so they change the matrix through consciousness. It only takes 1% of the world’s population to wake up consciously and change the world’s direction according to the “Maharishi Study”. Look it up for yourself.

    Parallel reality experiencers and the concepts being real are discussed by Arizona State University, which are being documented as we speak.


  47. Hiya

    I decided after reading all of this page to add my two cents into the mix. I remember Mandela dying in the 80’s as well. I also thought there were 52 states (I am American) . I would have blown all this off to a faulty memory if I had not had an experience with a friend last year.

    I have known my friend for about ten years and have never known him to be a liar. He told me a few years ago about this wonderful couple he had known for most of his adult life. He would see them once a week or so, they would stop in to see him at his work. Three years ago he made a comment about the wife having stage three cancer and she was wheel chair bound. Eventually the woman died and my friend grieved for the couple.

    Last year, my friend and I decided to go food shopping together. Walking through the aisles my friend stopped dead in his tracks. I didn’t notice at first until he stopped interacting with me. I looked to him and he was transfixed on a woman walking towards us. She gave my friend a hug and they began chatting. Not wanting to interrupt, I continued my shopping. A few minutes passed, and my friend found me and was pale as a ghost and kept saying “she is dead” we left immediately, he was kind of making a scene and I didn’t want him having a complete meltdown in public.

    As you have probably guessed, the woman was the one who was supposed to have died. My friend swears, to this day that the woman did die.


    1. Canned, that’s a great example of this very weird effect. I think most of us run into the occasional “I must have misremembered” moment, but when you encounter something really significant like your friend’s experience… that’s when this takes on an entirely new perspective.

      Thanks for sharing that with us. That’s the exact kind of report that renews my enthusiasm for this topic. Something is going on, but we don’t fully understand it yet. Whatever this is — and I believe sliding between realities (parallel universes) makes the most sense — it’s fascinating!

      Cheerfully, Fiona


  48. Another one worth mentioning is the children s books about the ‘Berenstain Bears’ . Every single person I have talked to swears it was spelled ‘Berenstein Bears” . I have a wild theory that the advances in quantum manipulation are in fact altering reality. So far the ‘adjustments’ only seem to go back a few decades but as our skill in manipulating quantum state mechanics increases , I believe there will be shifts on a larger and longer reaching scale.


    1. Not to mention that there are theories that our ‘mind’ as it were or consciousness ,is a multi dimensional construct in a quantum state flux . It would make sense that the biblical references to time being given to man as a measure are to give reference points and help contain/define our consciousness. In other words , time is a box to help mold and direct our spirit ,for lack of a better word , to maturity. It could be compared to providing a frame for climbing ivy or a brace for a newly planted sapling.


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