Nelson Mandela Died in Prison?

Original Mandela Effect articleAccording to some people, Nelson Mandela died in prison, long before his loss on December 5th, 2013.

That’s where the name of this phenomenon – and my original Mandela Effect website – came from.

I’m the person who first popularized that phrase, and here’s what I said, back in 2009, slightly updated with newer information.

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I thought Nelson Mandela died in prison.  I thought I remembered it clearly, complete with news clips of his funeral, the mourning in South Africa, some rioting in cities, and the heartfelt speech by his widow.

Then, I found out he was still alive.

My reaction was sensible, “Oh, I must have misunderstood something on the news.”

I didn’t think about it again for many years, until – in the VIP suite at Dragon*Con – “Shadowe,” a member of the event’s Security team casually mentioned that other people “remembered” when Nelson Mandela died in prison.

That caught my attention in a hurry.

One thing led to another, and I discovered a large community of people who remember the same Mandela history that I recall.

Others have similar “false” memories.

Mandela Effect: Billy Graham, too?

One of the next earliest conversations was about the death of Billy Graham.  (He was alive at the time people started reporting that.)

Some claimed that people were confused, and actually recall Mr. Graham’s retirement announcement, or perhaps the televised funeral of Mr. Graham’s wife.

Those who clearly remember the announcement and funeral coverage… they disagree heartily. (Billy Graham died in Feb 2018, long after his funeral was discussed on the Mandela Effect website.)

However, it’s not just deaths.

People have told me about a variety of odd conflicts between their vivid memories and the world they’re currently living in.

The “vanished” Star Trek episode… that never existed

During Dragon*Con 2010, someone insisted that he remembered a Star Trek episode that – according to one star of the show – was never even filmed.

The person who remembered the alternate episode wasn’t weird or wild-eyed… he was a very normal person, and only referenced the episode as part of a routine conversation.

I was there when he heard that the episode never existed.  He was stunned, and quickly tried to find a logical explanation for his “faulty” memory.

Berenstein Bears, “Like, I am your father,” and more

And then, when people discovered that there never were any “Berenstein Bears” books, and no movie included the line, “Luke, I am your father” … the Mandela Effect went viral.

These aren’t simple errors in memory; they seem to be fully-constructed incidents (or sequential events) from the past.  To many of us, these seem to exceed the normal range of forgetfulness.

Even stranger, other people seem to have identical memories.

But what’s going on?  And what’s causing it?

My favorite sci-fi explanations include the possibility of parallel realities, quantum science, real-life “Sliders” experiences, and alternate history.

But, of course, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the Mandela Effect. Some could be faulty memories. Some could be errors in news reports, and online pranks.

But others…?

Nobody knows, yet.

If you believed that Nelson Mandela died in prison – long before his passing (in this timestream) on 5 December 2013 –  or you have similar memories of a “different” past, you’re not alone.

It’s called the Mandela Effect, and you’ll find many fascinating, related reports, if you look for them.

This article – but not the related comments (below) – is available for you to share with others, under a CC-BY-NC-ND license.

Author: Fiona Broome

Best-selling author and paranormal researcher. Fiona has written or contributed to over 25 books, and published over a thousand articles about ghosts and haunted places. She specializes in haunted sites in the U.S., the U.K., and Ireland. And, of course, there's the Mandela Effect, which she popularized starting in 2009.

544 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela Died in Prison?”

  1. Hi,
    Just found your website and read the comments may I suggest that if anyone is interested there is Starfire Tor who explains on her Yahoo Group webpage about timelines, time shifts (we’ve had several this year and are in one now). She also explains what to note such as Living Dead persons eg Nelson Mandela, Ernest Borgnine and Rhu Maglagan (The Golden Girls). People who are remembered on one timeline as having died but who are alive on another.


  2. Regarding Nelson Mandela’s supposed death in prison. That would have had an effect on world history in a big way (ending of apartheid, Rugby World Cup in South Africa etc), so why don’t people mention those changing?


    1. Jimbo,

      Well… maybe they did change, but people haven’t noticed them yet. Or, maybe the person “slid” to this timeline shortly after Mandela’s death.

      Or… wait, didn’t apartheid end…? Hmm, maybe I should check more historical references from this timestream, myself. (Nope. Apartheid in South Africa really did end in this timestream. )

      Meanwhile, the simplest explanation is that most of these reports are from people in the U.S. and the U.K., and maybe their news hasn’t contradicted other historical events these same people recall… yet. For example, I haven’t a clue who’s won the Rugby World Cup, ever. I also can’t tell you which teams have won the American World Series or any other major sporting event.

      However, I do recall that Nelson Mandela died in prison.

      It’s also possible that, in some timestreams, Mandela’s death in prison didn’t make much difference. Unpleasant officials kept doing what they were doing, as if nothing had happened.

      If every potential exists in some reality or dimension, any of these are possible… somewhere, sometime.

      Fiona Broome


      1. Since mid 80s, world,politically as well as socially has taken a one track path of apathy,barring 3 or 4 very powerful leaders at any given time rest of the leaders heads of state are simply propped up dummies.Callousness and apathy has permeated the very consciousness,so a political or any death is too irrelevant to a system that is run thru perpetual bureaucracy rather than political ideologue,individuals simply don’t matter any more in this automated world order.


  3. I recently noticed that Bob Uecker popped back into the TL. He is another I clearly remember dying in 1988 or 89 of a heart attack shortly after the movie Major League. My grandmother read tabloids, kept up with baseball, and listened to sports radio and his death was a pretty big deal because he was an ex baseball player and a commentator for The Dodgers. Seeing him pop back up again all of a sudden just lately was a another wowzer for me. This phenomenon is really getting more and more evident everyday.

    Also there is a show on ABC called Resurrection that is about people’s dead relatives who all of a sudden are alive again after years of being ‘dead’. Considering that we are at a point of ascension/evolution now, and the resurrection theme itself(i.e. the ‘dead’ would live again) was part of ancient prophecies concerning this era, there is certainly alot more to this than many people would like to believe, and all of it is tied together.


  4. Not Mandela, but I similarly distinctly recall Desmond Tutu having died of cancer around ten years ago, only to have heard an interview with him and seen multiple news stories with quotes from him since.


  5. When I was a child I read “Alice In Wonderland”. There were not only white rabbit, but the red rabbit. I remembered that very good, but when I have read this book again I was shocked. Maybe anymore remember the Red Rabbit in Alice?


  6. One theory is that they are using time technology to try and forestall the Apocalypse.

    In other words, look around, this isn’t the 2014 that we always imagined, no flying cars, jetpacks etc. The promises of science fiction have not been fulfilled. Cars from 2014 look like cars from 2004, pop songs from today could be released in 2004 or 2024 and people probably wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

    There’s a weird homogenization of time into a post-millennial stasis. Every other movie is a reboot or a remake. Look at the change in fashion from the first season of the Brady Bunch to the last season, totally different clothing, but if we saw someone from 2007 we wouldn’t be taken aback by their clothes or style. I think fashion was really a 20th Century phenomenon, and what we have now is just trends recycling the styles of the 20s-90s in shorter and shorter cycles, i.e The Ironic Hipster’ who embodies the eclectic nostalgia of the past decades all rolled into one.

    There is the pre-Ironic era ending somewhere towards the late 90s, and then the post-Ironic era after the millennium. This is an important point because notice that you can only remake/reboot pre-ironic art and styles, that is why all the big Film remakes are things like GhostBusters, Ninja Turtles and so forth. You can’t really reboot post-irony, say something from 2005 because it would be like a hipster parodying another hipster, it would be redundant.

    So there is this pre-irony innocence up until about the late 90s, which is interesting because the plot of the Matrix is exactly that ‘The Matrix, a shared simulation of the world as it was in 1999’.

    So we are really still in 1999 now, but with so called advances in technology like iPhones and so forth, but I see these technological developments more akin to ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ and it provides the illusion of moving forward through time. As Terrance Mckenna said ‘Surely the future isn’t just about clearer televisions’.

    The future that Sci-fi promised was something else, it was flying cars and so forth, jump suits, warp drives, and that sort of thing. That Sci-fi future was actually more about aesthetic than technology or a particular date like 2030. Aesthetic in the sense of walking outside and seeing white jump suits, glass buildings and jetpaks etc. In other words you only arrived in that future by seeing it in front of you, stylized as art, a particular look. We will never be in the future until it looks like the future, by consensus.

    So are we in some bizarro pocket-dimension that is a pseudo simulation of the world of 1999? I would argue yes, but it requires taking all of the above points into consideration. If you want to get even weirder, Drunvalo Melchizedek one of the core New Agers going back to the 80s claims that Mother Earth was supposed to ascend at the turn of the millennium but ‘we weren’t ready yet’ and so she did go 4D but she re-created the 3rd Dimension for us so that we could prepare ourselves for 4D. This gets a little strange but, it fits the timeline and explains the pocket-dimension or stasis bubble like reality that we find ourselves in.

    It’s also a more positive outlook than imagining dark alchemists re-jiggering time. This was incidentally part of the vision in Philip K. Dick’s exegesis where he claimed that alchemists had reversed time after Jesus died in order to forestall his return, this involves the idea that Jesus was supposed to return after one generation had passed, but he didn’t. It was because these alchemists had created a time-loop of some sort. There is also a theory by Mark Leclair that time was reversed in this fashion in 1977, depicted in the movie SuperMan where he spins the Earth backwards.

    There’s lots of these ‘out there’ theories, but I try to stay on the ‘love and light’ path, and see all this as a learning experience for the soul, and I still anticipate an apocalyptic point in the near future where all this nonsense reaches a point of parity, and the human adventure moves into the higher realms.


  7. This is just the most fascinating site. Over the years I have experienced many “false memories” and instances where I remember an event clearly that others who were involved insist never happened. For example, I recently had a phone conversation with my best friend who lives in another town. He explained to me that he and his wife were considering relocating to the town I live in. The conversation was very detailed and he talked about searching for a house, how far he would have to drive to work, etc.. I was surprised by this because I had thought he would never leave where he lived (his life-long hometown). As soon as our phone conversation was over I told my wife all about it. Well anyway, I saw my friend about a week or so later and asked him how things were coming along with his plan to move. Well he looked at me like I was crazy. He said he never said anything about moving to me or anyone else. He further stated that the thought of moving had never crossed his mind. I was shocked. I have known him for over 35 years and he is NOT the kind to make things up or lie. In fact, he is probably the most honest, high-character guy I know. But I KNOW we had that detailed conversation about him moving. When I got home that night I asked my wife if she remembered me telling her about his plan to move immediately after my phone conversation with him and she said yes, she did. So, what happened? Did he lie about it? I think not. Or, did I have that phone conversation with him in a different reality, one in which he was intending to move? And then I shifted back to my current reality?

    There have been other occurences similar to this over the years and I usually just brush them off. I plan to start documenting them however. I don’t have a recollection of Nelson Mandela dying in prison or many of the other scenarios mentioned here. Weird stuff though..


  8. I clearly remember it being all over the news in either 2011 or 2012. They said Mandela had been deathly ill for the past several days and has died in the hospital, funeral already being arranged. It was on the news all day. I forgot about it and then a few weeks later I can find no mention of it and it never freaking happened?


  9. I also remember Mandela dying in prison many years ago. It was a fairly big deal when it happened, so I was a bit confused to learn that he died, seemingly a second time, at the age of 95.

    I have another memory mix-up that some here will be very familiar with if they saw the ORIGINAL Star Wars when it first showed in theaters in 1977. There was no “A New Hope” or “Episode 4” tacked onto it then, and there were several scenes in it which, we are assured, never were in the movie because they were cut due to time constraints, story pacing, and the like. You can find these “lost scenes” on YouTube nowadays, of course, but thousands of fans recall seeing them in the actual movie when it showed in theaters. For years, Lucasfilm has insisted that these are merely fake memories as the result of reading the Star Wars comics, behind-the-scenes reviews in magazines, and still photos from the film. I believed this, too, until I learned about the Mandela Effect. Now, I am convinced that these scenes WERE in the movie–in a different timeline–and that those who remember them are not mistaken. And Star Wars is not the only movie in which this phenomenon has happened.


  10. i vaguely remember when i was younger that something happened to the voice of mermaid man, on sponge bob. ernerst borgnine. i dont know what year it was, but im positive it was before his real death in 2012.
    anyways, it was something about a death. i completly forgot about it, until i read one of your articles about him. i got a flashback, like i said, about a death. im not able to add a lot of information, because i vaguely remember.


  11. I, my wife, and brother all vividly remember Mandela’s death being widely publicized in the 1980’s. I personally remember being told about it in school, taught about it while we covered current events..
    When he suddenly popped back up, I thought perhaps I was losing my mind, but only in this very particular way. I (and my family ) are just relieved that there are others who remember this happening,
    I started asking others about it a while back, and only a small few people seem to remember.. or even know who he is!! I am certain these are not false memories, I am not certain what they are, but in my experience I think it may be related to time-lines / time-streams.


  12. This really is a phenomenal website. I have experienced a few strange occurrences and like most just chalk them down to a trick of the mind or dejavu.

    The Mandela prison death is what’s lead me here. I’m only 26 so have no memory of Mandela in prison but when he died at age 95 i was speaking on 3 separate occasions to my mum, my dad and an older friend of mine. All 3 have the same memory of Mandela dying in prison. With all 3 having eerily similar recollections of the details of the news reporting on that day.

    I’ve long thought reports of ghost sightings were to do with Time slips or slips between universes, I wish more resoursces were put towards understanding this kind of thing.


    1. Thanks, Ed! For the past 10 or so years, I’ve been convinced that a high percentage of what people call “ghosts” are actually cross-world perceptions. Using tools (like an Ovilus or a Ghost Meter Pro) for a yes/no answer, I’ve been amazed by how many “ghosts” give a positive reply when asked if they’re alive and well in their own time.


  13. In 2008 I was studying at American University in Washington D.C. and at one point we went over Mandela’s laws of leadership and were applying them to statecraft and national security affairs…The article that was pulled from a national circulation (such as TIME, but I can’t remember exactly what source it was) stated that he had died in prison. I’m looking for my old documents from that time, but by the time I sift through storage he may come back and pass again.


  14. I remeber when I was a teenager, they said he died in prison as well and there was big media frenzy about it and there were even more killings as a result of it. “It did happened and history chnaged.” I don’t know why it is different now. My son is 22 and he said that he lived to be very old and never died in prison, from what he was taught in school.


  15. I’m a little spooked by what just happened to me while reading the comments on his site. Firstly the date and time is Thursday April 23 2015 @12.10 am. I should be in Bed but I couldn’t stop reading these comments on here. Then I just decided to give my eyes a quick break and I switched on the TV. WELL GUESS WHATS ON? It’s a show called “The Real” (on Fox11 in Los Angeles) and they are commenting on that famous photo of Obama taking a selfie at NELSON MANDELA funeral!!!!!! What are the chances of that??!!! Now I can appreciate the theory that this is a rerun. But if any of you watch the show then you will know that one of the hosts Tamarack Mower announced she is pregnant back in January. And in tonights “rerun” which I am watching as I she is pregnant. And I am remembering watching this show like a De javu right this second. But when did Mandela supposedly have his international funeral that Obama attended? And how long is a pregnancy? And also for rational thinking sake, I am even g to accept the theory that they only bringing up that subject of the famous selfie Obama took at the funeral because to be father show continued to talk about people taking selfie in general so perhaps they just used that as an example. BUT WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT BEING ON TV RIGHT AT THE SSECONDTHE SECOND I AM READING YIUR SITE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.i had not even heard of this phenometen until I came across this site. I too remember hearing the news about Billy Graham and then being shocked to see him give a peach recently. I remember (perhaps during Bush) that his Graham son talking about his fathers passing.Btw I too saw Billy Graham in a small town in UK. The town is called Twickenham. I thiback in the 90’s.

    Ok I JUST HAVE TO ADD ABIUT THE SHOW “THE REAL” they now have the singer Bow Wow wsingtalking about being in a show with Patricia Arquette and talking about her winning the Oscar, which she did win it this year for the fist time. So that being said I know this pregnancy of the host has GOT to be recent.

    I just need to know I’m not going flipping crazy!!! I don’t think I’m comfortable with any of this. Its totally freaking me out. I’m a little freaked with my little “coincidence” experience tonight.

    P.S. I just wanted to also add – I don’t know of its relevance or if I’m going crazy – at 4am early yesterday morning I got woken up by strange noise outside that lasted 30 minutes. After much research i discovered that its a phenomenon that’s been experienced all over the world and has been reported in the news. One theory hhaar, another is electro magnetic field of the earth and there are also the ufo theories. Whatever it is its extremely. Sitsky and frightening to hear. If you Youtube strange sounds heard around the world you will know what I’m talking about. I’m just wondering if that has aathung to do with what I have expereince tonight with the Obama selfie at Nelson Mandela funeral. Who knows….


  16. I remember the Michael Jackson movie ,”this is it” at the end when everyone is all gathered in a circle and Michael Jackson gives a little speech and I strongly remember him saying we need to remind people of love within the next four year because something big was going to happen but every single copy or program that I watched after that he didn’t say that! It drove me crazy because I know he said it because it bugged me especially after I heard of all those new world order theories I wanted to know what that was all about.


  17. There is also a movie called incoherence and it’s about all these alternate realities


  18. I also remember Nelson Mandella dying, only my memory comes from when he was president. But it has the same hallmarks. I distinctly remember hearing the announcement on the radio, while I was driving. The year was some time in 1996 or 97.


  19. hi, so I’m wondering how often some of you have very vivid memories. I’ve had incredibly vivid dreams that seem super real, or perhaps just real enough to be stored as if a real memory. It seems a possible explanation is people taking information in and rechunking it in different ways as they process in dreamscapes. Why famous people? Well, it’s a common frame of reference. How many millions know Billy Graham, or Nelson Mandela? Out of that, to think that 1 in 10,000 would dream of these figures having extreme things happen to them, yea… that’s defnitely possible. I think more so than actually slipping through different time lines, but then we don’t have much of a reference for probability. It’s just theory, so I must tip my hat and say, “cool thoughts”, and not much else.

    I think of something else that’s pretty out there. Imagine the existence of a program which could inject memories into people as they sleep. So instead of it being coincidence that people are dreaming the same types of thoughts, this is someone suggested through conscious experience, or injected through a currently unknown technology while unconscious. Pretty bizarre, eh? Just a thought.



  20. Hi fiona, ‘have found my comment,it’s in, Nelson Mandela- The memories so far,4th february ’14.And a shocker,the alternate memory of ‘The sea wolf’ date as 1901 instead of 1903 is included in that comment,a gem of a comment should i say?.Moreover,though you say others have mentioned ’83 in ’12,yet in various sites,at least in 4 of them,people have been bitterly complaining that nobody remembers the exact year and it’s a vague, early 80s to early 90s,this I’ve read not more than half a year back.Can you find a couple of ’83 comments.


    1. Vivek, this is very weird. I did the same search I tried earlier, and now… the comments are different.

      It might be fun to think I’ve slid in the meantime, but it’s more likely a software glitch.

      Anyway, here are the only two I see at the moment:

      When I did the search a couple of hours ago, there were at least two more. I had 11 comments when I searched for “1983” and 99 comments when I searched for “83.” Not all were relevant, and — being in the middle of a busy day, offline — I didn’t take the time to note every single relevant comment. Now I wish I had! LOL



      1. But fiona, of the 2 comments you’ve linked,only the first one gives a tentative year as ’83(’83 to ’85 he says).After all it seems my comment is the only definitive one at that time.I’m not averse to frequent sliding if it at all happens,I know I was confident of ’83 when I wrote that comment and also of ‘The sea wolf’ date, as I had been reading the book and its references since ’90,quite regularly.


        1. Vivek, I’m just sharing the most relevant links provided when I did a global search of comments. I wish the software gave me better responses, but… well, that’s what the search software returned on the second pass, yesterday.


  21. Hey guys my name is ian, I am 24 and born in 1991, I remember in primary school being taught about race rights in assembly, where we were told Nelson mandela died in jail fpr what he believed in and something about rail tracks. I was very young and thought nothingof it, until in 2013 when I saw in the news he was sick. I said to someone but he died in jail and they told me I was wrong so I accepted it and thought nothingof more of it til today. Iwas on Facebook and saw a post about the berenstein bears never being berenstein but berenstain. I do not agree at all, it was berenstein, im sure of it I jave an amazing memory, so after doing researchI came across the mandela effect and was shpcked to see other people thought the same as me with mandela. I even called my friend who is a year younger and she also has a similar experience but thought she was crazy sp didnt bring it up to anyone. My brain cant handle this and now I can sense im going to become a little obsessed qith all this..


  22. I recall a book back from the 60’s in Europe. It stated that Jesus statue in Rio De Janeiro was about 90 m ( or about 300 feet) tall…Not anymore ! It shrank down to 30 m. How is that possible? As for Mandela , I personally don’t recall his funeral but the rumors that he died in jail hunting me for over 20 years. If you take a close look of the few existing real photos of Mandela from the 60’s you can easily notice that this is not the same person who died in 2013. It is also very laughable that the official Wikipedia bio of Mandela contain a photoshopped picture of the fake Mandela and Evelyn in July 1944, at Walter and Albertina Sisulu’s wedding party in the Bantu Men’s Social Centre.

    Also, reading The Mandela Effect website I’ve found very interesting comments about the children’s book titled ” The Berenstain Bears” …Many remembered that the original name was ” The BerenstEin Bears “. Very interesting and peculiar. To me, the original European ( usually jewish family name ) is a Berenstein with and ” e” not with and “a’ , so it’s weird why they would have it changed, even though there is no record that such a thing ever took place.

    Is there possibility that many of us are not living in their original timelines? Is it possible that “someone” have been mess up with the original timeline created with errors, so we all living in the ” Matrix” now ?


      1. Fiona, please tell me the calendar date numbers in the picture at the top of the page were red before. Did you change them to green? Sorry, this has nothing to do with the topic. But since I’m looking at new posts everyday , I notice stuff a lot. Mike H.


        1. Mike H, I had to look to be sure, but — sorry — I haven’t changed that graphic since I wrote that article. It’s a stock image from freeimg (back when it was Is this one of those moments when the Twilight Zone sound track is appropriate? LOL


          1. Thanks for the reply——I think I feel better knowing that I am wrong! LOL Cue the music. I thought I might be going color blind or something! Mike H.


            1. Ok, after going back to the top of the page and staring for another 5 minutes. Its just doesn’t look the same to me, and its the green throwing me off. Maybe its different looking on my phone, or Ipad? Maybe am losing my vision a bit. Maybe I should take my own advice “sometimes our memories are right, and sometimes they are wrong, but they aren’t ALWAYS right , or ALWAYS wrong”. And with that , I wont take up anymore space with my ramblings! LOL Mike H.


  23. Not to anyone in particular, but just another voice in this sea of confusion:

    I’ve honestly never really questioned my memory on this subject or others out of being busy with other things. But today, I question ALL of my early memory. I too remember hearing about Mandela dying in prison. Though I didn’t take note of the date of his death, I learned of it as many others did. During black history month in middle school. I remember clearly that they accredited his death as the beginning of the end of Apartheid. Or was it the final end? I question even that much now. I was definitely confused when he was reported deceased AGAIN in 2013, but I went about my business thinking that I may have been mistaken. I did ask a few people “Isn’t he already dead?” I just got apathetic responses. Whatever. And then I read a BerenstEin bears book to my daughters for a bedtime story one night. But the name looked very odd. I chalked that up to never really paying attention to the actual spelling. NOW I can clearly remember even the theme song saying STEIN. Definitely not STAIN. Along with everyone I know remembering it that way as well. I don’t even want to get into my disappointment for the Star Wars “I am your father scene.” It WAS, IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE “Luke,” not “No.” I feel like I’ve been out of the loop on these revelations for far too long. And to think that so many other people remember the same things as I have. It’s absolutely shocking, to say the least. Thank you for making this website! It’s been stressful but illuminating at the same time!



  24. Derek – wild trip, for sure. I haven’t posted here for a couple of years, since finally finding a whole site no less– on the topic that made me re-think a few things. Yeah we remember hearing about Mandela being killed in prison.. and yes the end to apartheid was touted.
    – saw the news report and later the funeral – lots of heads of state and celebs– Princess Di being one who stood out
    – didn’t think of it again, til he was on Oprah, after getting out of jail
    – thought it was a mis-memory until a friend brought it up after the Oprah appearance– he had the same memory as me… weird… couldn’t find a thing on the net except a reference from a comic – Morituro sp?– where a statue of him had his death inscribed in 1989 – the year I saw his death on the news (its in a post somewhere in here
    From reading posts, so far as we can tell, most who see this stuff have had NDEs (inc. friend, and me)
    Also that the cernmachine may be involved. Again.. wild trip. Life ain’t boring.


  25. I’ve actually seen a US textbook that has printed within it that Nelson Mandela died in prison on Robben Island. And based on how the ?Mandela? that was released functioned towards Winnie, the true Matriarch of the revolution, I had to put some credence to the tale.


    1. Interesting. If you find the book or recall the title, be sure to let us know. That could be tremendously helpful.

      As far as Winnie being the “true Matriarch,” I’d like to avoid a political discussion. However, I’m approving this comment as-is, since it’s a valid point in explaining why the memory (and story) made sense to you.


  26. I remember Mandela dying and was wondering about it when he was let out…I thought, wow, I thought he had died years earlier! I also remember the Berenstein bears. Because I remember wondering if it was pronounced stine or steen. Why would I have thought that if it was stain? I find myself wondering whether the experiments at CERN have anything to do with these strange ‘alternate ‘ memories? ? Since they have to do with alternate universes.


  27. Oh…yes, I also remember Gaddafi’s death and was slightly shocked when I heard about him in the news again. Jon & John…are you sure that octopus wasn’t in the movie Popeye?


  28. The more comments I read, the more I remember. I also remember the man getting run over by the tank in China. Then recently I read something about human rights winning in that situation & just assumed that I remembered it wrong….definitely curiouser and curiouser!


  29. I have memories of Mandela dying in the early 1990. It was around the time when the 1st Iran conflict started. What I remember were massive riots in South Africa at the time because of it, along with a large burial ceremony in one of the ghettos after that. Where his casket was being carried through the crowd with his Family leading the way. Then this also led to a falling apart of the apartheid going on there.


    1. Just found out about this thing and I am also freaking out. I remember there was someone by the name nelson mandela who died in jail. Up until today I thought it was two different people. One a was a president and one died. Now I find out they are the same guy… I do remember it happening in the early 90s though, not 80s as some people say


  30. I thought Nellson Mandela’ s passing was the reason for Sondra on The Cosby Show naming the twins “Whinnie & Nelson”. Unless I’m now in a universe where she didn’t make the twins that 😉


  31. So, oddly, I watched Ice Age 4 in 2009 or 2010. I then watched it a again in 2012 after it came out for the first time, and I remembered most of the parts that I had seen before.
    I also asked my mom if she remembered Mandela dying in prison. She said yes, and then paused. She remembered him getting out of prison, but she also remembered his death.


  32. Just wanted to comment, since I am trying to wrap my head around all of the inconsistencies I have found between what I remember and my reality….In an episode of “Chuck ” on NBC, the 12th episode of season 2, which aired in 2009 a character says “I’d like to thank all of the humanitarians that have affected my work, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, God rest his soul and Angelia Jolie”(7:39 time mark)… I got chills


  33. I remember Mandela dying in prison after suffering from malnutrition and disease (Cancer?) sometime in the early 90s. I was floored to find he was still alive some years after that. I remember it being all over the news, with interviews with his widow and family.

    I also remember it being one of the key events that brought the downfall of Apartheid in a nonviolent manner shortly afterwards.


    1. As an addendum, I have experienced a major event in my life that I, to this day, cannot explain, and I am near certain it involved some form of time / dimension travel. I have many memories that do not line up with the facts, and for a while I tried writing them off to an overactive imagination or dreams, but after discovering this website I am not so sure. This place has been the biggest relief for me as I now see others have memories that match my own.


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